Monday, December 27, 2010

Boxing Day Cemetery Circuit Racing

Yesterday was my first ride to the motorcycle racing in Wanganui. I had arranged with Dafe to ride with him up and back and posted an invite on KB for anyone else who wanted to join us. In the end it was Dafe and me. A Hayabusa and Dafe's 08 GSXR1000 left Mana BP at 7.48am.

The traffic was unexpectedly very light and we had an easy run to the first stop at Mobil in Bulls. We arrived at Bulls at 9.15am and were back on the road at 9.24 with a number of other motorcycles. We parked up the bikes at the secure lockup provided by Wanganui Ulysses at 10.57am.

It was an enjoyable day at the races and we walked all around the track. The racing ran over time due to a later than scheduled start and a number of accidents. It was scheduled to finish at 4.30pm but was just after 6.00pm when we headed back to collect the bikes.

We left Wanganui at 6.15pm, stopped at Mobil Bulls to fuel the Hayabusa at 6.46pm and the were back on the road at 6.52pm. I arrived home at 8.30pm.

Our average speed going up was 70kph and coming back 80kph. Distance covered 373kms. The Hayabusa odo reads 21,455kms.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bit of a shopping ride around the Hutt today. Finding a park at the shopping mall is easy with the bike - it was xmas shopping mayhem. Bike is now clean and ready for the ride to Wanganui on Boxing Day for the motorcycle racing.
Bike odo is now past 21,000kms.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

TCWNR 15 Dec 10

I decided to go on this ride. There were not as many as I expected; I guess to many at parties now it is the silly season.   As usual the group headed off over the hill.  I was near the back and going up the hill past the lakes I past a rider on a Fatboy.  Then I caught up to the tail of the group and lost them as they past buses etc over double yellows.  So I got the the top of the hill and waited to see who else turned up;  only the Fatboy and one other.  I guess those behind me decided to go home. 

The high speeds of the group on the highway to Upper Hutt would put off some from staying on the ride.   130+ to required to keep up.  I couldn't be bothered going on so turned back from the summit and got home at 7.30pm. 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Martinborough and around

Today would have been an excellent day for a drive in an open top car.  It was sunny and very warm; too warm to be wearing black leather.  However any day is a good day for a ride.   As the light level was high I set up the video camera on the stem with it just viewing above the top of the dash and on 5 minute loop.

I left home at 11.35am after calling Alan to meet up at his place.  Just as we were about to leave Alan's he dropped the Street Glide while man handling it onto the street.  It is a heavy beast and no visible damage was done.

The ride over the hill was slow as is the case most weekends.  We did a ride up a new road which finished at a Pa;  didn't know that was there.  Location is Pa Road:  S41 05.824 E175 29.203

After the excursion up a no exit road we went back to Martinborough for food and the headed up Hinakura Road until the gravel started. S41 17.457 E175 37.864   That was a nice bit of road and the video was running..

On the return we went to Gladstone, Carterton and headed home on SH2.  The ride up the hill was very slow with a large truck about 30 cars in front so we stopped at the summit and chatted with other motorcyclists until the worst of the traffic cleared.

I got home at 4.35pm having traveled 260kms.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Saturday and Sunday (Toyrun)

Saturday just gone and a short ride to WMC to purchase some oil for the Scottoiler, a very hot day to be out in the sun.
Sunday was the HOG or now BOOBS Toyrun from Mana to the city.  Once again a very good turnout of mainly cruiser (HD) bikes.  After the run into the city a coffee on the south coast and home.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thomson's Motorcycle Museum

The last Ulysses ride of the year was to a privately owned motorcycle at Rongotea.

The first stop was at Shannon and at the second turn we had lost 2 riders and tail end.  Then after tail end arrived we lost the rider who was with us.  Ah GPS and people not following instructions.

After viewing the bikes in the museum I followed Steve across the track to Masterton.  Had food and coffee at a neat cafe in First Street.  Experienced a 5.x earthquake why sitting outside the cafe.  I got home at 4.30pm and needed to rehydrate - it was a very hot ride.

