Sunday, March 27, 2016

Tuki Tuki and Bayview

Another ride to get more Kms on the bike.  Left home at 2.25pm and arrived home at 4.00pm with exactly 100kms traveled.  First fill of fuel and couldn't figure out how to set to trip meter - got that sorted when I got home.

Average speed was only 60km/hour including the fuel stop.  Bike is running well.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Luggage and other prep

I spent most of yesterday sorting out how to install and set up luggage and fitted R&G frame sliders and front axle sliders.

Kriega luggage is my choice for this bike.  I have had Ventura pack frames on previous bikes but don't consider a good choice for this sports bike.  The Kriega gear is the US10, US20 and Tank.   The Tank item should protect the petrol tank from scratches and provide a platform to fit an existing magnetic tank bag to as well as the US10. 

I used double sided velcro tape with washers glued on as a means of connecting the magnetic tank bag to the Kriega Tank.   I may only use the magnetic bag when both the US10 and US20 are full and on the pillion set.  If I carry a pillion I have the choice of the US10 or magnetic bag on the Tank.

I traveling light (in sports mode) 30L of luggage is ample for a few days away.
Kriega Tank fitted

Kriega US10 - 50% full
Metal washers glued to Velcro

Magnetic tank bag

Very neat Kriega tabs for luggage

Kriega US20

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Charity Ride - Salvation Army

I went to the ride start point but didn't do the ride.  A number of reasons but 2 main ones:  the bike is being run in and 90mins of doodling along in a group would not be good for the motor and secondly I find these rides are risky as too many unknown riders.

Video and pics taken for upload later.

On the way home I made a minor diversion to take in a good bit of Middle Road.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

GSXS Day 2

Not much to blog about.  Photos taken and a 49Km ride on a loop to Napier.

This is the bike at home.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Took delivery today

I collected the new GSX S1000FA today at 9.45am.  It was raining so on my first ride the bike got wet and dirty.

The ride home was a via rural roads so I could work the engine.  The bike had 11Km on it at delivery and I added another 14Km and was home at 10.05.  Track log taken.

The rain cleared by 2.50pm when I went for the second ride and put another 55Km on the odometer.

Initial impression:  a wonderful machine that I should enjoy riding.  It is very different to the Hayabusa and reminds me a bit of the Speed Triple;  except the GSX is much better.   The seat is comfy, handling light and precise, and the sound is superb.  This will be great once run in.

Tuesday, March 08, 2016


The Hayabusa has gone to a new owner in Wellington.  My days as Hayabusa Rider on a busa are over.

New bike on order for delivery next month.