Monday, December 22, 2008

Evening ride

I had just one hour to spare. So 7.00pm on the S3 and up SH1 to Mana, around Grays Road, over Paekak hill and back home on SH1.

Nice weather, nice ride. There was little traffic on the road and only a few bikes.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Palmerston North and northern area ride

I had been on a ride in this area in the Capital 1000 Cruise. Today Alan needed to go to Palmerston North for an evening function so we combined a day ride with Alan staying on in Palmerston North and me returning to Wellington.

I left home at 8.10am and headed for Lower Hutt to meet Alan and a friend of his - Bernard. Bernard also rode a Speedtriple. We then went to the Wairarapa with a stop at Eketahuna where I added a thermal and changed my gloves to keep warm. From there we went via Mangamaire to a cafe in Gorge road just a few hundred metres from the Manuwatu gorge. After lunch Bernard left us and we headed to Ashhurst. After fuelling we headed up the Pohangina Valley East road to the top and then around to Apiti and on until we arrived at Rangiwhahia road and then to Ohingaiti (on SH1). We then went 10kms up the road to Mangaweka for lunch and back down SH1 to Vinegar Hill.

This was my first ride on the Vinegar Hill road to Feilding. A very nice section of road for bikes. From Feilding we went to Palmerston North for more fuel and to check out Alan's place and where he worked. At 4.30pm I left Massey and headed home, getting in just on 6.00pm.

Stats from MC computer: 536.2kms, 6.55hrs, 4.4L/100km, 77kph ave, xxxkph max. Odo 13690.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wednesday night ride

Arrived 6.15pm at the meet. About 30 bikes (didn't count). Flame was leading the fast group so I tucked in number 2 position. Guy lead the newbies.

I nice pace to the hill and then Flame was gone. Two other bikes past me - one on the left and we were at the summit. A bit of shit was talked and I readjusted my suspension - it was far too soft. Then down the hill to the pub in Featherston where most ordered food and then headed off for the 40 minute ride around the lake. I didn't need the lake ride so stayed at the pub. Steve turned up - he missed the ride and guessed where we were headed.

At 8.30pm the sun was going down so the sunnies were put away and Steve and I headed back. I led and we had a nice pacey run over the hill. Got home at 2112hrs with warm tyres.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

HOG Xmas Toy Run

Today was a big event for the year - if you are in the Wellington HOG. There was a big turnout and from that the day could be described as a success. For me it was a tiring unexciting ride and may be my last toy run - unless I buy a HD?

Yes HD riders do like parades. I am sure parades are the only time some of them get their bikes out. My day started with a coffee at the BED cafe with a 4 other Triumph riders and then to Mana for the start of the ride at 10.00am. I got home at 1.30pm overheated and needing a rest.

Yesterday was a good little ride with Alan. It was to his place then over Haywards, to Plimmerton for a coffee and the SH1 to Jville for me and Alan off to SH2 and home. This is a nice little round the block ride.

The best weekend weather for a long while and all we fitted in was a round the block ride and a toy run.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Weekend rides

Saturday - an evening ride with Alan around the Bays and coffee at the joint next to Wellington Motorcycles.

Sunday - early afternoon around Grays Road, Haywards and to the Rimutaka Summit. Then home by 1530.

That was it, just 170kms. The bike has now done 12888kms.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Rides Tiger and Sprint

I had a day off work and the weather was okay. Riding home from Stratford at night in the cold on The Capital 1000 Cruise convinced me I should look at a bike with a fairing.

A call was made to Carl at Motorad and it was confirmed they had a new Tiger demo and a 2005 Sprint I could ride. This was all part of the next big decision - replace the Speedtriple (S3) with a new one or something different. So far I am not looking past a Triumph triple.

I took out the Tiger first and then the Sprint, with a stop at home for lunch with the Sprint.

Summary: I wouldn't buy a Tiger, I may buy a Sprint and the Speedtriple is an exciting ride.

Notes on the Tiger:
  • Comfy seat no discomfort going over bumps.
  • Great exhaust sound at lower speeds - burbles, pops, louder than S3
  • Screen is not much good - keeps the wind off the chest but noisy at 100kph, buffeting on shoulders. The S3 with just the bug screen is better.
  • Good riding position for touring - a good choice for a long distance cruisy ride.
  • My legs are too short for this bike - I just don't feel comfortable stopping and starting off and parking it. It wouldn't be long before I dropped it while parking up.
  • Suspension is bouncy - don't like it.
  • Can't get used to the look.