Trip 347kms, moving average 80.3Kms,  4.8L/100Kms

Friday, November 26, 2010

Loop to Celtic

Friday, my day off and the weather forecast was for 17 to 22 C over the route.

I left home around 0900 and headed off to the Rimutakas.   It was cloudy and cool over the hill and then generally cloudy and a little cool up to Eketahuna.  I went the back way from Masterton via Mauriceville to Eketahuna.  Had coffee and a bit of carrot cake in Eketahuna and meet another biker who lives in Pahiatua and had ridden down to Eketahuna for coffee and cake.

After coffee and the chat I called Sam at Celtic and he was at his home office so 15 minutes later I arrived.  Sam made an adjustment to my leathers and then I headed back to Pahiatua and over the  track to take SH1 home.  The weather improved once over the track and temperature rose to a nice comfortable level.

Odometer for the trip 347kms, moving average 78.5 and the bike has done over 20,000kms.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday ride to Palmerston North

It was a bit of a shopping trip today with a stop at Te Horo, Levin and Palmerston North.  A mandatory visit was made to Anza Motorcycles and Suzuki to check out what was on display.

It was a nice ride and an interesting stop in Shannon for lunch where I meet a couple riding back home to Auckland from the South Island and stopping at Napier on the way.  They had done a motorcycle tour of India.

The bike odo is now; 19830kms. 

Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday on the road

The weather cleared.  A nice day for a shopping ride to the Hutt and the long way home.  Bike odo is now 19544.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Haywards loop on a warm Sunday afternoon

I had an hour free so what better than do the loop and include a loop up Grays road and back.   The air temp was 21 C; just perfect with one layer and leather.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday to WMC

Just a quiet ride into the city and a visit to WMC. 

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Capital 1000km cruise

Yesterday I did the 1000Km ride with about 40 others.  The route started from the Caltex station on SH2 at the start of the Rimutakas.  The ride went to over the Rimutakas and to – Masterton – Pongaroa* - Waipawa - Patangata* - Wairoa* - Woodville - Pemberton* - Ohingaiti*  and finished at the Parrot and Jigger in Lower Hutt. Note: * is a photo stop to provide evidence you did the full ride.

The heavy southerly storm overnight meant a few decided to pull out.  I had studied the weather forecast and decided that while the ride will start in cold temps and rain the weather situation will improve during the day.  The roads around Pongaroa were littered with branches blown down during the storm.  Bikes managed to get through.   Most of the way to Waipawa I rode on my own and past one rider who was too slow and had poor lines through the corners.  At Waipawa I caught up with Steve and then at Bayview Steve, Barry and I rode the section to Wairoa and back.  I had to stop at Bayview for fuel and then teamed up with John for the run to Woodville where we both fuelled up again.  From Woodville I rode with John and Steve to Ohingiati and then back to the finish.

It was a long day and a great ride.   I am not sure if I will do it again;  700kms for me is a nice ride.

The trip computer stats:
Average overall 79.0km/hr, moving average 94.8km/hr, time stopped 1 hour 50mins, Odo 1038km.


Videos to follow.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010


30 bikes on today's ride.   Most of them headed to Featherston but I came home from the meeting point.  My excuse for the ride was to see who was there and make sure the bike was okay for the 1000km ride on Saturday.

Monday, November 01, 2010

18,000km Service

The bike went into the shop last Thursday for a Service.  An air filter had to be ordered so the bike was not available that day and as I was going away on Friday for the weekend the bike was left at the shop.

Today I picked it up having been serviced and fitted with an expensive cleanable air filter.  As well as that the Scottoiler unit was replaced and reinstalled under the seat where is should have been. Good service from WMC as they fixed the problem with the Scottoiler and didn't charge me for that.

