Saturday, July 31, 2010

Angels fitted

On Friday (30/07/10)the bike was fitted with Pirelli Angels front and back. The job was done at TSS for $599.80 all up price. The bike certainly feels different and turns quicker; just shows how the shape of a tyre changes as it wears.

I am keeping a record of tyre wear so it will be interesting to see how many kms I get from the Angels and if they keep their shape. Fitted at 15582Kms. I took the long way home and stopped at Pauatahanui for a coffee.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ulysses Bulls and around ride

The weather was clearing and a ride was on.  The plan was to ride to Santoft and then on to Ashhurst for lunch.  The ride took a lot longer than anticipated.  For a start the ride up SH1 was slow, partly due to not passing slower traffic.  Then the group got split up after leaving Bulls and the group I was in got a little lost; but it was fun. We went up Galpins Road until we got to gravel so turned back.   When we arrived in Hunterville the others were already in Ashhurst.

I ran the video camera on the bike and have some good clips of riding through the back roads of Hunterville.  Youtube videos of the ride:

The Wellington HOG group were in Palmerston North and I rode back home with Alan.
It was a good days ride and I covered some 449kms.

The tyres need replacing and I wait for a call this week that the Angels have arrived.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Nice day for a ride on a Thursday

After some not so good weather and being very cool, today was a nice winters day.   My ride today was up SH1 with a diversion around the Pauatahanui and back onto SH1 then up to Raumati and into the back of Paraparaumu.  A photo was taken at Motukaraka Point on the side road off Grays Road and another on Raumati Beach.

The trip home took in the Paekakariki Hill road and then a coffee in Pauatahanui.  The bike odo has gone over 15,000kms.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cold Sunday ride

Left home at 2.45pm thinking I may catch up with Alan.  Called him from Greys Road and swung by his place.  Our ride was up to Te Marua for tea and scones and then back home via Whitemans Valley. 

This was a short 123km poodle.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Ride to Tora Road

Today Alan and I did a Wairarapa ride and as we were heading towards Martinborough from around the lake spied a road we hadn't been down before. We ended up a few ks past Tuturumuri on Tora Road. The location is: S41 26.392 E175 31.142. We turned around there as the road changed to gravel; if we had continued the coast was just another 9kms.

From home and return this was a 202km ride.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Friday to Featherston

I left home with the intention of getting some good videos of the Rimutaka road.  However, that was not be as now the video is downloaded it is missing the ride to Featherston.  I suspect the issue is bumping the keys and shutting the video down.  The video has a key lock and I need to use that.  However I did get some video on the way back which I will post to youtube.

On the way up the hill I stopped at the top and meet Katipie from Kiwibiker,   She was meeting up with some others and to do a trip to Castlepoint.   I stopped in Featherston for a coffee which took ages to get made.

I was home by 2.30pm