Notes on Sprint ST
  • This is a 2005 and the new ones have higher bars and screen.
  • Comfy seat no discomfort going over bumps. Could ride on this all day
  • Can't hear the exhaust around town - still got the triple sound when opened up.
  • Screen seems okay - no buffeting at lower speeds and is probably as good as it gets at higher speeds. The screen on the SV1000s I had worked well - something Suzuki got right.
  • I like the riding position and didn't have trouble with wrists or hands. Seat height allows me to put my feet down and feel totally in control.
  • Suspension seems okay - the bike turns well and it didn't take me long to get used to the narrower bars from the S3 and Tiger.
  • The motor runs well at low revs (2000 - 2500) at round town speeds. This bike is easy to ride slowly as I tested on a gentle cruise around the Southern Coast road.
  • Overall a bike I would like to own.

However, the S3 still rocks. It is more responsive to throttle, sounds great and is exhilarating to ride. The sensible choice is the Sprint.

When they get a new Sprint I will have a look at it. During summer the S3 will more than satisfy.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday night ride

The weather looked okay and no wind. I left home at 6.15 so was sure I would miss the start of the ride. Therefore I rode to the summit expecting to catch up to the group. However, they hadn't left so I was there by myself for about 10mins.

It was then off to the tin hut. One the way down the hill I heard a loud sound of metal on road and in my rear view mirror saw a bike sliding to a stop in the middle of the road on a corner. He was okay and little damage to the bike. The road was a little wet and we were not going fast, so who knows why the front was lost?

About 20 riders turned up and some newbies. I got home just after 9.00pm.

Saturday - a short ride

Saturday at 4.oopm. A ride up and around the inlet, then back around and home. Just a ride to fill in the day.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Capital 1000K Cruise

The ride was on Saturday. I left home at 6.00am and got home at 11.30pm.

It was a long difficult day. From Ashhurst (250ks) I teamed up with Des who was on a Blackbird and we rode our own ride away from other groups. We did our 1000 + kms.

We stopped for two riders who had binned and the second rider died. We didn't learn of the death until we finished the ride - a real shock as I didn't think the accident was that serious. KB link

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Scrubbed in new front tyre

A new Avon Storm was fitted at 11280Kms on Saturday morning. I got home and just missed the rain. Today was a better day so a ride to the summit and back home via Haywards to make sure the tyre was okay before next Saturday's long ride.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wednesday night ride

The weather was clearing so I decided to go. Off to the meeting point at the Avalon duck pond and parked the bike next to 3 other triumphs.

As the southerly was pushing clouds up towards the Rimutakas we went west over Haywards and up to the Paikak Hill. From there the suggestion was made that we go to the Cobb and Co bar in Paraparaumu. It was a nice spot with the bar overlooking the car park - always a good idea when bikes are to be watched over.

I headed home at 8.15 and got home at 8.55. The total ride was 100kms.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Cooling problem fixed

There was no ride last weekend as I was in Hawkes Bay for a wedding and then on Monday the bike went into the dealer for a problem. The coolant was being pumped out the overflow after the motor was turned off. The cause of this was a faulty thermostat. I got the bike back on Friday.

Sunday (today) a ride to Martinborough, after collecting Alan at his place, via the back way to Carterton and then down the Ponatahi Road to Martinborough. After a couple of coffees and chat to a couple of other riders we headed back to the summit via Pirinoa Road and Kahutara Road.

At the summit were a number of bikers enjoying the day and company. A HD arrived with a couple from Australia. This is their 193rd country to visit on the bike. The bike has travelled over 500,000kms and is on its 11th belt drive. See photo.

Our trip home was via Haywards and SH1. I got home at 1.40pm. The bike has now done over 11,000. I may change the front tyre before the Capital 1000 Cruise on 8 Nov.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday - nice day for a ride

Today was an excellent day for a ride. At 8.30am left with Alan from his place and headed over the hill. Very little traffic and a few bikes. A group who were much faster than us past us on the way up the hill. At Featherston we turned into the Western Lakes road and past a group of bikes parked up. It was only a few kms and they past us.

It was a nice ride down the side of the lake and then into the East West Road. We stopped at the water control dam to have a look and then headed on the Martinborough via Kahutara Road and the Martinborough Pinnoa Road.

At Martinborough at the cafe were many bikes and riders. Most were having breakfast, we had a small snack and two coffees. Then it was off to Featherston and up the hill. We stopped for 30 minutes at the summit and then off home.

I left home at 8.15am and got back at 12.30pm with 230kms covered.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Wednesday night ride

It was a bit cool and strong wind but no sign of rain. I checked the kiwibiker site for the event and a few posted they wouldn't be turning up. I took a positive approach and headed up SH2 for the meeting point. The traffic was light as it is the school holidays period and no lane filtering was required.

Guy suggested a ride around the valleys and then over Haywards and to the Sandbar. Ten of us headed off at 6.30pm. The ride was a figure eight around Whiteman's Valley/Te Marua and then over Haywards to the SandBar. The wind was okay until we came down into Mana.