This afternoon I did a 70km loop up SH1, over the paikak hill and back on SH1.  This was a test of average speed in preparation for the Capital 1K Cruise next weekend.   My overall average was 68.4Km, moving average 73.9 and stopped time 4.4 minutes.    My average on the 12km section from Porirua to Jville was 109, so this illustrates how difficult it is to maintain a high average even with higher speeds on the easy roads.  I am planning for the C1K to have 60 minutes stopped and a moving average of 85km/hr.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Labour Weekend Sunday

342Km ride today.  I met Alan at his place and we headed to the Wairarapa.  The traffic was very heavy, it is Labour weekend, up SH2 and  over the hill.   Once over the hill we headed around the western side of the lake on the way to Lake Ferry for lunch.  When we arrived the line for lunch put us off so we headed to Martinborough.  We arrived in Martinborough at 2.00pm had lunch and then headed north to take in Gladstone and the water towers loop. 

On the way home we fuelled at 280km in Greytown (the low fuel light had yet to come on)  with 14.2 Litres.  (5.1L/100kms).  I got home a bit after 5.00pm.  The odo is just over 100kms short of 18,000kms and a service Thursday.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


No wind, but cold.   I left home at 5.50pm and headed to Avalon (Duck Pond) meeting point.  The ride went over to Featherston at a good pace.   I arrived in Featherston at 7.09 and left at 7.39.  Got home at 8.25pm.  The round trip was 125kms and the odo shows under 500kms till the 18000k service which will be done next week.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


This was the 2nd ride for the session.  A good group met at the park and some new bikes were on display,  2 Ducati 1198 and 1098 treet Fighter $37k, Honda VFR1200, White Hayabusa. 

We went to Featherston to the pub. There was light rain on the hill and it was cold so when I arrived I turned around and headed back. Got home just after 8.00pm.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pink Ribbon Ride

A pink ribbon ride was organised in support of breast cancer awareness. The ride started from Wellington Motorcycles and went to the Sandbar in Mana via SH2 and Haywards. I was late arriving and didn't even need to get off the bike as they were moving off as I came up to the intersection at WMC. There were a lot of bikes and many riders had dressed for the occasion with a lot of pink and womens clothing on display.

The ride regrouped at Motukaraka Point and we then rode into Mana. From there I went home.

Parked the bike next to an interesting machine as shown in this photo.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010


The first ride of the season.  I joined them to the top of the Rimutakas where I stopped and talked to 3 others bikers for a while and then headed home.

Photo of group before the ride.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Coin Toss Ride

Ulysses had a new theme to this Sunday ride - toss a coin at significant intersections to decide which way to go.  For this ride I set up the helmet camera and am reviewing some of the clips while posting this blog.  It will take a few days to process the video so I will post this now and come back later to add pics and video.
Photo is where some of us stopped for lunch in Eketahuna.

5 videos are on YouTube of this ride.  The first ones are more about the coin toss while the last 2 show a bit more pace on road out the back of Masterton and Eketahuana.

Video 2 - Featherston and onwards
Video 3 - coin tossing and riding
Video 4 - a bit faster
Video 5  - a bit of speed and arrival in Eketahuna

The ride home to home was 321kms and the odo is now reading 17033.  I fueled up with 17.3L - 5.39L/100Kms.

Friday and Saturday around Wellington

Friday was a nice day for the bike.  I went into the city for lunch and then a bit of a run around.  Saturday afternoon a short run into the Hutt and then fueled the bike for the Sunday Ulysses ride. 

The bike has now done 16705kms.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Haywards loop and GPS test

A nice Sunday afternoon in Wellington although weather around the country has been and still is rough.  That is one of the things about Wellington; it tends to miss really bad weather when the rest of the country is getting beaten up.  3.30pm and I went for a ride up SH2, over Haywards, up to Battle Farm and then back around the southern side of  the inlet and home on SH1.

