Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wednesday night ride

The weather was clearing so I decided to go. Off to the meeting point at the Avalon duck pond and parked the bike next to 3 other triumphs.

As the southerly was pushing clouds up towards the Rimutakas we went west over Haywards and up to the Paikak Hill. From there the suggestion was made that we go to the Cobb and Co bar in Paraparaumu. It was a nice spot with the bar overlooking the car park - always a good idea when bikes are to be watched over.

I headed home at 8.15 and got home at 8.55. The total ride was 100kms.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Cooling problem fixed

There was no ride last weekend as I was in Hawkes Bay for a wedding and then on Monday the bike went into the dealer for a problem. The coolant was being pumped out the overflow after the motor was turned off. The cause of this was a faulty thermostat. I got the bike back on Friday.

Sunday (today) a ride to Martinborough, after collecting Alan at his place, via the back way to Carterton and then down the Ponatahi Road to Martinborough. After a couple of coffees and chat to a couple of other riders we headed back to the summit via Pirinoa Road and Kahutara Road.

At the summit were a number of bikers enjoying the day and company. A HD arrived with a couple from Australia. This is their 193rd country to visit on the bike. The bike has travelled over 500,000kms and is on its 11th belt drive. See photo.

Our trip home was via Haywards and SH1. I got home at 1.40pm. The bike has now done over 11,000. I may change the front tyre before the Capital 1000 Cruise on 8 Nov.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday - nice day for a ride

Today was an excellent day for a ride. At 8.30am left with Alan from his place and headed over the hill. Very little traffic and a few bikes. A group who were much faster than us past us on the way up the hill. At Featherston we turned into the Western Lakes road and past a group of bikes parked up. It was only a few kms and they past us.

It was a nice ride down the side of the lake and then into the East West Road. We stopped at the water control dam to have a look and then headed on the Martinborough via Kahutara Road and the Martinborough Pinnoa Road.

At Martinborough at the cafe were many bikes and riders. Most were having breakfast, we had a small snack and two coffees. Then it was off to Featherston and up the hill. We stopped for 30 minutes at the summit and then off home.

I left home at 8.15am and got back at 12.30pm with 230kms covered.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Wednesday night ride

It was a bit cool and strong wind but no sign of rain. I checked the kiwibiker site for the event and a few posted they wouldn't be turning up. I took a positive approach and headed up SH2 for the meeting point. The traffic was light as it is the school holidays period and no lane filtering was required.

Guy suggested a ride around the valleys and then over Haywards and to the Sandbar. Ten of us headed off at 6.30pm. The ride was a figure eight around Whiteman's Valley/Te Marua and then over Haywards to the SandBar. The wind was okay until we came down into Mana.

Those who didn't turn up missed a good ride.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

First Wednesday night ride of the season

Cold and wet but I was there. 11 brave souls left the Duck Pond at 6.30pm and headed to the lookout on the Paekakariki Hill. From there it was back to the Sandbar for refreshments.