Wednesday, April 25, 2012

ANZAC Day Ambulance Ride

Today I went on the Ulysses annual charity ride. I left home at 0930 and stopped at the Avalon Duck Pond before heading to the ride start point in Park Road Maidstone. I got there around 1000hrs and there were 10 -20 bikes. As the 1100hr departure time approached the numbers increased to around 220. I left nearer the front 20-30 bikes and when they stopped to regroup at the top of the Haywards hill I carried on to find a spot for video of the bikes. The wait was very long and a bike rider stopped and told me there had been an accident on SH2 and that was holding up most of the bikes. After the bikes had passed by I headed back and up SH2 to see what had happened. The SH at Fergusson Drive turnoff was closed both directions so I turned around and went to the ambulance station directly on SH2. The rider involved in the accident died. Reported:
A Wellington man is dead after a smash on State Highway 2 near Upper Hutt. The man crashed his motorcycle just south of Moonshine Bridge, Trentham, about 11.20am. Sergeant Brad Allen said the motorcyclist was part of a large charity event raising money for Wellington Free Ambulance. Traffic is being diverted through Upper Hutt, however the road is expected to open shortly. It appears the motorcyclist applied his brakes before coming off his bike. The motorcycle went underneath the wire railings and ended up in the northbound lane. Ambulance officers attempted CPR but were unable to revive him, Allen said. Police are still speaking to his family. The coroner has been notified. It isn't clear why he braked but a number of witnesses were giving statements to police, Allen said.
My ride was 111kms and I got home at 1300hrs.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday around the track

Great weather for a ride. I meet up with Alan and we headed up SH2 and over the hill. At Maungamaire we turned off and went over the Paihiatua Track to Palmerston North. The first stop was ANZA and a look at a few new bikes. Left our bikes and gear at ANZA and went down the road for some lunch. Then it was home via SH1. The total trip was 320kms. Left home at 1035 and got home at 1635. Fuelled up at home first and got all the way back with some petrol in the tank.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday pm

Another excellent day in Welly. I worked in the morning and in the afternoon went for a ride with Alan over the paikok hill and back around SH1.

Nice ride and catch up with 2 other riders at the lookout.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter Sunday Morning

A very nice day. This was to be a solo ride.
Left home at 0920 and headed to Martinborough. At Martinborough I took the back road to Gladstone and then the loop back to Martinborough. No stops until Featherston for fuel and then up to the summit. Dismounted and chatted to a couple of KB riders before heading home.

Arrived home at 1313hrs having covered 222kms at a moving average of 82.1kms. It was a very nice ride.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Saturday 91Km around the block.

There are not many short rides. From home down the gorge and onto SH2, up to Haywards, over the Paekakariki Hill Road and back home via SH1. That was a short ride mid Saturday afternoon. No time to ride this Sunday so this was it.