On this ride I was checking what average speed I could maintain on what is mostly open road.  This is preparation  for the Capital 1000 Cruise and other rides coming up.   The total trip was 66.5kms, Average overall speed 54km/h, moving average 71.2 and stopped time 17mins.  The stopping was at traffic lights and when I readjusted the ear plugs.  Disturbing me is the difficulty to reach a respectable moving average.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Afternoon ride to Martinborough

Rain was predicted for Wellington and generally fine for the Wairarapa.  At 2.00pm I called Alan and we decided on a short ride over the hill to Martinborough.   I put on the wet weather gear but didn't need it.  There was no rain and a fine day in the Wairarapa.  I got home at 5.30pm.   Another satisfying ride.

Sunday, September 05, 2010


The day after the big one in Christchurch and father's day.  The forecast was for 140kph winds gusts during the day and rain from late afternoon, - just enough time for a small ride if I stay off the big hill.

I left home mid morning and got a call from Alan while riding around the inlet.  He was up for a ride so I headed to his place and the we went for a quiet ride up Whiteman's valley at back over Haywards to Pauatahanui for a coffee.  From there we road the inlet and SH1 home.

A 149km ride in strong wind.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ulysses short ride and wet.

The forecast was for rain and although when I left home it wasn't raining. I meet up with a small number of riders at Brown Owl. The only two for the road ride was me and Koroj. The others, on adventure bikes, were to ride up to Mt Dick and then would meet us for lunch at Wild Oaks in Carterton.

My ride, following Koroj, was into Martinborough, Middle Road to water towers and then back across Masterton to Chester Road and back to the Wild Oaks. We arrived for lunch at 11.50 and the 4 adventure riders arrived 45mins later. Koroj and I headed back to Wellington at 12.47pm and I got home at 2.05pm. It was an enjoyable ride in the rain and my wet weather gear all works well. Yesterday I had a pinlock visor fitted to the helmet and no fogging. I should have got a pinlock visor years ago.

The bike needs a wash. The trip was 266kms and odo is now 16226kms.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Haywards loop and coffee

Mid afternoon I fitted in a ride. SH2 to Alan's and then over Haywards to view the Battle site on the Paekakariki Hill Road and then back to Pahatunanui for coffee. The run home was Grays Road (60km/hr), Mana and SH1.

Another week of work and no rides to look forward to.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday to Featherston

A fine day at last and no work for me. On this ride I set up the helmet cam and got some good clips there and back. The trip home was over Haywards and back around the inlet.

A good ride.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

No rain

The forecast was wrong and a day of rain did not eventuate. Mid afternoon I took a run up SH1 to Paekakariki and back to Pauatahanui via the hill. There was a traffic jam in Pauatahanui so I took the time for a coffee and then headed home via Grays Road and against the almost stationary traffic. Once at SH1 Mana traffic was almost at a standstill. I waited in line for 5 minutes and then filtered through to the roundabout and found a solid line of traffic from Wellington with most circling to the inlet road.

The traffic problem was due to SH2 being blocked at Horokiwi. I had a good ride though and was pleased that I wasn't in a car trying to get through Mana.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Angels fitted

On Friday (30/07/10)the bike was fitted with Pirelli Angels front and back. The job was done at TSS for $599.80 all up price. The bike certainly feels different and turns quicker; just shows how the shape of a tyre changes as it wears.

I am keeping a record of tyre wear so it will be interesting to see how many kms I get from the Angels and if they keep their shape. Fitted at 15582Kms. I took the long way home and stopped at Pauatahanui for a coffee.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ulysses Bulls and around ride

The weather was clearing and a ride was on.  The plan was to ride to Santoft and then on to Ashhurst for lunch.  The ride took a lot longer than anticipated.  For a start the ride up SH1 was slow, partly due to not passing slower traffic.  Then the group got split up after leaving Bulls and the group I was in got a little lost; but it was fun. We went up Galpins Road until we got to gravel so turned back.   When we arrived in Hunterville the others were already in Ashhurst.

