Monday, December 17, 2007

Sunday ride to Alfredton

The Ulysses Sunday ride was to Alfredton. It started at the usual time of 10.00am from the Brown Owl. I was the first to arrive at 10.40 and by 10.00am another seven had turned up.

I had expected a lot more as the weather was promising with a predicted 27 degrees in the Wairarapa. There was a track day at Manfield on Saturday and this may have been a reason for the low turnout.

We did the usual run over the hill and regrouped in Featherston. The route was via Martinborough and the back road (the flat) to Masterton. We turned right at Masterton and at that point had lost two riders. From the Masterton turn off to Alfredton it was a free ride so I took the opportunity of getting away first. It was a good run keeping below higher speeds and running the pace through the nice winding sections. There was loose stuff on some of the corners so a slow in approach was appropriate.

I arrived at Alfredton, got gear off in anticipation of having a break and waited for the rest of the group. Then I had to gear up again as we weren’t to stop there but go to Eketahuna for lunch. After fuelling up (189kms from home) and having a light lunch at a local cafĂ© I headed back along the main highway.

In Featherston Deano (KBs) tagged behind me on the Repsol Blade and to the top of the hill. I spent about 30 minutes there chatting and while there three of the Ulysses riders arrived.

It was 2.45pm when I got home, tired and not thrilled by the day out. Fuel use was a lot higher than for the coast to coast ride.

Stats from MC computer: 320kms, 4.17hrs, 6.2L/100km, 76kph ave, xxxkph max.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Knights of St Pauls MCTC

This group had organised a ride for lunch at Days Bay on Tuesday. I joined the 7 others and we had a quiet canter up SH2 for a regroup at the Petone roundabout and then on to Days Bay.

I nice lunch and chat about bikes etc and back to the office by 1.40pm.

In the evening I rode out to Petone for the Ulysses meeting. It was a good turn out - must be because the weather is improving.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Coast to Coast

Today I completed my first Coast to Coast ride.

I left from the Johnsonville Train Station with Koroj at 8.00am. The weather was okay but the forecast was for rain further up the island so I had a pair of waterproof overpants in the bag along with food and thermos etc.

Our first stop was Foxton for fuel where we met a few other KBs, put on the waterproof pants and then on to Himatangi Beach. We arrived at 9.50 and there were a lot of bikes there. I had thought we would be in an early group. The registration took longer than it should have but by 10.30 we were ready to go.

The ride was led by a cop and at a good brisk pace. Between Foxton and Shannon speeds were well over 130Kph. The route was via the Pahiatua Track and the back roads to Woodville. On this back road a group of riders moved through with some unwise passing maneuvers and then one of them came off at an intersection.

Lunch was had at Woodville in the town park and then we headed to Akitio. The rain set in and that made it a difficult ride with extra care needed and glasses fogging up. The group met up in the surf club rooms where refreshments were available and prizes were handed out. Koroj and I headed back together and went via Weber to Dannevirke. I needed to fuel up and get food. We came home via the gorge, Shannon and SH1. Koroj led as he is more experienced than me passing traffic and I wanted to learn his techniques. We diverted at Paikakariki and did a fast run over the hill. I got home just after 7.30pm.

The bike has now done 3500kms and needs a good clean. I didn't need the extra fuel shown in the photo.

Stats from MC computer: 583kms, 7.45hrs, 5.2L/100km, 75kph ave, xxxkph max.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

HOG Toy Run

This annual event started at Mana. It is the HOG supporting the Salvation Army and as well as the $10.00 fee you donate a toy for a christmas gift.

We left Mana at 11.00am, travel SH1 and SH2 to Petone, travelled up the main street and then headed to the Queens Centre on the waterfront. It is a bad ride and at best is an event or occasion to participate in. After a cold sausage and piece of bread Alan and I did the ciruit of the bays stopping for a coffee at the Bach on the beach.

I got home just after 2.00pm.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wheely night

The ride organised for TRTNR was to a car park in the Hutt for wheely action. I had a ride on a pit bike and got it up on the rear a few times then it threw me off. Only damage is a sore big toe.

Some of the riders managed to do some great stunts. The photos don't do justice to the skill and action.

The picture shows the pit bike.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


This was a special ride as an informal remembrance of Uncle B. The destination was the Red Hotel in Featherston which was a favourite place for Bruce.

We left the Park just after 6.30pm and had a quiet run to the top of the hill. The stop there was about 10 minutes and then we rode on to the the hotel. I left to head home before most of the others and Koroj followed me. We had a good fast run over the hill and a legal run the rest of the way home.

It was a nice night and good ride.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

B King Launch

I got an invite to the WMC launch of the Suzuki BKing so rode there for a 6.00pm start. The bike looks impressive. The host provided drinks and pizza and I had an invite to ride the B King when the demo bike arrives in the store.

There were a number of people there who I knew and had met on the road.

At 7.00pm I left with Selwyn and Wayne to go to the Sandbar for the RAT meeting. There was a small group at the RAT meeting, so now I have meet some of them I will go on a RAT ride.

Back home at 9.00pm.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Another week finished by ride to Ngawi

Tuesday night was the monthly Ulysses meeting at Petone. I took the bike even though rain was threatening. It was a dry trip there and some rain on the way home.

Thursday night (15 Nov) and I decided to go on the 'TRTNR'. The group was to divert to Drew and Vicki's place to hassle them so I got behind the first bike to follow and it was not long before I lost him. The ride started with number one doing a beaut wheely up the motorway and then he lost me. So I went up the highway to a layby and waited. 15 minutes later eight bikes appear and I tagged on behind. We got to the top of the hill and chatted for 5 minutes before heading back. These guys are too fast for me. 100km round trip.

Sunday was the Ulysses ride to Ngawi. This is a great ride around the coast with a little bit of gravel to make the trip interesting. It was a 280.2 Km round trip and I used 15.25 Litres of fuel. That is 5.43 litres/100km and the trip computer read 5.4 L/100kms so that is accurate.

I got home after 3pm and cleaned the bike. The next occasion is the RAT event at the Sandbar on Wednesday.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cheesecutter and more kms

This morning after a leisurely breakfast Jan and I headed to the Sandbar in Mana to join the cheesecutter protest ride.

It was a beautiful day and then when we got near Porirua the rain started. Not that I want to dwell on the weather but this was unusual. The forecast was for a fine day but a few kms around Mana there was medium to heavy rain.

Around 75 bikes left Mana at 11.00am and we headed into the city and stopped outside Parliament. A few speeches etc and at noon Jan and I left. I turned off at Johnsonville and Jan continued on to New Plymouth.

