Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ulysses Christmas Slow Riding

Today Wellington Ulysses had their Christmas function which started with a slow riding exercise in the car park across the road from the Petone club.   I arrived late to watch the riding and when that finished went home via Haywards, Mana, Paikakariki, Pahatanui and SH1.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I have been on few of these rides this year.  Last night the bike took me to the Ulysses meeting and tonight a ride to Featherston with 20+ other riders.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday around the Haywards block

Another weekend of marginal weather.  Sunday afternoon and a ride to Alan's and then up the Battle Hill and home via SH1.   First ride in the leathers this season;  and I was cold.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Capital 1000 Cruise C1KC 10 Nov 2012

The ride this year was an easier ride than others but still a long time in the saddle. The weather was great for a ride, clear skies, cool but not cold and little wind for most of the time. I left home at 0558; fuel tank of gas, GPS on board with the route installed.
  • 0621 Arrived Caltex Rimutaka
  • 0630 Left on ride - 5 left before me. I planned to take it easy over the hill as the tyres are new. 
  • 0732 Mauriceville and first photo 
  • 0810 Pahiatua for fuel. This stop will ensure enough fuel to get to Turangi 
  • 0825 Saddle Road and photo at wind farm 
  • 0908 Stanway Hall for a photo 
  • 1055 Fuel at Turangi and a photo 
  • 1146 to 1205 Taumaranui for a pie and coffee. At this point there were 3 in front - Newlands riders. The next turnoff was Ramaroa Road. I took this but miss took the turn to Aria so ended up in PioPio having added some 10kms to the trip. 
  • 1329 Awakino for a photo. 4 others left from there as I arrived, 1 CanAm 3 wheeler? 
  • 1423 New Plymouth for fuel.  The sky is now heavy cloud.
  • 1515 Pungarehu for a photo 
  • 1730 to 1740 Bulls and a stop for a coffee and snack bar - I needed this stop. 
  • 1835 Otaki for fuel 
  • 1933 Finish - arrived at Parrot and Jigger. Mr CanAm was there and the first 3 had checked in an hour ago? I last saw them in Taumaranui so they must have been flying to cut an hour off my time even allowing for the extra 10kms I did. 
  • I was home at 2000hrs. 
The Odo home to home was 1113kms. Moving average speed 91K/Hr, Overall average 78K/hr.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

New tyres

Today the Hayabusa had the 36,000km service, which is actually a 12km service in the second cycle. The tyres were replaced after just 5500kms. The new tyres are Dunlop Roadsmart2. Fitted and servicing at 35220Kms.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Test Ride

Today Alan and I went to Motormart and test road a couple of BMW adventure bikes. The bikes we took out were; BMW GS800 (800cc //twin) new test bike, and BMW GS650 (650cc single. The 650 was under powered and had terrible motor vibration. Otherwise nice to ride. The new 800 was a lovely bike, price $22k. After the test ride we finished the outing with a ride up SH2, across Haywards (coffee and lunch stop) and back home on SH1.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Sunday ride

Left home at 1100hrs for Alan's.  We went directly to Martinborough for lunch and then returned around the lake.  Got home at 1516hrs. 

The trip was 205kms.  Odo is 35009.  The rear tyre is started to break up and at best it has 1000kms left.  The front tyre is also close to replacement with wear in the sides.  These have been the poorest wearing tyres ever.  They are Pirelli Diablo - lower priced than other tyres but have only been on for 5000kms.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

First Wednesday night ride for 12/13

Daylight saving started and so did the ride.   I went to the starting point and saw many old faces and a few new ones.  After the ride departed for Featherston I headed home via Haywards and SH1.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ulysses visit to Stonehenge Aotearoa

This was a social ride to Stonehenge.   The visit was interesting but there were not that many on the ride.   Following the visit I headed to Martinborough and then diverted to view the Hau Nui windfarm.  It was very windy.

I stopped at Martinborough for refreshments and then headed home.  Arrived home at 1420hrs.

Odo 251, Moving Av 77.6.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wet Sunday

The day started well and forecast did not include rain until evening.   The first stop was at Alan's and then Caltex Rimutaka for fuel for the HD.  From there it was over to Featherston with the intent of riding the twin water towers loop and back to Martinborough for lunch.   We went up a no exit road and took a photo.  Then headed for lunch.  We will do the water towers another day.   

Over the hill and we were into rain.  It was fine and very wetting;  no wet weather gear so we both got very wet.   My gear is now drying out.  

S41 02.962 E175 38.264  Dakins Road.

Start  1020hrs,  Finish  1427hrs,  Distance   228Km

Friday, September 14, 2012

Switch Back

I rode into WMC today for no good reason.  On arrival I viewed a new HD Switch Back outside and on seeing Pete  asked about it.  Would you like to ride it asked Pete?  Why not.  

My ride was up SH1 to Churton off ramp, through to Tawa, back on SH1 to Porirua, back  south on SH1, through Kandallah, and back to WMC.  Thoughts on the bike improved with the ride.  The Switch Back is a good concept, however, I am not sure this is the HD I may end up buying.