I ran the video camera on the bike and have some good clips of riding through the back roads of Hunterville.  Youtube videos of the ride:

The Wellington HOG group were in Palmerston North and I rode back home with Alan.
It was a good days ride and I covered some 449kms.

The tyres need replacing and I wait for a call this week that the Angels have arrived.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Nice day for a ride on a Thursday

After some not so good weather and being very cool, today was a nice winters day.   My ride today was up SH1 with a diversion around the Pauatahanui and back onto SH1 then up to Raumati and into the back of Paraparaumu.  A photo was taken at Motukaraka Point on the side road off Grays Road and another on Raumati Beach.

The trip home took in the Paekakariki Hill road and then a coffee in Pauatahanui.  The bike odo has gone over 15,000kms.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cold Sunday ride

Left home at 2.45pm thinking I may catch up with Alan.  Called him from Greys Road and swung by his place.  Our ride was up to Te Marua for tea and scones and then back home via Whitemans Valley. 

This was a short 123km poodle.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Ride to Tora Road

Today Alan and I did a Wairarapa ride and as we were heading towards Martinborough from around the lake spied a road we hadn't been down before. We ended up a few ks past Tuturumuri on Tora Road. The location is: S41 26.392 E175 31.142. We turned around there as the road changed to gravel; if we had continued the coast was just another 9kms.

From home and return this was a 202km ride.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Friday to Featherston

I left home with the intention of getting some good videos of the Rimutaka road.  However, that was not be as now the video is downloaded it is missing the ride to Featherston.  I suspect the issue is bumping the keys and shutting the video down.  The video has a key lock and I need to use that.  However I did get some video on the way back which I will post to youtube.

On the way up the hill I stopped at the top and meet Katipie from Kiwibiker,   She was meeting up with some others and to do a trip to Castlepoint.   I stopped in Featherston for a coffee which took ages to get made.

I was home by 2.30pm

Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday ride before more rain

The weather is looking rough for the weekend so I decided to do a little ride up SH1 today. Rain was predicted for over the Rimutakas so boring SH1 was the only choice left. My mini trip was up SH1, a diversion over the Paikakariki Hill Road and then back onto SH1 to the Shannon turn off on SH57.

I got within 6kms of Shannon and I could see rain up front. I turned around and took a back road to Foxton. There was nothing doing in Foxton so I headed back to Levin for fuel and then Ohau for lunch. From there it was home over the Paikakariki hill and into some light drizzle.

I fitted the video camera to the bike with it set for 3min loop clips. There is a lot of video from this trip but the sound from the bike has a buzzing noise as the revs get up so I will need to relocate the microphone. There is a video clip of the run up the Paikakariki Hill Google Map of Climb on youtube. It was raining so extra caution was required.

Second gear on the Hayabusa is perfect for this road. If the bike only had one gear this would be it.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Saturday - City and Whitemans Valley

A visit to WMC and then a jaunt around Whitemans and Upper Hutt for coffee.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Grays Road

I went for a ride up SH1 and around Grays Road. I was surprised to find 60kph signs on that nice section of road. Another bit of nice road ruined by a ridiculous speed limit.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bike Cam set up

Most of today was spent setting up the new POV camera and then a few rides to test it out. While I am posting this my first attempt at a video is being uploaded to youtube.

Winter is here and I found the cordura warmer than the leather.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

A long time between rides

Last Friday (4 June)I started the bike. It had been a while as the previous week I was in Brisbane this week work and bad weather. However, while in Brisbane I bought a helmet camera and on Friday tested it on the bike. This involved a few runs up the road and then back to view the results.

On Saturday Alan and I went for a ride out to the coast from Wainuiomata and I was hopeful the camera would capture the ride okay. It didn't go well as I had the camera set on loop instead of clip and the microphone was picking up a lot of wind noise.

