Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ulysses visit to Stonehenge Aotearoa

This was a social ride to Stonehenge.   The visit was interesting but there were not that many on the ride.   Following the visit I headed to Martinborough and then diverted to view the Hau Nui windfarm.  It was very windy.

I stopped at Martinborough for refreshments and then headed home.  Arrived home at 1420hrs.

Odo 251, Moving Av 77.6.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wet Sunday

The day started well and forecast did not include rain until evening.   The first stop was at Alan's and then Caltex Rimutaka for fuel for the HD.  From there it was over to Featherston with the intent of riding the twin water towers loop and back to Martinborough for lunch.   We went up a no exit road and took a photo.  Then headed for lunch.  We will do the water towers another day.   

Over the hill and we were into rain.  It was fine and very wetting;  no wet weather gear so we both got very wet.   My gear is now drying out.  

S41 02.962 E175 38.264  Dakins Road.

Start  1020hrs,  Finish  1427hrs,  Distance   228Km

Friday, September 14, 2012

Switch Back

I rode into WMC today for no good reason.  On arrival I viewed a new HD Switch Back outside and on seeing Pete  asked about it.  Would you like to ride it asked Pete?  Why not.  

My ride was up SH1 to Churton off ramp, through to Tawa, back on SH1 to Porirua, back  south on SH1, through Kandallah, and back to WMC.  Thoughts on the bike improved with the ride.  The Switch Back is a good concept, however, I am not sure this is the HD I may end up buying.

An appreciation ride home on the Hayabusa.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Ulysses min brakes ride

Father's day today.  Ulysses were having a short ride with the theme of minimum use of brakes.

The ride left Brown Owl (10.00am) and up SH2 to Mayborne and then down the valley to the Wainuiomata Hill.  Over the hill and out to the coast.   After a rest on the coast we headed back to Railway Village for lunch.