Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ulysses short ride and wet.

The forecast was for rain and although when I left home it wasn't raining. I meet up with a small number of riders at Brown Owl. The only two for the road ride was me and Koroj. The others, on adventure bikes, were to ride up to Mt Dick and then would meet us for lunch at Wild Oaks in Carterton.

My ride, following Koroj, was into Martinborough, Middle Road to water towers and then back across Masterton to Chester Road and back to the Wild Oaks. We arrived for lunch at 11.50 and the 4 adventure riders arrived 45mins later. Koroj and I headed back to Wellington at 12.47pm and I got home at 2.05pm. It was an enjoyable ride in the rain and my wet weather gear all works well. Yesterday I had a pinlock visor fitted to the helmet and no fogging. I should have got a pinlock visor years ago.

The bike needs a wash. The trip was 266kms and odo is now 16226kms.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Haywards loop and coffee

Mid afternoon I fitted in a ride. SH2 to Alan's and then over Haywards to view the Battle site on the Paekakariki Hill Road and then back to Pahatunanui for coffee. The run home was Grays Road (60km/hr), Mana and SH1.

Another week of work and no rides to look forward to.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday to Featherston

A fine day at last and no work for me. On this ride I set up the helmet cam and got some good clips there and back. The trip home was over Haywards and back around the inlet.

A good ride.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

No rain

The forecast was wrong and a day of rain did not eventuate. Mid afternoon I took a run up SH1 to Paekakariki and back to Pauatahanui via the hill. There was a traffic jam in Pauatahanui so I took the time for a coffee and then headed home via Grays Road and against the almost stationary traffic. Once at SH1 Mana traffic was almost at a standstill. I waited in line for 5 minutes and then filtered through to the roundabout and found a solid line of traffic from Wellington with most circling to the inlet road.

The traffic problem was due to SH2 being blocked at Horokiwi. I had a good ride though and was pleased that I wasn't in a car trying to get through Mana.