When I got home I sent a text message to Alan regarding a ride but he had other commitments so I headed out onto the road - without a plan. By the time I got to the motorway I decided to head up SH2 and then did a minor detour up the Belmont Hills followed by a blast along Hebden Crescent to the Haywards Hill intersection, up SH to Riverstone Terraces where I explored the subdivision and back to SH2. From here I did a run up Whitemans Valley and the Blue Mountains, joined SH2 again and headed up Haywards Hill, around the inlet on Paremata Road to SH1 and home.

That made today a 200kilometre day. BTW - the mistress is great.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Another week and a cruise out to the Duck Pond and over the hill to the Tin Hutt.

I didn't stop at the top but went over the the bridges where I turned around and headed back up meeting the pack on the way down. Then near to top I turned around a headed to the Tin Hutt. It was good to get a bit of extra practice on the corners where I am trying to learn the Pace style of riding.

The weather was fine but cold once over the hill and I decided to head back early. A Ducati rider joined me and we had a good run over the hill with no cars holding us up.

The bike clicked over 1900kms at Te Marua. It is running well and the power is very obvious when the throttle is rolled on coming out of corners and care needs to be taken otherwise the front end gets light. It may be my imagination or the more aggressive use of throttle - the exhaust is louder and with a nice growl.

The Tin Hutt trip on cold nights has lost the appeal it once had.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

The pack rack

A really crap day today so I had time for some minor maintenance and a review of pictures. The chain is now lubed after I found how challenging it is to apply chain oil without a rear stand. I will have to buy a single sided paddock stand so the wheel can be rotated while applying chain oil and just to get the bike vertical so it is easier to work on for a variety of tasks. To lube the chain this time I used a bottle jack under the rear shock assembly and leveraged against the side stand.

I needed a pack rack as there are not many options to carry gear on this bike. Some say the Ventura Rack is ugly, I say it is a necessary evil. However, I think it looks okay on the Speed Triple and tends to balance the rear with the front.

From these pictures taken yesterday an opinion can be formed on the Ventura rack?

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Rain is coming

I rode the bike into the city yesterday (Friday) to display to those interested and also as the forecast was for rain Saturday through to Monday.

Today I was up early for a Saturday so I could fit a short ride in before the weather broke. Alan sent me a text while I was in the shower and by the time I responded he was fueling up and on his way to my place. So a rushed breakfast and we were on our way. The first stop was to view the sea at the Pukerua Beach Road and take some pictures. Then we headed to Southwards Car Museum for a coffee.

On the way back we via the Paekakariki Hill Road hill and then Haywards. I got back home at 11am and there was still no rain.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


This is the second TCWNR for me this season. It was an easy run up the hill and down to the Tin Hut although the wind was very strong on the hill.

There were some 20 who did the ride.

I filled the bike up on the way home and it had used 5.8L/100Kms. That is better than I was getting with the SV1000.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Seat is back

I was away last weekend and couldn't have ridden the bike anyway as it had no seat. The seat arrived back on Wednesday and the pack frame also arrived at Motorad.

The seat looks great with the Triumph logo embroidered into it and more importantly it is much more comfortable. Although I wasn't sure about the comfort until I rode it as the seat appeared hard, but once on the road the seat smoothed out all but the worst bumps.

I when for a short run on Thursday night and another one with Alan on Friday evening. We went to Titahi Bay and then to the Sandbar.

Saturday. I rewired the Radar Detector and Screamer into the RJ Pack. This means there is no installation on the bike other than a power feed with a socket out the rear of the seat. A test is required.

Sunday. Ulysses had a ride but other commitments meant I couldn't go. However, mid afternoon Alan and I went for a ride to the summit and back via the Harley Cafe for a coffee. No alerts from the radar detector so the test is not complete.

The bike has now traveled 1472Kms. It is running smoothly and the motor feels very responsive.

This bike rocks.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

WMC Sponsored Ride

I received an invite in the mail from Wellington Motorcycles for a ride and lunch to celebrate the start of the riding season.

The pictures tell the story; lots of bikes and 90% Harleys. (That is me below the Bandit sign)

We left WMC at 11.15 and headed for the Gladstone pub via Martinborough. A lot of bikes and we quickly became well spread out as a result of the numerous traffic lights in the city. The ride was at a leisurely pace and incident free until just the other side of the summit when a bike went down. I don't know what the cause was but there was a very strong wind and that may have upset what I think was a sporty with rider and pillion.

The group reassembled in Martinborough and then we headed off to Gladstone. Refreshments were provided. Alan and I headed back at 1.40pm and I got home at 3.00pm.

The Speed Triple is running very well.

At home I removed the seat and packaged it for the courier. The seat is going to be remodelled and I expect it will be week before I get it back.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Not a day to be on a motorcycle

The S3 was booked in today for its first service. And it was raining. I got the bike into Motorad and they loaned me a Triumph Scrambler to return on. When I got home the cordura was leaking everywhere. If I am to ride in the rain I need a proper rain suit.

By late afternoon the gear had almost dried out and I went out again to pick up the bike. Got very wet again.

The Scrambler is a very different bike to the S3. It is 850cc but feels a lot less and checking the specs it is only 53HP. Nice and easy to ride though and a much more comfortable seat than the S3 - I didn't notice any of the bumps that are a killer on the S3.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Havelock North for lunch

The wind was so strong I had to sit on the Harley and hold the Triumph to prevent them being pushed over

Yesterday the bike had 400Kms on the odometer. It needs to have 800 to 1200 before Wednesday when it goes in for its first service. So a ride somewhere was required and as the weather forecast is for rain on Sunday today was the day to crank up the kilometres.

The round trip Johnsonville to Havelock North is a bit over 600kms. Alan agreed to come with me for the ride; not a hard decision to make as riding a bike all day beats shopping, gardening, work and other chores. At 7.30am I arrived at Alan's place in the Belmont Hills and we headed off. First stop was a comfort stop in Featherston and the next was in Woodville for coffee and food.

We turned off SH2 onto SH50 and arrived in Havelock North at 11.50am. It was a hard ride with 120km/hour cross wind. The wind pushed both bikes around but Alan had more difficulty with the Harley than I had with the Triumph. The Triumph was pushed around but it seemed to be easier to counteract the wind gusts and stay on line whereas the Harley drifted across the road. It was exhausting riding in this wind.

We left to return at 2.00pm and headed back down SH2. The wind was still strong on the home trip. Coffee and petrol in Masterton and got home at 7.00pm.