An appreciation ride home on the Hayabusa.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Ulysses min brakes ride

Father's day today.  Ulysses were having a short ride with the theme of minimum use of brakes.

The ride left Brown Owl (10.00am) and up SH2 to Mayborne and then down the valley to the Wainuiomata Hill.  Over the hill and out to the coast.   After a rest on the coast we headed back to Railway Village for lunch.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Battle Hill around the loop

Another winter Sunday.   The rain had stopped mid morning and by mid afternoon I was ready for a short ride.  The ride was via Alan's and then over Haywards, up to Battle Hill and back to Pahatanui for a coffee.  We meet Flame there and admired her Aprilla.  The ride home down SH1 was, as usual, uneventful.  End of another week and work tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sunday Ride

We had been away in New Plymouth from Thursday through to Saturday.  There were a few bikes on the road home on Saturday - it was a very nice day.

Sunday, the weather was not that great.  Alan called and we set up a ride to Martinborough for lunch.    There was a bit of rain over the hill but otherwise a nice ride.  I got back around 3pm.  163Km covered.    Always good to get out on the bike.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Sunday to Battle Hill

A needed to visit Harvey Norman.  After that I took in a ride; Mana, Greys Road, Battle hill and back home via SH1.   61kms in total.

Saturday - Whitemans

A nice day and weather forecast for Sunday questionable.  I did a ride to Petone then caught up with Alan and we road up the Whitemans Valley Road, stopped for tea and scones and the back via Whitemans to home.  112Kms and home by 1600hrs in time for Jonathon's birthday party.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Not much riding

Today Sunday a ride of 65kms through to Ngaio Gorge and then around the loop.   Yesterday a ride into WMC.  It is cold and about to start raining.

The odo is just on 33600kms.  Next service at 36000kms.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Ulysses Sunday Ride

It has been  a long time since my last ride with Ulysses.   Today's ride was to be Martinborough, Water towers and then lunch at Wild Oaks in Carterton.   It didn't turn out this way.

It was a very cold 4C start.  I was well dressed with full thermals and heated vest.   I fitted the video camera to the bike in preparation for the water towers road.   I also fitted the GPS to record the track.   The GPS record was:  0909 left  home, 0937 arrived Brown Owl, 1008 left Brown Owl, 1046 Martinborough, 1105 Wild Oaks.   So our ride was along Ponatahi Road and into Carterton, without doing the Water Towers.   Riders all parked up and I decided to do the Water Towers loop to earn the coffee and food the others decided to stop for. 

At 1114 I left Wild Oaks and headed to Gladstone then the Westmere Road loop back via Masterton and SH2 to Wild Oaks.  This was a 70.9km excursion with an average speed of 87km/hr and getting me back to Wild Oaks at noon.   Coffee and scone was taken as the other riders were leaving to go home and shortly after noon the gravel road group turned up.

At 1245 I headed home and arrived at 1357hrs.   A total trip of 265km.

Now I have a lot of video to review and decide what to upload to Youtube.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Missing Post

June 3rd I did a ride with Alan to Martinborough and back. We stopped at the top of the hill and admired a Ferrari. Another nice ride.

Around the bays

Winter has certainly arrived. The temperature is just 5C but no wind or cloud; a nice day to wrap up and ride. First ride this season with the heated vest. I went to Alan's place and then we did a slow jaunt around the bays and stopped in Aro valley for a coffee.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

New Speedtriple

Just for something to do this morning I went into the city. Stopped at Wellington Motorcycles and then at Motorad. Motorad had a nice demo Speed triple at the doorway and I didn't get any further as was offered a ride on it. A very nice bike and the ride brought back good memories of my last bike. They have sold a few Speed Triple R models after test rides on the standard model. It seems the R will never be offered as a test ride.

Sunday, May 06, 2012


Alan called by and we did a ride up the coast for a coffee at Paraparaumu Beach. The ride home was via Paikok hill with a brief stop at the the top. Alan went home via Haywards and I took SH1. 103km ride on a nice autumn day.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

ANZAC Day Ambulance Ride

Today I went on the Ulysses annual charity ride. I left home at 0930 and stopped at the Avalon Duck Pond before heading to the ride start point in Park Road Maidstone. I got there around 1000hrs and there were 10 -20 bikes. As the 1100hr departure time approached the numbers increased to around 220. I left nearer the front 20-30 bikes and when they stopped to regroup at the top of the Haywards hill I carried on to find a spot for video of the bikes. The wait was very long and a bike rider stopped and told me there had been an accident on SH2 and that was holding up most of the bikes. After the bikes had passed by I headed back and up SH2 to see what had happened. The SH at Fergusson Drive turnoff was closed both directions so I turned around and went to the ambulance station directly on SH2. The rider involved in the accident died. Reported:
A Wellington man is dead after a smash on State Highway 2 near Upper Hutt. The man crashed his motorcycle just south of Moonshine Bridge, Trentham, about 11.20am. Sergeant Brad Allen said the motorcyclist was part of a large charity event raising money for Wellington Free Ambulance. Traffic is being diverted through Upper Hutt, however the road is expected to open shortly. It appears the motorcyclist applied his brakes before coming off his bike. The motorcycle went underneath the wire railings and ended up in the northbound lane. Ambulance officers attempted CPR but were unable to revive him, Allen said. Police are still speaking to his family. The coroner has been notified. It isn't clear why he braked but a number of witnesses were giving statements to police, Allen said.
My ride was 111kms and I got home at 1300hrs.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday around the track