Those who didn't turn up missed a good ride.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

First Wednesday night ride of the season

Cold and wet but I was there. 11 brave souls left the Duck Pond at 6.30pm and headed to the lookout on the Paekakariki Hill. From there it was back to the Sandbar for refreshments.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wellington Sights

Today I joined the Ulysses ride around Wellington.

The ride started from Brown Owl at 10.00am. The first stop was at Scorching Bay. Then around the Bays to Wrights Hill to view the gun emplacements and then off to Makara Beach. From Makara Beach we took the road to Johnsonville and then along the Motorway to the cemetery and looped back to the sea finishing at the Sandbar in Mana.

I didn't stay for lunch as had to be back home. It was a just okay ride, I prefer the open road and find the round the city and slow roads hard work. Next big Ulysses ride is to Riversdale on the 19th and I will not be able to make that.

Stats from MC computer: 190.0kms, 3.43hrs, 5.1L/100km, 50kph ave, xxxkph max.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pahiatua Track Loop

A Ulysses ride today. We left from the Plimmerton Weigh Station at 9.30am and travelled up SH1 to just south of Levin at the turn off to Shannon. A pit stop in Shannon for fuel and then off to the track.

The ride over the track was quick - I was third in line. We had a planned stop at SH2 Mangarmaire turn off and it was a long wait as one of the riders had a low speed off. Once we knew the rider was okay we headed for the Wild Oats Cafe in Carterton. There was a street day in Carterton so instead of waiting for food there we headed on the the Tin Hut.

Alan called me from home when I was at Mt Bruce and we planned to meet at the Tin Hutt. Food here was going to be slow so we headed to Featherston for pie and coffee. After that it was home, arriving at 3.30pm.

BTW last week on Thursday the bike had its 10,000kms service.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

First RAT Ride

The Wellington RAT group start their rides from Shell Mana at 9.30am. I got there at 9.15am and by 9.45am there were just six of us. The bikes were, two S3, Street, Speedmaster, Sprint and Tiger.

The ride was around the inlet and over the Takas. We regrouped in Featherston and then headed to Carterton for refreshments. Following the essential coffee and something to eat we went via Gladstone and the back road to Martinborough. The ride was planned for lunch at Lake Ferry but at Martinborough I headed home. I called into see Alan and he followed me home and then Alan headed home around the Mana loop.

The bike has now done 9772Kms so I will book it in for the service.

Stats from MC computer: 224.9kms, 3.07hrs, 4.7L/100km, 71kph ave, xxxkph max.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Social ride with gravel option

Ulysses organised a ride to Gladstone for lunch with two options for a ride. The road option involved Martinborough, the back road to Gladstone, water towers loop and back to the pub at Gladstone. The other option was the Admiral Range road.

Obviously the Speedtriple wasn't suitable to the gravel options. Plently of riders turned up with their other bike, the trail riding type.

We left Brown Owl at 10.00am, regrouped at Featherston and then again at Martinborough. The Martinborough stop was to allow the trail bikes to be refuelled. Photos are at Martinborough. After the water towers loop four of us went up the Admiral Range road until the seal stopped and we then waited for the gravel riders to turn up. We didn't have to wait long.

We we arrived at the Gladstone Pub it was too busy so Alan and I headed to Carterton for lunch. We stopped at the summit on the way home to watch the traffic. I got home at 3.30pm.

It was a good days riding, the weather was good although a bit too cold first thing. The ride as 285kms and the bike has now done 9547kms.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

RAT Meet

Last night I went to the RAT meeting at the Sandbar in Mana.

Five for the meet with a total of three bikes. It was very cold and especially so on the trip home.

The turnout to Triumph events seems to be consistently low. If this was a HD meet there would be at least 10 times as many. Is this something to do with the Triumph statement, "go your own way"?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mt Bruce for lunch

Today it was a Ulysses ride with lunch planned for Mount Bruce. Departure time was 9.30am from Brown Owl.

The weather forecast for today was for no rain in Wellington or the Wairarapa - so I felt confident in leaving the pack with wet weather gear behind. This confidence in the weather forecast was a mistake.

The route was planned by John and Steve and included the back way to Pahiatua and then back to Mount Bruce for lunch. We weren't far north of Masterton when it started to rain and then it just got heavier. By the time we got to Pahiatua (a fuel stop) I was wet and cold. At home was a complete set of new wet weather overs and gloves. Somewhere along the way we lost 5 of the pack but found 2 at Mount Bruce, one got lost (Guy) and the other took a short cut. It was a good pace but the pack spread out at times - this was the reason for losing some of them.

After lunch I went straight home and the rain cleared nearing Masterton. At around Greytown I was warming up a bit and drying out. I had a good run over the hill - not too much traffic and the road was clean and dry. Got home after 3.00pm.