All in all a good day.

Last night I attacked the seat on the bike with a hacksaw and carved out a better shape in the foam. The seat is far more comfortable than what is was and in a week I will have the seat remodeled.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

First TCWNR for this summer

About ten turned up at the start point. A few decided not to go on the ride so 7 of us headed over Heywards, around Greys Road and to the Sandbar. The Speed Triple feels like it has freed up a bit. The seat is horrid and has to be replaced.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

More on the bike

I fitted some mesh to the radiator and oil cooler. The mesh was purchased from Super Cheap Autos when I bought the SV1000 for that bike and there was plenty left over. This was a simple job and looks okay. There is an advantage having a black bike; it is so easy to match things up.

Late in the afternoon I went for a ride through the suburbs into Wellington and got back home just before the rain started. The ride is really harsh and I think it is a combination of a firm seat that pushes the rider into the tank and the suspension set up. Once home I searched and couldn't find such hard comment on the seat but there was comment on suspension settings. I need the manual so I can work out how to check and set the suspension.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Speed Triple

This morning I delivered the SV1000S, with just over 10,000kms, to Motorad and took possession of a new 2007 Triumph Speed Triple.

I left Motorad around 9.45am and headed straight home. The ride was planned as the most critical for motor break-in and 10kms later I was home having followed a load and unload engine break-in routine. Guidance for this process is here: .

Had a coffee and waited for the bike to cool down and then went for another ride up north on the motorway and the a few circuits along the motorway between the Churton Park and Tawa on and off ramps. This provided an ideal way to load up the motor on acceleration and then engine break down. With 50kms on the odo I went home for lunch and to prepare for a longer run.

The first problem with bike is the speedo is reading in miles and gallons. To make matters worse the user manual didn't come with the bike and is on back order. I had earlier read a post on how to change the setting so opened up the site , found the information and reset the computer.

Early afternoon me and my new girl headed for the summit. We stopped there for only a few minutes and then headed to Martinborough. A brief stop in Martinborough and I found what looked like oil splashes down the sides of the motor. It appeared to be coming from the oil cooler. I checked the oil level and found that to be okay. I then headed back with an eye on the oil pressure light.

I stopped at the summit and acknowledged and couple of other motorcyclists. Then Deano arrived and we discussed the oil splashes. Deano worked out that it wasn't oil but a sticky substance that was used to pack the parts in and in particular the oil cooler assembly. With a feeling of relief I headed home, getting there at 3.00pm.

At 5.30pm Alan called to find out about the bike so I headed off to see him and then got back at 6.30pm. I put the bike in the garage with 254kms on the odo.

My thoughts on this bike:
  • Right decision - yes it is a very nice bike and has a wonderful motor.
  • Ride - too hard and bouncy on rough roads. I will have to look into suspension settings when I get the manual.
  • Riding position - I like the more upright position and the wider bars.
  • Handling - very sure footed and fun on the hill. Chicken strips on rear are thin.
  • Speed - I am certain I will ride this slower than the SV. It likes any speed whereas the SV didn't feel right until 110kph.
  • Wind - the little flyscreen seems to remove the wind load on the body and there is no turbulence around the helmet.

The bike is booked in for the first service on the 10th. I have a few kms to do yet.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Decision made

This afternoon I took a demo Triumph Speed Triple for a ride. My ride was from Motorad down the motorway, off at Newlands, through to Johnsonville, up home for a few photos and a comfort stop, back on to the motorway north, off at Tawa, back to Churton Park via the winding road and up onto the motorway, north again to Paremata, around the inlet, over Heywards and back to Motorad.

Thoughts: harder riding than the SV, needs a flyscreen fitted to keep the wind of the chest area, smooth power from 1500 revs and will pull from 1000 revs, power in any gear, responsive steering and a nice bike as well.

I got back to Motorad and the discussion centered on price for the new black 07 in the window. The deal I got on the SV as a trade and a reduction in list price was acceptable. The bike will be fitted with a flyscreen and Venture pack frame and be ready to pick up on Saturday.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Next Bike - some thoughts

Over the last week I have pondered the choice of bikes with a focus on naked 1000cc and bigger machines. Google has been a great help and I now have a list of favorites on these bikes. My search is mainly of reviews and it is interesting the variety of opinion and test results.

My requirements are fairly straightforward:
  • Not too tall 800 - 815 seat
  • Sound torque at low revs so I don't have to work the gears and clutch around town
  • Flickable and easy to maneuver
  • Something I will love
  • Not too expensive and good value for money
The last point is important. The SV1000 must be one of the best value / bang-for-buck bikes on the market. So no matter what I buy is going to cost as much again as I will get for the SV.
Top of my list is a Triumph Speed Triple; and priced a few thou less than competitors.

Today at my lunch break I went to Motorad and sat on a demo S3. Nice - very nice. First fine day I will take it for a spin. I still remember well the ride on a Corsaro; that was a great bike, so how will the S3 compare?

Sunday Morning and to Martinborough for coffee

At just before 6.30am I woke, looked outside and viewed a perfect day. At 7.20am I was on the road.

It was a nice brisk ride over the hill up to Greytown and then a back track to Martinborough. I arrived just as the coffee shop was opening. Sent a few texts just to let people know I was up and had a ride and coffee, and then I was back on the road.

I stopped at the summit and chatted to an Aprilia and GN owner before heading home. Coming down the hill south of Kaitoke and just past the parking area to view the twin lakes I drifted around the bend at a nice pace and the radar detector chirped. I touched the brakes looking for the source and at the end of the straight was a group of vehicles coming towards me; a red one in front with alternate flashing headlights.

I stopped at the bottom of the hill on the flat in the 80kph area and handed my license to the gentleman in uniform. Did I know I was doing 114kph? I said no and I didn't think I was going that fast; which was true as I wasn't riding by the speedo. Anyway, he went back to the car and joined his mate where no doubt they checked up on me and the bike. On his return I had to talk into the alcohol meter, returning a negative and I was advised to cool it a bit on this big bike. Excellent outcome and I did cool it.

This made me think more of the naked versus faired choice. I want a muscular bike but not a hyper fast one. However, 114 is not fast on anything except may be a scooter. The SV1000s is a great bike at 110 plus speeds, frustrating at 80 - 90 and hard work around the city.

Got home at 9.55am ready to go shopping. Had my ride in the best part of the day.

Saturday - watching the VRod

Mid Saturday morning Alan called. Hi - I am on a Vrod heading down the Hutt Road to Petone; what are you doing etc?

