Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hawkes Bay Ulysses Ride

Ulysses had a ride listed today so I went to the meeting point to meet the locals.   The meeting point was BP Clive at 10.00am.  I got there around 9.30 and chatted to a few of the branch.  The ride was to Patangata Hotel for lunch.  I didn't intend going on the ride and left BP just prior to ride start and headed home via the Tuki Tuki loop.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

SH50 Waipawa Loop

This was a short ride of 128Kms.  The route ( logged in GPS ) was from home to Bridge Pa and down SH50 to Wakarara Road to Waipawa and then home via SH2.  I did a diversion up Burma Road as the map shows this road going to Bridge Pa, however it turned to gravel after a Km so I gave up on that route.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Fuel Exhausts Fitted

The exhaust pipes I ordered from Fuel Exhausts in the UK arrived on Monday.   They had been ordered in December and there was a bit of a wait over the public holidays for Customs to clear them for delivery;  that involved my payment of $$$ for GST plus a fee.

I fitted the exhausts on Tuesday and took the bike for a short run in the evening.  There is more sound and it is a good sound, but not that noticeable when riding.  The main benefit is the weight reduction - those Hayabusa pipes weigh in around 7kg each with the new ones about 2.5kg.

On Wednesday morning I did  run over to the Napier coast and back home via Hastings.