The photo, taken by Steve, is of me arriving at Brown Owl.

Stats from MC computer: 358.5kms, 4.35hrs, 5.1L/100km, 77kph ave, xxxkph max.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cold day and nice ride to Paraparaumu

A nice clear and cold day after sleet and snow yesterday.

Alan and I did a short ride up SH1 via the Paikakariki Hill and then back the same way. Lunch at Paikak (that is a busy spot on a nice day) and then back over the hill. A red unmarked HP car was hunting speedsters on the lower area of the hill.

Not much more to say; the Speedtriple is a very enjoyable bike to ride, it sounds great, handles well, and that motor - beautiful.

Stats from MC computer: 105.9kms, 5.1L/100km, 61kph ave, 1xxkph max. Odo 8782.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lunch at Pongaroa

The Ulysses long ride this month was to Pongaroa. I left home at 8.45 to arrive at Brown Owl for a 9.30am departure.

Only 11 bikes turned up for the ride - I expected more as the weather was good after a few weeks of bad stuff. The ride to Featherston was as usual a free ride and I used this to carefully scrub the new rear in. It was a bit slippery on some corners.

The route to Pongaroa was: SH2 to Masterton with a refuel at Mobil, Te Ore Ore Bideford road to Alfredton. Regroup at Alfredton and then 50kms to Pongaroa. The roads were wet and there were areas of loose chip. This kept the speed down and especially on corners. Lunch was taken at the Pongaroa cafe. The cafe can be seen in the photo.

One rider and his pillion headed further up the road and onto Havelock North for a day or so. The rest (7) headed back on the Pahiatua Road (50kms) and then down to Eketahuna. I followed Steve (Busa) most of the way although a pesky Honda infiltrated for a while then it past Steve before giving up and stopping for a while (may have had a fright). Just past Eketahuna we turned onto the Mangaoranga Road to Mauriceville and then to Masterton via the Paierua Road This is a nice section of road, fast and interesting.

After Masterton we diverted to Gladstone so Steve could drop a parcel off at the pub. Then it was off to Martinborough via Ponatahi Road (middle road). This was a fast section of the trip and riding a naked bike meant I slipped to the back of the pack of five a couple of times. Too much wind at those speeds! Only sports bikes need to apply to ride with this group. A refuel was required in Martinborough and it was straight home.

Another great day on the Speed Triple and good company of experienced riders.

Stats from MC computer: 407.7kms, 6.4L/100km, 77kph ave, 1xxkph max. Odo 8655.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Almost a month since the last decent ride

The next long Ulysses ride is this Sunday, and where have I been on the bike? Last weekend a short ride out the the Hutt and today to the Red Baron (TSS) for a new rear tyre. That's it - I blame the weather.

The Speedtriple has just over 8200kms since returning from TSS. It will be interesting to see if this tyre retains its profile as it wears and if I get more kms out of it than the Pilot Power.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

An excellent ride

This was the Ulysses long ride for the month. The plan was to leave from the Plimmerton Weigh Station at 9.30am and ride to Hunterville via Fordell. The ride home being left to individuals. The weather forecast was for little wind, clear skies, no rain and temperatures 17 - 19 during the day.

At 9.30am 21 motorcycles,two with pillions, left Plimmerton. It was an orderly ride with the first stop being the Mobil station at Bulls. This section of the ride was somewhat boring, just a ride to get to where the real ride would begin. The day was great though and as we got near to Bulls there was this great view in clear skies of Mt Ruapehu and then when we headed off from the stop in Bulls Mt Taranaki came into view as well.

The pace quickened when we left Bulls and I joined the end of the first bunch of bikes. A few riders went elsewhere at Bulls, maybe they went home? From the turnoff to Fordell the ride became interesting with a few more corners. Once past Fordell we were in real motorcycle riding country, except for the pea metal but more about that. I was following Steve riding his Busa and he pointed out the fence he claimed in his off from sliding on pea metal. There was still some pea metal there and at a tight left hander at the top of the next hill I slide. It happened so quickly, I was not going fast, the rear stepped to the right causing my left foot to go down on the road and then swing back with the calf muscle hitting the rear foot peg. It hurt a bit but the fright was worse. I didn't see that metal before hitting it. The bike just recovered and I continued on my way.

I stopped at the top of a hill 6kms from Hunterville and a few others joined me. Ruapehe looked great from this point. Hunterville was the lunch stop and I needed a rest. After we had refreshed ourselves the discussion turned to the options for the ride home. Steve had a plan which sounded good. It was to go to Mangaweka and ride down to Ashhurst via Ruahine Road,Kimbolton etc and then over the Pahiatua Track joining SH2 at Mangamaire.