The wind noise problem should now be solved by the installation of a microphone switch box. This has to be tested on the bike and that will not be until the weekend or until the weather improves.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Friday ride to Tui HQ

Yes it was a nice Autumn day.  My day started with a ride into the city and then late morning out to catch up with Alan and decide where we should go on the bikes.  The problem with living in Wellington ( actually there are more than a few problems) is there are only two roads and a long way to get anywhere. 

We decided to go to Mangatainoka or there about.  It was the stop at Eketahuna when we decided to have a late lunch at Tui HQ and then call in to see Sam at Celtic now that he is a celebrity with a featured article in this month's Kiwi Rider magazine.  The ride and lunch went well at Tui HQ and we met two Ulysses bikers from Auckland on their way to the Cold Duck rally in Waipawa.   They looked keen and had outdoor sleeping gear on the bikes.     

After lunch we dropped by at Sam's who was away for the weekend.  From there we backtracked to Paihiatua and went over the track and home via Shannon and then SH1.   I left home at 10.30am and got back just on 6.00pm.  A nice 344km ride.

Sunday, May 02, 2010


It was two weeks ago since a ride anywhere.  Today after lunch Alan and I headed to Carterton, had a coffee and headed home.  Winter is getting nearer and the air temperature is just 14C.  Soon I will be back wearing cordura instead of leather.

As usual practice I took the GPS to log the trip.  That means this blog/log of the trip is short as infinite detail of the track followed is saved as a GPS log file.  Left home at 1.23,  arrived for coffee at 2.48, left to come home at 3.53 and arrived home at 5.08pm.  

Sunday, April 18, 2010


There were two groups on the Ulysses ride today.  The fast group which took in Martinborough, Water Towers and back road from the Riversdale road and the slower group which took the direct route.  I went with the fast group.  It was a very good ride, on a clear day of some 20C. A rider, who shall remain nameless, on an R1 did a few wheelies on the back road to Masterton and was told off when we stopped.  He may have been a little bored with the steady 110kms we were poodling along at.
The stop at Castlepoint was uneventful and after a pie I headed back with Barry.  It was a nice pace on the way home.

I took the GPS and camera and have the track recorded, some poor quality pics and video from the camera mounted on the bike.  I need a better camera system.

The round trip was 384kms. The bike has now covered 13200kms and the front tyre is nearing the wear markers. 

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Martinborough for coffee

Sunday just before midday and time to fit in a ride.  I headed off to meet Alan and then we both headed to Featherston. On the way stopped at the summit for a brief time, one other bike there, and then to Featherston for fuel.  Martinborough for a coffee and bite to eat then back home.  Nice day but with cooler air.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Makara Beach to Mt Vic

Easter Monday and back from a break at Ohakune.  Shopping done this morning and still some time for a ride.  Alan called and suggested Makara as a destination and roads without returning holiday traffic. 

We went to Makara via the Jville road and had a coffee.  The way home took in Karori, Aro and Mt Victoria.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Last TCWNR ride

Tonight was the last ride for the season and possibly my last.  We left the Duckpond just after 6.30pm on the way to the Royal Hotel in Featherston.  I stopped at the summit and watched those behind me go past.   Then headed home.  It was an easy ride on a nice night.  20 bikes in attendance.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lake Ferry with Ulysses

It was a very set ride over the Rimutakas and a good test of the waterproofing of the leathers.  Water did get in the front of the jacket so lesson is to wear the wet gear over the leathers.   We left Brown Owl just on 10.10am and arrived at the Lake Ferry Hotel before noon and for an early lunch.  It was a cool day with a southery front coming through early morning and we got caught by it over the hill..

After lunch I headed to Martinborough where there were no motorcycles.  The weather puts some off riding.  I rode home by myself via Ponatahi and Greytown.  Distance traveled 268kms.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday ride

The weather was an improvement and in fact it was a warm day with clear skies although there was a strong wind.  Midday came so I went for a ride up the coast to Queen Elizabeth Park.  Once I was there it was a ride back over the Paikakariki Hill and Heywards to the Hutt. 
A visit was made to Motormart to check out the new Honda VFR1200 which will not arrive until May.  Following this disappointment I went for a ride out to the coast via Wainuiomate and then back home. 
So this was a coast to coast ride of some minor status. Got home at 3.40pm.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday ride

A nice day for a ride and one I couldn't turn down when Alan called and suggested a ride.  I went to his place and we rode over Heywards and the Paikakariki Hill Road to a cafe in Paraparumu.