15 minutes later the quiet putter of the Vrod in the drive way and in the meanwhile I was dressed and the SV was warming up. We synchronized our blue tooth headsets and headed off up the Motorway to Mana, around Greys Road on the Northern side of the inlet, over Heywards and into Wellington Motorcycles.

Once at the shop it was another look around the bikes for me and further consideration to the Hayabusa. The consideration was more to find all the reasons why it would be a silly decision for me to buy that bike. I looked again at the Buell and thought; good price but I don't think so. Over the last week I have been thinking a lot about getting a naked bike and have spent a few hours using google to find information. A couple of days ago I sent a note the the Moto Morini importers with a query as to the location of their 9.5 and Corsaro demo bikes. Other bikes in the mix include the Aprillia Tuono and Triumph Speed Triple. Yes I am easing away from sports tourers with fairings.

We had Lunch, Alan swopped the Vrod for his Fatboy, and we headed back to Johnsonville to visit the Quasimoto clothing sale. I didn't buy anything but am interested in the new range of leather gear that is about to arrive.

Got home and cleaned the bike.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Another short ride and thinking of a different bike

My health has a way to go before I can do anything strenuous but I needed a ride.

I left home at 2.00pm and headed north to Mana where I headed around the northern side of the inlet up up the Paekakariki Hill Road. A short rest at the outlook and down the other side to Queen Elizabeth Park and back again over the Hill around the southern side of the inlet and home. That was a 97km round trip. Very nice to get out.

During the last couple of weeks I have been reconsidering what the next bike will be. Someone suggested a Hayabusa would be a good match for what I wanted. However, after googleing the topic and reading up numerous reviews, blogs and forums I ruled out this bike. It is just far to powerful and I can't see how I could enjoy having to manage a bike like that.

During this week I visited Motormart in the Hutt. My reason was to view what Ducati had to offer that was similar to the Triumph Sprint ST. The Ducati ST2 is a nice bike and in the same price bracket as the Sprint. While there I was shown a Honda Blackbird, took away some information and when home googled the blackbird. Now I am more than just a little interested in the Blackbird.

The Blackbird is a seriously powerful bike but not as brutal and more refined than a Hayabusa. Owners of the blackbird speak highly of the bike. The price is very attractive being $5 less than the Sprint or ST2.

More to think about.

Tomorrow is a Ulysses ride to Woodville. I will give this a miss as I don't have the strength for a full day ride.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Short ride

This was the first time back on the bike since my little op etc. I am still not feeling up to anything strenuous. Barry called yesterday and suggested a ride starting at 10.00am from Fraser Park. Later in the day I meet John at Motorad while there looking at bikes. He was interested in a ride and Alan was also a possibility.

I headed off to Fraser Park just on 9.30am and met up with Barry and John. They planned a ride over to Martinborough and up to the Paihiatua Track via the Gladstone Road, to Vinegar Hill and on to Wanganui for lunch. My ride was to Martinborough where we stopped for coffee and after that I headed back home. I got home at 1.15pm, tired but glad I made the effort to ease myself back onto the bike.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Off the bike for a while

Last Friday I went in for a small operation with a predicted recovery time of 3 to 10 days. The op went okay and then a complication put me into A&E three times with the last visit in the early hours of this morning. So it is going to be a while before I am out of the house, let alone back on a bike.

Barry called at 2.15pm today to see if I would go for a ride with him. It is a lovely clear winters day and for the next two days the weather will be the same. I had to say, sorry I can't do this ride. My motorcycling in the last few days has involved re-reading bike mags and later this afternoon reading posts to the kiwibiker forum.

This post is from my laptop while in bed.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ride on a Triumph Sprint

Nice day today so I called Hamish at Wellington Motorcycles to arrange a ride on a Triumph Sprint. That was easily organised so early afternoon I was ready to go. The bike for a demo was a 2005 1050 Sprint with a 2007 screen fitted. I am interested in a new ST Sprint and the 2005 model is not too different.

My ride was up through Brooklyn, down to the coast and around the bays to Lyall Bay, back through the tunnel, down motorway to Newlands and back to Wellington and Wellington Motorcycles via Jervois Quay. I took the bike around the bays and some slow roads in Kilbirnie to see how hard or easy the bike is to ride at the slower pace and in stop start traffic. This type of riding is hard work on the SV and no problem on the Motor Morini I rode two days ago. A run down the motorway was essential to see what the bike was like at highway speeds.

My conclusions; competent, smooth, powerful and flexible motor, clunky gear change and, more wind buffeting than I expect at 100 - 120 This is a bike I could ride all day. However, is it too good? Is it boring? Well after riding that fabulous Motor Morini yes it is boring. I am now wondering, is this a bike that has no character, and is that good or bad? The Sprint is definitely a better bike than the SV1000S and so it should be at twice the price.

While I loved the Moto Morini I can only afford to own one bike at a time so that makes the Sprint a more sensible choice. I am unlikely to change the SV until the new year and by then it will have some 15k on the clock. So it may be a Sprint ST; I like the red colour.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ride on a Moto Morini

I went for a ride out to the Hutt this afternoon thinking I may have a look at a Ducati. Yes I am thinking of my next bike. While there I spied a new/demo Moto Morini Corsaro. Was offered a ride, so took it for a spin.

This is a very nice bike and everything the test reports say seems true. Compared to the SV it is very easy to ride at low speed and around town. The motor pulls smoothly from 2000rpm and the gearing means it pulls well in any gear. Great sound. The little fairing over the light works better than I expected and it has an excellent riding position. This bike is hard to fault and other than the price would be a bike I would love to own.

I didn't want to take it back. I could ride this all day.

Note: When I first posted about the bike I thought it was the 9.5 Moto Morini. I have yet to ride one of those.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bluetooth Test Ride

This week the bluetooth headsets Alan and I ordered weeks ago arrived. We had got them charged up and fitted to the helmets yesterday and today the weather cleared so a road test was in order. I didn't have much time between essential shopping in the morning and a meeting I had to attend mid afternoon.

Alan arrived and we paired up the headsets so we can talk bike to bike or actually helmet to helmet. The range is 150 metres so we did need to do a good test. In less than 5 minutes we had the headsets going. Our plan was to ride up SH1 to Paremata, around the inlet, over Haywards and have a coffee at the Harley Tours Cafe in the Blue Mountains.

The headsets work really well except the exhaust noise from the Harley was transmitted from Alan whenever he opened it up. It is a new experience being able to chat with another rider whilst riding. It means there is no need to stop to discuss - where to next? or is all okay? Our first stop was the cafe.