We were 10 strong leaving Hunterville and I tucked in behind Steve in number two position. At Mangaweka we fuelled up and then went down this steep road into the gorge. What a marvellous road, the pace was brisk and while I try to ride my own ride I am comfortable following Steve who maintains a smooth pace and doesn't over-cook the pace on corners. A refuel for some in Ashhurst and it was off to the Track. Just before the turnoff to the track another rider moved to number one, he wanted more speed and soon I was chasing the tail of the Busa up the hill and feeling the rear moving around a bit as the power loaded up on exiting corners. I lost the two front riders near the top when a car held me up. There was a bit of metal on the Pahiatua side and that moderated speed a little until I was off the hilly bit. As I neared the bottom a couple of bikes caught me. The ride along SH2 was also at a good pace for a group. We stopped to refuel on the Masterton bypass.

We kept in a group until the Rimutakas where I dropped back from the front runners in slow traffic. The light was fading as I came down the Rimutakas and once in the residential area stopped to take the sunnies off. I got home at 5.40pm. The first part of the ride was organised by Ulysses. From Hunterville the ride involved ten riders, all who could keep a good pace and none did anything silly. The first part was the warm up to the main event.

This was a stunning day. The rear tyre looks like it could do another ride.

Stats from MC computer: 531.7kms, 6.34hrs, 5.8L/100km, 80kph ave, 1xxkph max. Odo 8100.

Friday, June 13, 2008

So long between rides

Tuesday night I took the S3 as preferred transport to the monthly Ulysses meeting in Petone. The last ride was posted here and was over three weeks ago. Since that ride I went away for the long weekend - without the bike, the next weekend it rained and last weekend I had to drive to Palmerston North and it was a nice day for the bike.

So on Tuesday I rode the S3. The exhaust back beat as I throttled back going down the hill to the first intersection reminded me why I love riding this machine. It was a sedate ride other than a good twist of the right as I entered SH2 just to hear that unique sound from the pipes and throat of the triple as the load and revs built. The meeting was okay with a new committee now running the show.

The ride home was enjoyable, not much traffic and a good pace along the water's edge as little traffic and nothing behind to worry about. She is a sweet machine and so willing to please.

A good ride is planned for this Sunday and I have already viewed the roads from Google Earth. By next week I think the S3 will need a new rear.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ulysses Ride

The Ulysses ride today was a good one. There was a good turnout of 20+ bikes and a few with pillion. The weather was excellent.

The ride was to Gladstone for lunch. The route as via: Martinborough, Martinborough to Masterton Road and the water towers loop. It was a brisk pace and most enjoyable. The S3 is running very well - it seems to have improved engine performance and sounds great. I am impressed with the acceleration kick at the higher revs.

I headed home at 1.30pm.

Photo is Barry arriving at Brown Owl - just in time.

Stats from MC computer: 277.4kms, 3.3hrs, 5.1L/100km, 77kph ave, xxxkph max.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Sunday Haywards Hill Loop

The weather had not been suitable for riding most of the week and it rained on Sunday morning. Mid afternoon I went for a ride to Alan's in Harbour View and then we headed over the Haywards Hill to Pauatahatanui where we stopped for a coffee. At 3.45pm we headed back to Johnsonville via SH1 where I went home and Alan carried on to his place.

So that was the week - one short ride.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

From FB to S3

This week I turned 60 and looked back to my first motorcycle. From 17 years to 60 years, a span of 43 years and from a Francis Barnett 200 to a Triumph Speed Triple 1050.

The photos say it all and the licence cost 5 shillings. To get the licence I rode the bike up the street and back with the officer watching and I got the bit of paper.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ashurst via Saddle Road

A beautiful autumn day, clear skies, cool in the morning and then warmed up nicely in the sun. I had scheduled an 8.30am start from Rimutex with Barry on Saturday and at 8.00am I was on the road. The first stop was at BP to pump up the tyres - they lose a bit of pressure each week and need a top up and as they wear the loss is greater.

Got to the Caltex station a bit before 8.30am and Barry was already there. Two other e-riders arrived so we headed off for breakfast in Carterton. It was a great morning and we all had a cooked breakfast outside in the cafe's garden seating area.

From there Barry and I headed to Woodville, a stop for a couple of minutes there and then over the Saddle Road. The first corner on the hill and hit gravel left over from a reseal - that was a bit tricky and we had to take is very easy for a few kilometers. The other side of the hill was a good surface and we took in spectacular view of the windmills. The plan was to stop in Ashurst for a coffee and there was a place open. It took ages to get our coffees - could have been halfway home, but a nice relaxing break.

The way home was via the bridge to the gorge and then over the Pahiatua Track and Mangamaire Road to SH2. Comfort stop in Featherston and then to the top of the hill where there were many bikes. We stopped for a while, chatted and watched the action on the road before heading home.