I left home at 11.37am and got back at 3.25pm.  107kms traveled.  Odo 11996kms

Friday, March 05, 2010

City and Grays Road

A ride around the city and bit of a burn out on the open road.  Testing done a couple of days ago on ear plugs to reduce wind noise. A loop of elestic inside the buff seems to reduce the noise level and of course the whisper kit for the helmet.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ulysses Long Ride 15 Feb

I covered 708kms today on the Ulysses ride to Waipukura and my add on to Havelock North.  The ride was to Martinborough, refuel in Masterton, Porangahau for lunch then to Waipukura. I did an extra ride to view the Porangahau beach. At Waipukura I left the remaining group and headed to Havelock North via Middle Road, arriving at 4.36pm.  At  5.15pm I left and headed to Wellington via SH50 and SH1.  I arrived home at 9.10pm.

Photo, taken by Koroj, of me arriving in Featherston.

The Hayabusa odo reads 11532.

Thursday, February 04, 2010


A ride back with this crowd as I missed the Wed ride last night.  We went to Featherston and then back to the Parrot and Jigger in Lower Hutt.  I got home at 9.20pm.

It was a good ride

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The ride tonight was to Featherston with an option of going around the lake.  I did the lake ride myself as I was a little late getting to the turnoff. 

194 Kms later got home at 9.00pm.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunday Wairarapa 260kms

The weather had been crap, however the mist, cloud and rain was clearing and forecast for over the hill was for clear skies and 24C.

I left home at 12.50pm and headed to pick up Alan for the ride.   The Harley was waiting and we had a slightly wet ride up the valley.  Once over the hill the sky cleared and we had a nice quiet ride around the lake and into Martinborough.   After the mandatory coffee we headed out the back of Martinborough and up to Gladstone.  The route home was via Carterton and SH2. 

I got home at 5.24pm having covered 260kms.   Another good outing on the bikes.

Friday, January 22, 2010


Rain was predicted in the afternoon and for the next few days.  This prompted a ride and up the coast seemed a good direction.  I took the route around Grays Road and over the Paikak hill.  While in Paraparumu I tried to find a road up to the statue but the wasn't one open.  On the way home I followed the beach road to Raumati and then stopped at Plimmerton for a coffee and break from the rain which had just started.

I left home at 9.47am and got back at Noon having covered 105kms.  The bike odo is now: 10216.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

12 Months on

Today the Hayabusa got a new WOF (due 26 Jan) from VTNZ.  I took it there instead of a bike shop as it is a lot quicker and I don't have to leave the bike for many hours or all day.

This evening was TCWNR.  Some 30 bikes went to the Tin Hutt.  I got home on 9.00pm.  The busa has now covered 10053kms.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lake Wairarapa

This was my first decent ride since prior to Christmas. The only other ride being to WMC to buy stuff. The weather was good and forecast not so good through to Monday. So I set out with no plan of where to go or for how lone.

As I got further up SH2 the idea of a ride around the lake started to form. My first ride event was when passing a couple of cars on the first passing lane at the start of the Rimutakas. As a accelerated in 2nd in the passing lane the revs shot up and then the bike did this wiggle thing. For some reason the rear wheel spun up - I wasn't on full throttle although being in 2nd the power was there. It could have been diesel or something else on the surface - a bit scary.

I stopped at the top and chatted with another rider who had just been around the lake and recommended the ride. So that is what I did. Photo taken on lake control bridge.

I left home at 2.21pm and got back at 5.11pm (thanks to GPS log) having travelled 194kms.