From there it was to head home and when Alan got home I called him via mobile and headset to check out the operation. Alan then called me and we discussed the merits of this wonderful device while I cruised down the Hutt Motorway at around 100kph.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Ride to Masterton

This afternoon Alan and I did a run to and around Masterton. I left home a 12.30pm, swung by Alan's in the Belmont hills and then to Rimutex to fuel the Harley.

From there it was over the Rimutakas, down to and straight through Martinborough and along the Martinborough to Masterton road. We came out on the Te Ore Ore road and stopped at the Mobile service station at the intersection with State Highway 2 for fuel.

We then headed back to Carterton the long way. This was over some truly excellent motorcycle roads: Masterton-Castlepoint road, Te Weraiti road, Masterton Stronvar road, Westmere road, Tupurupuru - Te Wharau road, Gladstone road and, into Carterton. A well deserved coffee was had there at the Wild Oats Cafe and the next stop was Featherston to give the Harley another drink. Then off home, getting back at 5.00pm and travelled just under 300km. That loop out the back of Masterton to Carterton is recommended for motorcycling. As well as a variety of fast and slow corners the road is hilly with the ground rising up to Wainuioru offering a great view out over Masterton.

Here is a map of the loop and it shows the terrain.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Weekend is over

Yesterday Alan called by and we rode to Wellington Motorcycles. I will at some stage upgrade so had a good look and sit on the Sprint and Hayabusa. Either would suit me. I found the Triumph Tiger far to tall with my toes just touching the ground when seated. I probably like the Sprint better than the Busa but the Busa is better priced. Once the window shopping was over we did a run around the bays and then stopped for a coffee in Aro Valley.

Sunday. The weather forecast was for a storm around mid afternoon so I gave the Ulysses ride to Levin a miss and drove out to the slipway to watch bucket racing. That is something I could do and is a very low cost way to do a bit of racing. I need some leathers, a bucket and a trailer. Something to think about.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Cold and wet southerly due this evening

Is is Saturday, I have done some chores and while it is a nice winters day the weather will be crap tomorrow. 1.00pm I left home and headed to Alan's. Once there we decided to do a run up to Otaki for a ride and coffee.
Traffic was medium but slow so it was an okay ride. We stopped at a cafe on the southern outskirts of Otaki had a coffee and planned our trip home. Just south of Otaki and over the bridge is a road heading up the river. We followed that (Otaki Gorge Road) until the road turned to gravel and then headed back and over a suspension bridge. On the other side are three short no exit roads and on the middle road (Kaitawa Road) I took a couple of photos.

We headed back to the state highway and then stopped at Te Horo to check out the Museum and cafe. They look okay and we may stop there another day. Our next stop was at the lookout on the Paekakariki Hill Road. While there two SV1000s arrived. A black one belonging to kiwibiker 'blackmagic' is the same age as mine. The other bike was blue. Both had Yoshi cans.

I got home at 4.45pm and the weather is not looking good. Another good ride and the bike now has 9017kms on the odo.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Top of the hill and home

It was raining when I woke this morning but the forecast was for it to clear. The morning was spent by doing the weekly supermarket shopping and finishing off the end of year accounting processes for a couple of businesses. Once that was done the weather cleared and I had a chance to go for a ride.

I headed off for the hill ( road summit of the Rimutakas). There were a few bikes there and I chatted for a while to Biggles1. He was wondering if I would be on the road as he saw I was online on kiwibiker. It was a bit cold so I had a coffee and headed back. Just past the first left hand corner (it is the tight one) a motorcycle and car had collided. This blocked the road for a few minutes, no one seemed badly hurt and there was plenty of help. Once it cleared I headed off again. Half way down the hill I passed a HP going up the hill; that will add joy to the little accident.

It was a quiet run down the hill and the highway. I stopped near Kelson and checked the mobile phone. Alan had called so I rang him back to find he had been on a ride. I got home just on 4.00pm - that's it for another week I guess.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ride to Pauatahanui and back

It is quite a long ride from home to find any decent road and this is the nearest. It is a 54km round trip.

My ride was down the motorway to Paramata and the around the inlet and back again. Here is a google map. From Paramata I went along Paremata Road to Pauatahanui then along Grays Road until I arrived at the start of the residential area. I then turned around and went back. Both ways there were cars and trucks but still enough space to play on the bends. Back home in just under an hour.

Tomorrow afternoon I will fit in a longer ride.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Mid day ride to Carterton

It wasn't going to be an early start today. A fabulous clear, still and cold winter's day. I checked on kiwibiker for who was going on TCSMR and there was a minimum number of posts. So I made a comment to that effect and that I was planning on a noon ride from Rimutex.

I couple of responses to the post gave me hope I would not be on my own. I then text message to Bazza57 and he was on for the ride.

I headed off from home a little later than planned and thought I would make up some time on the road. Well that wasn't to be. At Petone I was in the fast lane and was held up by a number of cars so I slipped into the left lane and just as I started to accelerate the car that was in front of me zipped across without any indication - saw me and acknowledged his error with a friendly wave. I was close to hitting the air horn but didn't. Then as we both slowed for the traffic lights I saw the extra lights in on the back window shelf and other policing equipment in the front. The radar detector didn't trigger - he either didn't have it or it was not switched on.

So it was a nice legal pace almost to Upper Hutt. I arrived just after noon and Buckbuck#1, Sels1 and Bull were waiting. No sign of Bazza57. Just on 15mins past we headed off at a nice legal pace and first stop was a cafe in Martinborough. This place was too busy and the decision was made to go to Carterton. I called Bazza57 on the mobile and he was in Featherston and on his way. I also need a Nolan with headset coupled to the phone so I too can use the phone on the bike. The others headed off and I waited about 5 minutes for Bazza57.

We took the Ponatahi Road arriving in Carterton around 1.30pm. A bit of food and coffee went down well. At 2.15 I left and headed back as I had an appointment in Johnsonville at 3.30pm. I got there just on time after having an enjoyable ride back. Just under 200kms round trip.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

New rear tyre and coffee

Today is Sunday. On Friday I took the bike out to TSS in the Hutt to have a new rear tyre fitted. After reading up on the opinion on tyres posted to kiwibiker and other sites I have replaced the rear tyre with an Avon ST Storm. The bike has Mitchelin Sports and some advice was to replace with the Mitchelin Powers. However, the Mit Powers are a softer tyre and have better adhesion etc - but are they right for my riding style? The choices I was looking at for a tyre were; Mit Sport, Mit Power, Continental Road Attack and Avon ST Storm. It seems the Avon ST Storm will not square up as quickly as the others and two kiwibikers, Hitcher and Blackbird, recommend them.