It was a good half day out and a decent distance. The Saddle Road, Pahiatua Track and Mangamarie Road were the best part of the ride. There was too much traffic on the Rimutakas to enjoy that bit on the way home.

Stats from MC computer: 385kms, 4.2L/100km, 76kph ave, xxxkph max. Total 7182Km

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The last TCWNR

The thermals went in the gear for this ride. It is now autumn and cooler.

For the final ride for the season there were 25 bikes and we went for a ride over Haywards and around the inlet - Grays road, Mana, inlet and over Haywards. From there we went for a BBQ in Taita. Got home at 9.00pm.

The bike is new - had 40kms on the clock.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

TCWNR second to last

The days are now closing in and in 12 days daylight saving time will finish. That will also mean an end to the Wednesday night ride, or shortly afterwards. Today was fine, warm and no wind - a perfect day for a ride.

As is the norm we met at the Duckpond and shortly after 6.30pm the group of 13 riders headed off up the road with the Tin Hutt as the chosen destination. There were KB riders from the Wairarapa there and a few others also turned up from Wellington. In total 20 bikes.

I took a few photos and should have done this sooner as the light was low.

Got home at 9.00pm. Bike has done 6600kms and is running nicely.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I had this ride and a social night with the local RAT group. So decided to go to the Wednesday night ride and also the RAT meet at the Sandbar.

As luck would have it the group decided to go to the Paikakariki summit and then to the Sandbar. There were five Triumphs on the ride. When we got to the Sandbar there was only one RAT member (Mike). So that made a total of 4 RAT members with me, Sels1 an Gareth.

I headed home at 8.35pm. The run home from Mana to Jville is about 12 minutes so I was home before 9.00pm.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday early ride to Gladstone

I only had the morning free for riding on Sunday so was on the road at 7.30am. A Southerly was getting up and the sky was overcast. The run up the Hutt valley made me wish I have put the thermals in - it was cold.

My plan was to go to Gladstone and see what was happening at the hill climb. The route I took was to Martinborough and the Princess Road to Gladstone. I was too early for the hill climb and only stopped there for a few minutes to view what was happening with those who had camped the night - not much happening at all. I then headed to Martinborough via the back way and when I arrived the roads were being closed off for a running event. I needed a coffee so I headed to Featherston. Arrived at Featherston at 10.00am and while there Wayne turned up (SV1000S Wayne708), he was heading to Gladstone. At 10.30am I left Featherston for the summit.

A nice restored/modified Triumph at the summit and a few other bikes. It was cold up there so I didn't stay long. Got home 11.30am.

Stats from MC computer: 231kms, 3.05hrs, 4.6L/100km, 75kph ave, xxxkph max.

Photo Shoot - Saturday

Alan and I went for a ride to Plimmerton where my daughter took photos of the Fatboy and S3. Then it was to Paikakariki for a coffee and a run back over the hill home.

Post photos here:

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Eastbourne Sunday and TCWNR

Sunday was a pottle out to Petone jetty and then around to Easbourne with Alan for a coffee.

Tonight TCWNR was over Heywards and then twice around the inlet and a stop at the Sandbar. I went to the start via SH1 and Heywards, this is definitely a better ride than up SH2. It took close to 30 minutes to get to the starting point.

The bike has now done 6088kms. The rear tyre is getting down in the centre.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Another Wednesday night ride

Tonight I headed to the Duck Pond meeting place via the long way. That is to Paramata, around the inlet and over Haywards. This took 25 minutes and was a much more enjoyable ride than riding through stop start traffic on SH2.

We went to the top of the Paekakariki Hill and then to Raumati Beach. A good group. I got home at 9.00am and was cold, the days and night have been cooler of late.

I didn't post on my other rides since last report from TCWNR. On Friday I did a ride out to a cafe on the south coast with The Knights of St Pauls MTC for lunch. Only three of us turned up, still a good little short ride. Sunday I fitted in a ride around the suburb and out to Oharui Valley.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


A warm clear day. 19 riders took part in the ride across to the Tin Hut.

I left early to get some photos of bikes on one of the corners near the summit. There was a problem though as photos of the bikes front on had the sun directly into the camera. So I took a few rear facing photos and they were not very good. It was great hearing the bikes come up the hill and see them enter the corner.

I got home just on 9.00pm. There were lots of bugs and the helmet and bike need a clean.

Stats from MC computer: 133kms, 1.58hrs, 5.6L/100km, 67kph ave, xxxkph max.

Monday, February 25, 2008

e-riders and breakfast

This was an organised e-rider ride. It started from Rimutex at 8.30am and some were planning to carry on to Manfield for the Superbike competition.

