Sunday, December 31, 2006

Last rides for 2006

I got back to Wellington on Thursday and on Friday afternoon went for a ride to Alan’s to view progress on his project. We then went for a ride up Whiteman’s Valley and I got home just after 6pm.

Today went on a KB ride from Kaiwharawhara around the Wellington Bays and then to the Parrot and Jigger pub on the Hutt Road. There were around 20 bikes. It was a good ride and good company. Bike now has 1475ks on the clock.

Monday, December 18, 2006

pipes and rides

On Thursday, after getting the bike back, I went out to Cycleworks and picked up the TL cans I had left there for modification. The back baffle was removed, pea shooter cut out and a new back section with a short section of tubing about the size of the shiny outlet pipe welded in. A very neat looking mod.

Got home and fitted the cans. A slight mod was required so the bracket hole would line up with the bolt hole on the foot rest bracket. A round file expanded the hole in the can's bracket in a few minutes. Started it up and is loud but sounds great; nice wooph at idle and sounds like a drag bike when revved up.

Went for a ride to Porirua, down to the coast, back around to the northern side of the inlet, over Haywards, back again and around the southern side of the inlet and home.

Friday took the bike to the office and impressed Slayer with the sound. Saturday rode to Alan's to get his view of the sound level. Alan thought it was fine; not too loud and next to his Fatboy with straight pipes I have to agree. Alan had to ask if the SV was running when his bike was warming up.

Got home, cleaned the bike and put the cover on. That is it until after Christmas.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Got the bike back.

I dropped off the SV650 and picked up my SV1000S at 4.00pm today. It is all fixed and has had its 1000ks service.
The bike is running sweetly. There are no extraneous noises and it is just running smoother than before. All I need now is some more exhaust noise.

Monday, December 11, 2006

No news

I thought I may have got a call from Wellington Motorcycles today that the bike was ready to pick up.  Oh well another day!

Last ride up takas on 650

Sunday 3.30pm: headed up to the summit of the Rimutakas on the 650. I wanted to ride this bike once more before getting mine back; then make a comparision.

There were lots of bikes on the road and more than a few at the summit. I spent a while there taking in the view, looking at bikes, watching the traffic and took a few pics. When I got home I checked my texts and Dafe had sent me a few of how he was getting on modifying the pipes on his new SV1000s. I headed around there to meet him and hear the sound of the exhaust. Sounds okay and is loud. We talked SVs and I got a lot of good info of what I need to do to mine. Extras and bling are required.

Summit Sunday 4.45pm: SV650 4th from far end

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Uncle Bs Funeral

Today I joined the group to attend the funeral. Had only meet Bruce once a couple of weeks back and I attended to recognise the respect so many in the kiwibiker community had for Bruce.

I meet a large group (50 - 70) at the Kaiwharawhara Caltex at 12.45pm and just after 1.00pm we headed to the assembly area at the Kennedy Good bridge. There were 95 bikes when the ride into Lower Hutt started at 1.30pm. The ride was well organised with two lead bikes at each intersection and roundabout blocking the traffic so the bikes didn't need to stop. All the bikes were parked on the top floor of the Queensgate Shopping Mall car park. After the funeral service I headed home. Others were to ride to the cemetary.

I got a call this morning from Wellington Motorcycles. The parts have arrived and it will take a couple of days to put the bike back together.

Cruisy Wednesday Night Ride

I joined the group this week. It was a good turn out but everyone was subdued given the tragedy over the weekend and funeral the next day.

Weather was fine and little wind. We headed up the Rimutakas stopping at the top for a while. This first leg of the ride was well organised with the 250s going in the first pack and the faster bikes at the back. I arrived last but that was fine by me having some clear road into the corners. We chatted at the summit for about 30 minutes before heading to the Tin Hut Pub a few ks out of Featherston. A barmy evening and good company. I headed back at 8.15pm and into the sun. Sunglasses are an absolute must. The SV650 is running well and I am finding it difficult keeping below 5500 revs during run in. The motor is freeing up nicely - a nice bike - hope I still like the SV1000 when I get it back.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Weekend ride

Hamish from Wellington Motorcycles called me on Wednesday evening and ask to swopped the loan bike for another. Friday I took the bike in and it was swopped for another SV650S with only 5ks on it.

Saturday went out to Mana and watched the start of the HOG Toy Run into Wellington. I had be be elsewhere at noon or would have gone on the run myself. Saturday afternoon Alan and I went for a run up the Takas. There were a dozen bikes at the top so we stopped chatted a bit and rode on down to Featherston and to Martinborough. Had the complusory coffee and chat and headed back stopping at the summit again. We meet a couple with his and hers 1400 Intruders and wearing matching gear that would put many Harley owners to shame. Great bikes; but I would say that.

We then headed back and home by 6.30pm.

Bad news over the weekend with two Kiwibikers killed in an accident on the Coromandel and then on Sunday a Wellington biker "UncleB" died in an accident out of Masterton. The Kiwibiker community is stunned by the loss.