So back to today. A nice clear cool winters day. Alan and I went to Martinborough in the afternoon for a ride and coffee. There were a few bikes on the road but not at the summit, it is getting a bit cool to hang around up there.

The new tyre feels good and most of that is probably due to a rear with the right shape instead of a square section to roll off on entering a corner.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Last ride for a week and a bit

There is some rough weather expected late today and rain for the rest of the week.

Sunday 1.30pm off to Alan's for a ride to somewhere with coffee. We headed for the summit with a stop to fuel the Harley and then take in the view of the Wellington regional water catchment lakes. At the summit Sels1 arrived from the Wairarapa; he was returning from a SH1 - Pahiatua Track - SH2 home ride. A few moments later Koroj cruised past and then BuckBuckNo1 turned up. They had been on the ride together.

We stayed at the summit for about 10 minutes, it was cold and looking like rain. We headed to the Harley tours cafe in the Blue Mountains. The cafe was warm and coffee and scones with jam and cream just what was needed. Then it was home again.

My new radar screamer has a good test nearing the SH1 and SH2 junction. It gave plenty of warning of the camera van on the side of the motorway. It was obvious the people in the car in the lane next to me also heard it.

Next time I ride the bike it could be to have the rear tyre replaced.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Fitted Screamer for Radar Detector

I ordered a radar screamer from and it took me most of Saturday morning to fit screamer. The majority of the time was spent finding where to place the modules and cables so it would be a neat installation. There are few places on an SV for any extras.

The screamer emits a loud (very loud) chirp with each sound output from the detector. It is not a scream but a chirp and not a noise you can miss hearing. The installation includes a three position switch which controls the chirp: loud-off-not so loud. The switch is on a bracket for mounting under a clutch clamp bolt. You can see this in the photo. I mounted the piezo sound device on the triple clamp with the velcro provided. The electronic module is zipped under the left fairing.

At 4.00pm I went for a ride with Alan; around the inlet, over Haywards and home. There were no HP operating radar to try the screamer out on but a test with the volume adjustment on the STI indicates the chirp is loud enough. I will have to use the mute when starting the bike.


It finally arrived. I ordered the screamer from on 15 May and on 31 May after two emails asking where my order was they informed me there was a delay and it would be dispatched in a day or two. On 5 June an email from motorcycleradar informed me it was dispatched and on the 8th it arrived.

So it wasn't a good start and I expected better customer service. However, the product looked great, well packaged, excellent presentation and good instructions. It took me most of Saturday morning to fit screamer. The majority of the time was spent finding where to place the modules and cables so it would be a neat installation. There are few places on an SV for any extras.

The screamer emits a loud (very loud) chirp with each sound output from the detector. It is not a scream but a chirp and not a noise you can miss hearing. The installation includes a three position switch which controls the chirp: loud-off-not so loud. The switch is on a bracket for mounting under a clutch clamp bolt. You can see this in the photo. I mounted the piezo sound device on the triple clamp with the velcro provided. The electronic module is zipped under the left fairing.

The screamer cost $139.95US including airmail delivery. It is a new model designed to work with the lower sound output of the Belronics STI Driver.

Road test and at highway speeds the chirp is loud. I have yet to have it triggered by a HP radar source and will need to use the mute switch. The device is so loud use of the mute is necessary when starting the bike.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Queen's Birthday Weekend

There were a lot of motorcycling activities around the country this weekend. However, I had work to do on Saturday and on Sunday drove to Wanganui for the day.

A ride was semi planned for today by some of the IT people at the Ministry of Education, where I am currently working as a contractor. I got a text at 8.00am to confirm that a ride was on.

It was a very cold ride up SH2 to Rimutex. I had to stop after 20Kms, put on a balaclava and demist the visor. We met up at 9.00am and headed to the top of the hill. The group were; two VTRs, Truimph 600, CB1100, new Bolavard 1300 and my SV1000S. The CB1100 had a pillion.

We had to wait a while at the summit for the Boulevard and then headed to Martinborough for a coffee and a full breakfast for some. From there it was the Gladstone road to Masterton for fuel. After fueling up we went to Mt Bruce with the plan to have lunch there. Mt Bruce had too many customers so we headed up SH, planning to get to somewhere with food. The first stop was Eketahuna and no food places open. The weather was looking like rain up north so we headed back to Greytown for lunch. This trip was down the main highway and not fast. As the Boulevard was being run in we had a few stops for it to catch up.

Greytown was very busy and warm. We sat outside a cafe and had lunch. About an hour later we headed back and stopped at the summit. From there I rode back with the Triumph and we took the Hayward's Hill road back to Johnsonville.

An okay way to spend a day.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Mt Bruce and great roads

Today was a ride with Ulyssess to Mt Bruce.

The ride left from Brown Owl with the first stop at Featherston.
Then to Martinborough, and along the Martinborough- Masterton road stopping at the Mobil station on the northern side of Masterton. A fuel up here for the SV. We then went up SH2 to Opaki where we turned off and headed for Mauriceville. At Mauriceville we turned onto South Road which was meant to take us to Mount Bruce but two shingle roads later we turned back. We emerged from the back roads onto SH2 at Kaiparoro and turned back to Mount Bruce. Only three of us arrived at Mt Bruce and some 30 minutes later another two arrived. One rider on a BMW tourer came off on loose shingle. He headed back to Wellington with another in support.

After lunch at Mt Bruce four of us headed back but first we went north to Eketahuna and took the road to Alfredton. From Alfreton we headed to Dreyers Rock and back to the Mobil station in Masterton for more fuel. After this stop we were down to three for the run back down to Martinborough. These are great roads and the three of us were cruising at a good pace. Bikes were; FJR1300K7 Barry, Honda 600? Paul and, me on the SV1000S. We stopped for a coffee in Martinborough and then a brief stop at the summit. There were no bikes at the summit - that is unusual and it was around 3.30pm.

On the river road section of the motorway Sels1 caught up to me; he was with the Triumph owners group.

I got home at 4.15pm - 399.1Kms round trip. The bike has now done 7700Ks and the rear tyre has only got a couple more days like this left in it.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Saturday afternoon ride to summit

Rain and strong wind is predicted for Sunday. Therefore today I ride and tomorrow I work.

It is a lovely winters day with clear blue sky and no wind. At 2.30pm or thereabouts I headed off to the summit. There was no need to stop anywhere on the way. Traffic was a bit heavy up state highway 2 until Upper Hutt and once on the open road it thinned out.