I texted Alan and he called me when I was in Petone. We meet on SH2 and headed up to Rimutex arriving at 8.20am. I found out that e-riders don't arrive on time and it was nearer 9.00am before we headed up the hill.

We regrouped in Featherston and then headed to Carterton for breakfast at the Wild Oaks. A big feed and hard caffeine hits for most and then each headed their own way. Alan and I went to check out the hill climb circuit at Gladstone and then headed the back way to Martinborough. We didn't stop and went straight though with a planned stop at the summit.

When we neared the top of the hill the traffic had stopped due to an accident. The accident was a motorcyclist who had come off a few corners from the top and hit a car. The police and fire services where on the scene and when we got to the summit learnt it was a KB rider, Skelstar. Today (Monday) some details were posted on the KB site, he was badly injured.

I got home at 1.00pm. The bike has now been 5589kms.

Stats from MC computer: 226kms, 3.4hrs, 4.2L/100km, 69kph ave, xxxkph max.

Saturday joy ride

After doing my chores on Saturday I decided to do a short ride. It had been a very warm day and at 5.00pm when I left it was still hot. The liner wasn't required in the jacket.

From home I headed to the Western hills going up Mangaraki and back to SH2 at Kelson. From there over Haywards, around Grays Road to the suburbs where I did a u turn. Back around the inlet to SH1 and home. The trip took just over an hour.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


It has been a warm day and I was considering removing the liner from my jacket but left it in. I arrived at the Duck Pond just after 6.00pm and there were already a good number of riders there. At 6.35pm we headed off to the summit. The pace was a bit too fast and I was last to arrive.

From the summit we went to the Victoria hotel in Featherston.

On the way home a 4WD was on fire on the side of the road. Nothing could be done and I past a fire engine on the way into the Hutt.

Stats from MC computer: 122.7kms, 1.54hrs, 5.4L/100km, 64kph ave, xxxkph max.

RAT Social Night

Wednesday night was a Triumph owners social function at the Sandbar in Mana. I did the trip around the inlet on the way there. Nice ride and good group. The next ride is the first Sunday in March so I will see if I can make the ride.

Attending the RAT function meant I missed TCWNR. However, I planned to go on the Thursday night ride.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Too many choices of ride today

The weather was due to come right today so I got up a bit earlier than usual to fit a ride in and still have enough day left to do the chores.

From the bedroom window I spied the cruise liner Queen Victoria come into the harbour so my first ride was along the motorway to get some photos. It looked great coming into the harbour in the mist with just a little light rain. Enough moisture to moderate the amount of throttle when moving off from photo shot spots - still enough throttle though to remind me why I like riding the bike.

I then headed to rimutex to meet the e-Rider group at 8.30am. They didn't get out of bed though as at 8.30am I was still there and no one had turned up. BuckbuckNo1 had stopped 10 minutes earlier and was on his way to the summit. 8.30am and I was off to catch BB1. Not much happening at the summit so we went to Martinborough for a coffee.

Martinborough was still waking up and the favourite place hadn't opened. Back to the first place on the left and I met a colleague having breakfast with his wife. That is what can happen when you live in a small place like Wellington. After the refreshments we headed back to the summit via the Greytown road.

While at the summit the Ulysses group road past. They left from Brown Owl at 10.00am, which was too late for me today.

There was plenty of choice for rides out of Wellington today:
  • My own ride - when I wake up
  • Koroj's ride 7.00 to Napier and return
  • Ulysses 10.00 to somewhere
  • e-Riders 8.30 which didn't happen
  • KB Sunday ride - is that still on?

A good ride with BuckBuckNo1 and heaps of bikes on the road.

Stats from MC computer: 177.4kms, 2.33hrs, 5.0L/100km, 69kph ave, xxxkph max.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Tonight with a small group I rode over Haywards, around the inlet (nice 360 through Mana) and up to the lookout on the Paikak hill. From there we headed to Raumati Beach for food and drink. I left with three others and headed home via SH1. Got home at 9.15pm. The bike has travelled 4915kms since new.

I filled the bike on the way out with 8.51L after 150kms. 5.67L/100kms. The computer shows 4.6L/100kms - it is a bit optimistic? The true fuel useage gives me a range of 300kms.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Waitangi Day short ride

Some of us have things to do on a holiday and no time to get out on the bike. At 4.30pm I got a text from Alan re a ride somewhere.

We decided a short ride over to Makara Beach would be a fine way to finish the day. So that is what we did, and it was enjoyable.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

A trailer

Today Alan and I did a short ride up the coast to Paraparaumu to view a trailer build to transport motorcycles. Alan swung by my home at 11.00am and we rode directly to Paraparaumu.