Great weather for a ride. I meet up with Alan and we headed up SH2 and over the hill. At Maungamaire we turned off and went over the Paihiatua Track to Palmerston North. The first stop was ANZA and a look at a few new bikes. Left our bikes and gear at ANZA and went down the road for some lunch. Then it was home via SH1. The total trip was 320kms. Left home at 1035 and got home at 1635. Fuelled up at home first and got all the way back with some petrol in the tank.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday pm

Another excellent day in Welly. I worked in the morning and in the afternoon went for a ride with Alan over the paikok hill and back around SH1.

Nice ride and catch up with 2 other riders at the lookout.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter Sunday Morning

A very nice day. This was to be a solo ride.
Left home at 0920 and headed to Martinborough. At Martinborough I took the back road to Gladstone and then the loop back to Martinborough. No stops until Featherston for fuel and then up to the summit. Dismounted and chatted to a couple of KB riders before heading home.

Arrived home at 1313hrs having covered 222kms at a moving average of 82.1kms. It was a very nice ride.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Saturday 91Km around the block.

There are not many short rides. From home down the gorge and onto SH2, up to Haywards, over the Paekakariki Hill Road and back home via SH1. That was a short ride mid Saturday afternoon. No time to ride this Sunday so this was it.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The last TCWNR 11/12 Summer

Daylight saving finishes this weekend. There was no rain, has been wet most weeks, so I went for the ride. I left last and took a video of the departure. After that I headed over to Featherston. On the way back I was there were 5 riders behind me and I let them pass. So I was last off the hill.

Video and pics to upload over the weekend.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Friday and Saturday commutes

There is nothing like the convenience from taking the bike into the city. Plenty of parking and it is free. Friday; 2 trips. Saturday; 1 trip to buy an Apple TV which is the reason I didn't get out for a ride on this fine and warm Saturday afternoon.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Crash on TCWNR

Wednesday 14 March. It was nice weather for a ride and by the time I left the Duck Pond there were 31 bikes.

I headed off early so I could get some video of the riders on the hill. The spot chosen was on the first passing lane up the hill. Most of the bikes flew past and I got some good video. Then a bike and rider came back to tell me there had been a crash on corner just past where I was. Rider was okay and I got some video and stills.

After that I headed home.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Another week ended in a weather bomb

Saturday and a real storm. Not going out of the house today.
Yesterday I took the bike out for a run to the Hutt and a return via Haywards, Mana and SH1.
Wednesday night was the Wednesday night ride TCWNR. On this ride I went to Upper Hutt with the group and then headed back home via Haywards and SH1.

My posts to this blog have been a little dismal as I have really not got the time or inclination to post much but do want to keep a diary of rides.

The bike odo reads 31510kms.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Saturday midday was a trip into WMC just because it was there. WMC has much less stock of Harleys as a result of sales. Someone is buying bikes during this recession but not me. A call to Alan and we decided to fit in a ride on Sunday.

Sunday; left home at 1043hrs on the way to the Wairarapa via Alan's. Arrived at Alan's at 1055hrs and was back on the bike at 1100hrs. When over the hill we headed out on the Martinborough road and then to Greytown, Parkvale, Ponatahi and Martinborough.

Arrived in Martinborough at 1230hrs; had lunch and then back on the road and heading around the bottom of the lake at 1301hrs. At 1410hrs we were back at Brown Owl. There was no traffic around the lake and bumper to bumper heading over the hill. One fast section and one very slow.

I got home at 1440hrs having traveled 246kms.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sunday 19th

Up SH1 to Pauatahanui for a coffee and back home.

Thursday, February 09, 2012


18 bikes at the duck pond and 3 others on the way to Featherston.

Last week's rides

Friday into the city

Sunday over the hill to take in Gladstone, water towers loop and Martinborough

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday pm ride

This afternoon the weather was fine, warm and little wind. My ride was up SH2 and then up the Blue Mountain Road and on to Mayborn. From there a run back on SH2, over Haywards and a stop of coffee at Pauatahanui before taking SH1 home.

Friday pm half loop

To fill in the afternoon I took a ride up SH1 through Mana and then around the inlet and over to SH2. Up to the roundabout in Fergusson Drive and back to Mana and home.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


This was a good ride over the hill to the Royal in Featherston. There were a few bikes with pillions.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hutt valley and around the loop

I got home from holiday on Thursday. Since then there has been gale force winds and some rain. Today the wind was still very strong. However, early afternoon I took in a ride around the Hutt and at 2.30pm Alan joined for a ride over Haywards and back up SH1.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012


Another year has rolled around and now the busa is 3+ years old with an odo of 29970kms. Today a WOF purchased from WMC for the grand sum of $56.20.

Monday, January 02, 2012