I didn't stay long at the summit. There were about 15 bikes there and some very nice machines. A matching pair of red Ducati 1098s arrived from the East so had a good look at them.

On the way home I deviated up Whitemans Valley road. I won' t do that again; it isn't a nice road as too narrow on many corners and bumpy. I got home just after 5.10pm having ridden 135kms. The bike now has done 7338kms.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Foxton Beach ride with Ulysses

Today is Mother's Day. I thought I would mention that.

We met at the Plimmerton Weigh Station at 10.00am and were heading to Foxton at 10.15am. The traffic was medium, steady and close to the speed limit so we stayed in formation all the way to our first stop in Shannon. Shannon is a deviation from the direct route up the state highway. Remembering that it is the journey that is important not the destination. From Shannon we headed straight to Foxton along a road with no traffic; this was a nice brisk ride.

Lunch was at a cafe in Foxton Beach. A fast meal and plenty of good chat about events like the Southern Cross Rally which was held last month.

After lunch the group split with some heading back to Wellington down the main highway and I went with the long way home group. We headed back to Shannon and turned left for the Paihiatua Track. There was some slow traffic, including trucks, that made the trip to the Pahiautua Track slow. However, once on the track we had a good run, turning off before Pahiatua and going the back roads to Mangamaire, where we joined the state highway.

A fuel stop at Eketahuna and the group split again. I needed to get home by 3.30pm so with two others headed back down the state highway. The others went the back roads, which are real motorcycle roads.

Got home at 4.10pm having travelled 384kms.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ulysses Ambulance Charity Run

I went on this ride and almost didn't get there on time. The bikes were heading off as I arrived and I joined at a very convenient roundabout.

Departs: 11 am, Park Road, Upper Hutt (Outside Maidstone Park).
Meet before for briefing etc.

Ride will be into town to the Ambulance Centre in Thorndon for a Sausage Sizzle.
Badges $10.
Sausage Sizzle, Tea & Coffee $1 each

Organised by the Wellington Ulysses Branch.

In the photo; that's me far left with the tank bag as a back pack. I am with Kiwi Bikers in this photo. The Ulysses group look older.

After the ride I joined six kiwibikers and we went out to Makara via Karori. Had a coffee and some food there and then headed back via the Makara to Johnsonville road.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Anzac Day Ride

I needed a ride to give me a break from the web site work I was doing. When a bug on the test server needed attending to that was a good reason to have the break.

The cruisy rider group were meeting at the Duck Pond at 2.00pm so I joined them. We did a run out to the Wainuimata coast road. A good run and I was home just after 4.00pm.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hill top and Short Straw Cafe

A sunday ride with Kiwi Bikers. We met at Rimutex 11.30am and at 11.45 headed to the summit to meet up with the Wairarapa Kiwi Bikers. A 30 minute stop at the summit and then back down the hill with a diversion into Mayborn Plateau and Whitemans Valley to the Short Straw Cafe. The diversion is a 21km run of interesting and bumpy roads.

Photo of me turning into the road to cafe.

There were 20 at the cafe for lunch. We sat outside as the place was almost full and it was a nice autumn day. Got home at 2.45pm.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Solo Ride

A nice Saturday. Left home at 2.30pm and went to visit the Paekakariki Hill lookout. From the lookout I went down to State Highway 2 and back to Mana. This was a slow leg of the trip and I should have gone back the way I had come. I did a circuit around the inlet and that was also frustrating with slow cars and trucks. Back along the motorway home.

This was not an exciting ride but a pleasant outing.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Castlepoint with the Ulysses Club

Today I went on another Wellington Ulysses Club ride. We departed from the Brown Owl Shops in Upper Hutt at 10.00am with a planned final destination of Castlepoint.

The ride from start to Featherston was a free ride and we assembled in Featherston just before the turnoff to Martinborough. The leg from here to the other side of Martinborough was a group ride and from the turnoff to Gladstone and Masterton a free ride. This free section must have been fast as I stopped for a couple of minutes to adjust my balaclava and couldn't catch those in from of me other than a couple of big touring bikes. This is a nice section of road for bikes.

Masterton was a stop for fuel and and to regroup. The ride out to Castlepoint was a free ride and the lead group was too fast for me once I lost them after they past a couple of cars. We had lunch at Castlepoint and at 1.30pm I headed home via Masterton and SH2. I had a rest at Featherston and at the summit. It was a good day for a ride and a total distance of around 350kms.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

SV1000S 6 month 6K service

I have been in Australia for the last two weeks and the bike has sat in the garage waiting to go in for its service when I returned. It was serviced on Wednesday within a couple of days of purchase 6 months ago and with 5996ks on the odo. Time and distance could not have been better coordinated.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Pahiatua Loop

Yesterday I planned this ride with Alan. The idea being to leave early in the morning and be back home before midday. We hadn't ridden over the Pahiatua Track and it was a couple of decades since I had driven the road. Doing a loop through the Wairarapa over the track and back down the west coast seemed a reasonable way to spend a nice sunday morning.

I programmed up the GPS, just for fun and to see how far the route was. The GPS showed it was 333Kms but I didn't know at the time that it set a route past the track and through the Manawatu Gorge.

I left home at 6.45am and meet Alan at 7.00pm just as he was leaving home. We stopped at the top of the Rimutakas and chatted to a couple of tourists for a few minutes. The next stop was Carterton for fuel for the Harley so I topped my bike up as well. Next a comfort stop at Ekatahuna on on the road. It was on the leg up to Pahiatua I realised the GPS would lead us past the track turnoff and up to Woodville.

So with ongoing protestation from the GPS for a few kilometres we headed off on the road across the hill. The road is in excellent condition with a smooth surface and lovely bends; it was worth the trip just to experience this road. After the track we continued on to the Linton turnoff and fuelled up the bikes. The Harley took $10 to fill and the SV1000 $9 for the same distance. So given the extra weight and another 540cc in the pots of the Harley this difference seems reasonable.

After Linton we cruised down through Shannon and stopped at a cafe out in the country side a few kms from Levin. A coffee and muffin was much needed and appreciated. From here it was the run home with a detour over the Paikakariki hill road. I left Alan as he headed home over Heywards and I went around the inlet to the southern motorway. I got home just on noon. A trip of 320Kms.