I had made contact with the owner of the trailer via the Kiwibiker site after posting a query about trailer design. He sent me some photos and this trip was to have a closer look at it.

We arrived around 11.45am. It is a very well built and designed trailer for transporting race bikes and would do what I want.

After the visit we headed back to Johnsonville with a diversion around Valley Road, over the Paikakariki Hill Road and a stop for coffee and food at Pauahatanui.

Stats from MC computer: 95.4kms, 1.3hrs, 4.2L/100km, 63kph ave, xxxkph max.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Tonight was a ride across to the Royal Hotel in Featherston.

A small group did a ride around the lake while a few of us stayed at the hotel. I meet Steve from who is the organiser of the Wellington RAT group. He mentioned a raid to Tauranga that I could be interested in.

Alan, John and I headed back just after 8pm and we had a leisurely ride over the hill and down the motorway.

I filled up the bike before getting home to check the onboard fuel computer. It indicated an average of 4.3L/100ks. After filling the bike I calculated the fuel use for this and the previous trip
and the fuel consumption is 5.4L/100ks. That is a 20% error. I have reset the computer and will check next fill as a previous check indicated the computer was accurate.

Photo is from the hotel.

Stats from MC computer: 124.1kms, 2.0hrs, 4.3L/100km, 62kph ave, xxxkph max.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

e-Riders Motorcycle Group

A year ago I received an invite to ride with this group but never got around to it. Today I had the option of three rides, Ulysses, TCSMR KB or join the e-Riders. e-Riders start their rides from Rimutex at 8.30am and this time suits me better than the others which have 10.00am and 10.30am starts and the result is a full day out.

I left home at 8.00am and arrived at Rimutex at 8.30am. There was a minor diversion at Petone while a pedestrian over bridge was being replaced. It was a quiet ride up SH2. I was the second to arrive and by the time we left there were 6 of us. I had meet the last rider (Paul) to arrive a few years ago and it was good to catch up again.

These rides are usually to Carterton for breakfast and then a ride from there. Only a few minutes after we left it started to rain and we were in cloud and rain at the summit. The decision was made to head back to Plimmerton and fine weather. Breakfast in Plimmerton was in a cafe at the garden center. A very popular spot providing full breakfasts and a range of other food.

After breakfast I headed home down SH1 arriving at 11.30am. The bike computer indicated my economy at 4.7L/100Kms. This seems too low and I will do a manual check next time I fill the bike. Past checks have indicated the computer is accurate.

Stats from MC computer: 118.6kms, 1.49hrs, 4.7L/100km, 64kph ave, xxxkph max.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

TCWNR No1 for 2008

This is my first Wednesday night ride for 2008. It was a different ride this time ending up at the Raumati Beach Cafe.

The ride left the usual spot and we went over Haywards and then did an anticlockwise run around the inlet before heading up the Paikakariki Hill Road with a stop at the lookout. From there the run was done to SH1 and Raumati.

On the way home Alan and I stayed on SH1 - didn't feel like the more interesting ride back over the hill.

Stats from MC computer: 116.7kms, 1.5hrs, 4.5L/100km, 63kph ave, xxxkph max.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Second ride for the day

4.40pm and weather wise it was still a great day. A quick run prior to dinner seemed a good idea.

The run I did was up SH1, through Mana and around Grays Road to the Paekakariki Hill Road. From there a slightly leisurely run over the hill and back up SH1 to the park for a u turn and back up the hill. I stopped at the lookout for a few minutes and then down the hill and around the southern side of the inlet to SH1.

Arrival home just after 6.00pm.

Stats from MC computer: 87.1kms, 1.27hrs, 7.5L/100km, 59kph ave, xxxkph max.

First ride for 2008

At 8.00am I headed for Alan's with a plan to do coffee in Martinborough and be back home around midday. I got to Alan's place at 8.30am and we headed up the highway with a fuel stop for the HD at Rimutex.

A leisurely coffee followed in Martinborough as we watched other bikes and the place begin to wake up. Hitcher and Mrs H arrived as we were leaving.

Our trip back involved a diversion along Ponatahi Road and Francis Line into Carterton and a stop in Greytown for Alan to buy some special chocolates. The weather was deteriorating and getting noticeably cooler as we went up the hill. A short stop at the summit and a chat to 2 KBs and then down to Upper Hutt to view the new Motormart shop.

I got home at 12.20pm. It is good to be back and get a ride in.

Stats from MC computer: 199.9kms, 2.53hrs, 5.5L/100km, 68kph ave, xxxkph max.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Back home and ready for a ride

I have been away from Wellington visiting family and in Brisbane since prior to christmas. After the last ride the bike was cleaned and covered up. Last night I got home and today got the bike out and took it down to the Service Station for some air in the tyres.

Tomorrow will be the first ride in a month.