PS. The Navman GPS was programmed to give preference to main highways. This is okay for a car when the destination is more important than the journey. I have reprogrammes the GPS to select the shortest route and not select unsealed roads.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

TCWNR - No daylight saving

The ride was on tonight with a 6.00pm start. It was a bit of a rush to get there on time and then we didn't leave until 6.30pm; but that was okay.
Went up the Paikakariki hill and back to the Sandbar in Manu. The ride down in the dark was a bit tricky in places. There were only a few of us at the Sandbar but a few more bikes as the Triumph club was meeting there. A nice new Triumph Tiger to look at.

I got home just after 8.00pm.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Lake Ferry

Around midday the weather started to clear with some patches of blue and a call from Alan started the planning for a mid afternoon ride. By 2.00pm there was barely a cloud in the sky although the wind was brisk. I called Alan at 2.30pm and we agreed a ride was on, so I got organised and headed off to Alans arriving just after 3.00pm.

We decided to go Martinborough for a coffee as we should be able to fit that in and get back home by 6.00pm. First stop was in Upper Hutt by Rimutex so Alan could check his fuel. It looked like there was enough to get to Featherston so we headed off with a stop at the summit. I went first so I could get a nice run up the hill through the corners. There were about 8 vehicles to pass on the hill; - no problem for the SV - just touch the throttle and I was past them in a couple of passing lanes. I was only stopped at the summit for a minute and Alan arrived; so the difference in time is not that great.

In Featherston we fuelled up and decided we could do the trip to Lake Ferry and probably stop at Martinborough on the way back for coffee. It was a nice brisk ride to Lake Ferry, a distance of 45kms. When we arrived the hotel looked inviting so we made that our coffee stop.

The ride back was also brisk with a stop in Featherston to text home (5.45pm) and then up the hill. Stopped at the summit for 10minutes and admired a Triumph Trident that Alan would have liked to own. The clouds were looking menacing. Headed home arriving at 6.50pm. A distance from Lake Ferry of 109kms.

An excellent way to finish the weekend. The bike has now done 5,500kms and I will be booking it in for its 6mth/6000kms service after Easter.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Last evening ride before daylight savings ends

The weather has been rough this week so I didn't go out on the Wednesday cruisy ride. Seven went on it and missed the rain but I am glad I didn't go as it was raining here by 8.45pm. So tonight I went on the real Thursday night ride. This is my second time with TRTNR group.

It was cooler and I wore thermals under the cordura. We went to the summit of the Takas and then back down to the Jigger and Parrot. Home by 8.45pm

Sunday, March 11, 2007

City bays ride

Sunday afternoon and enough of shopping and then sitting behind the computer for hours. 4.00pm and time for a ride.

First a suburban tour through to the Karori tunnel and down Bowen Street. Around Oriental Bay where lots of people where on the beach and continued all the way back to the Motorway and home just on 6.00pm. A long slow trip with too much slow traffic. This is hard work on the SV1000 as most in gears 1 - 2 - 3. I shouldn't bother with this ride again.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Morning Ride

A nice day so off at 8.00am for a nice ride. I headed up the motorway with the first stop after fuel being the summit of the Rimutakas. I needed to stop to warm up. Yes it was cool and my chest and hands were cold. It was going to be a hot day so I didn't put any thermals on.

Then down to Featherston out out to Lake Wairarapa. A short stop there and back to the summit. Then back home via Whitemans Valley.

The bike is running well and I felt 'in the zone' going up to the summit, not fast but an efficient ride with the bike flowing through the curves and corners. I need more rides like this.

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Tonight I rode to Petone to attend the Ulysses club monthly meeting. I now have a membership form which I will post off tomorrow with a cheque and I will be a member. Not an exciting ride but a nice evening to be out on the road and little traffic on the way home just after 9.00pm.

I can now grow old disgracefully.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Almost done 5000kms

Wednesday this week I went on the TCWNR. We went out to the Wainuomata Coast and then back to a bar in Eastborne.
Today went for ride to Alan's to view the work he has done on the Triumph. It is almost ready to fire up. We then went for a ride up to the lookout on the Paikokariki Hill. Stopped for a coffee on the way home and that was the day.

Bike has close to 5000kms. Next service is 6000kms.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Weekend rides

I could only fit in a couple of short rides this weekend. On Sunday the Ulysses club had a ride I had to miss as it was from 9.30am and finished with a BBQ; pity as it would have been a good day.

Instead at 4.00pm Saturday Alan and I did a ride to Makara and return via Karori. Had a coffee at Makara. Sunday another ride at 3.45pm over to Alan's and then to Wainuiomata and return home. Got home at 6.00pm.

Tonight I went out for a short ride down the Oharua Road and up to the access road to Kaukau and then down to Tawa. In Tawa did the slow riding and braking exercises in the Dress Mart car park and then home. I was only out for 35 minutes.

Got this photo from Narelle. It has been enhanced in Photoshop and looks great.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

TCWNR - large turnout

It was a very good turnout this week with 35 bikes getting to the Tin Hutt. The ride was at a good pace on the way over; it has been too fast in previous rides. I took a few pics to show the bikes at the Duck Pond and the Tin Hutt.

I rode back with Buckbuck and Slayer. It was a nice medium pace over the hill. Once we got to the outskirts of Upper Hutt Slayer we stopped for a discussion on technique etc and then Slayer and I headed home.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Too busy to post

I have been a bit slack on updating the blog. So this is a bit of a catch up.

Sunday 11th went for a ride with Alan up the Paekakariki Hill road to the lookout. A great view and a few other people there. We watched two super sports bike come up the hill very fast.
Wednesday 14th did the evening cruisy ride with Kiwi bikers to the Tin Hutt. The days are closing in now with less daylight from a few weeks back.

Thursday 15th I went to the Ulysses meeting in Petone. Drove there in the car and found almost everyone arrives on a bike. Next meeting I will ride to. A good group and a nice casual meeting.

Saturday. Fitted a Stebel Air Horn. Very loud. That is what the photo is of.

Sunday 18th a ride around Whitemans Valley with Alan and stopped at the Harley Ride cafe in Avian Road. Every rider who is out in the Blue Mountains needs to visit as there is a good display of old bikes; Triumph, Indian, Harley.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


It was 25 degrees today. Extraordinary for Wellington. So a ride was on.

The group for this week's ride included many who I had not seen before. The good weather is bringing out the bikes. We headed off to the Tin Hutt Pub out of Featherston. On one of the last few corners nearing the summit of the Rimutakas a cop was watching a corner at the end of a passing lane. I passed a car leading up to the corner and stayed in my lane around the bend. It will be interesting to see if any of the riders gets ticketed for something. Some were going very quickly on that section of the road.

Back home by 9.15pm