Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ulyssess HB Tuesday night ride

My first of this Tuesday night event.
Meet up with Ulysses last night, 6.30pm at Mitre10 Napier.  The group of 15 rode to Waipatiki Beach and then returned to the Bay View pub for a meal.  I missed the pub stop and came home.

The Hayabusa lay on its side in soft sand at the beach;  another zero speed crash.  Only damage was paint loss from the engine casing.

Trip log in MapSource.  Trip length 120km.

Waipatiki - pathway where the Hayabusa was dropped.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Wanganui Cemetary MC Races

Boxing Day Races
I left Havelock North  at 7.23am.  First stop was Woodville (8.48 - 8.57) and then non stop to Wanganui.  Arrived at the Ulysses parking area at 10.15 and was walking to the race area at 10.25. 
Distance of 231km and average speed of 80km/hr.

At the end of the day's racing arrived at the parking area at 6.20pm.  Dressed, packed on heading out of Wanganui at 6.35pm.  Arrived in Bulls at 7.04pm;  fueled up, coffee, changed visor, chatted and then on the road at 7.23pm.  Route via Fielding and Ashhurst and dinner stop at McD's Dannevirke, arriving at 8.23pm.  Left Dannevirke at 8.48pm and arrived home 9.59pm.   Average speed, 67km/hr.

Moving average for the return trip of 86km/hr.  Just shows how much time is lost in stops and that 86 is a realistic average for a trip that is more or less at the legal speed limits.  Trip log saved in Map Source.

Puketapu and Fryers Road

Before Xmas
A ride to find an address and pick up an item.

Monday, December 08, 2014

Summer Service

The Hayabusa was delivered to Bay Suzuki a week ago (Nov 29) and left there for the week for a basic service and WOF.

I collected the bike on Saturday.  The rear brake pads were replaced.  $350 fee for service and wof.

On Sunday morning an early morning ride around the Tuki Tuki loop.  All is good.   The next longer ride will be to Wanganui on Boxing day for the Cemetery Circuit races.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

HB Ulysses - Tikokino for Lunch Saturday

HB Ulysses notified an unscheduled ride to the Tikokino pub for lunch and to meet a Wairarapa Ulysses ride on their way to Taupo.

The meet point was BP Stortford Lodge at 11.00am.  I was 5 minutes late getting there so rode on my own to Tikokino.  The Tikokino pub and cafe have a good catering service and feed us all in good time.   The ride back to to Omahu Road so the Wairarapa group could fuel up for their trip to Taupo via Taihape.

I left them to their ride and headed home.
114Km,  4hrs 45 minutes. 

Taradale and over the hill

On the way back I dropped into Glenn's.  A short but needed ride.

11 October

Monday, August 04, 2014

Non db Killer test ride

The fuel exhausts I fitted a while back have removable end pipes.  It is easy to remove them with a spanner and allen key.  I took them out - a lot more nice sound at idle. 

Saturday afternoon I rode the Tuki Tuki loop.  The exhaust sound was not enjoyable, just loud and there appeared to be more vibration.   Exhaust popping on deceleration.

The db killers are back in and will stay there.  The sound from the Fuel exhausts is all good. 

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Bike Show

The Hawkes Bay Classic motor cycle club hosted a bike show this weekend.  It was named "Evolution of the motorcycle".  I rode the Hayabusa all of just a few kms to the Hastings' Showground, where the show was.  

Monday, June 02, 2014

Queen's Birthday Ride

No just a ride for me.  I had a bit of spare time before my commute back to Wellington and took in  a ride to Te Awanga and then return home by the Tuki Tuki River loop.  49 kms in1 hour 6 minutes.  Was good to get out.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Anzac Weekend solo short ride

Today the ride was via;  Middle Road to Mutiny Road and then to Fernhill via Bridge Pa.  From Fernhill I headed to Taradale where I turned up the Puketapu Road.  This is an interesting road and will need more exploration.  As time was limited I headed back via Poraiti Road and then to the main highway.  Just before the airport I turned to Napier and came home via the water front.  

91 Kms in 2 hours 50 minutes.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

HB local rides

16 February
Another early morning ride.  Down Middle Road, through the nice twisty section and then a loop back into Havelock North.    27Km in 40 minutes.

Today 9 March.  A ride to Napier and back around Airport road, Taradale, Fernhill and Longlands road to home.  68Km in 1hr 8 minutes.  Temperature was a cool 18C and the heated grips have stopped working - again.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hawkes Bay Ulysses Ride

Ulysses had a ride listed today so I went to the meeting point to meet the locals.   The meeting point was BP Clive at 10.00am.  I got there around 9.30 and chatted to a few of the branch.  The ride was to Patangata Hotel for lunch.  I didn't intend going on the ride and left BP just prior to ride start and headed home via the Tuki Tuki loop.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

SH50 Waipawa Loop

This was a short ride of 128Kms.  The route ( logged in GPS ) was from home to Bridge Pa and down SH50 to Wakarara Road to Waipawa and then home via SH2.  I did a diversion up Burma Road as the map shows this road going to Bridge Pa, however it turned to gravel after a Km so I gave up on that route.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Fuel Exhausts Fitted

The exhaust pipes I ordered from Fuel Exhausts in the UK arrived on Monday.   They had been ordered in December and there was a bit of a wait over the public holidays for Customs to clear them for delivery;  that involved my payment of $$$ for GST plus a fee.

I fitted the exhausts on Tuesday and took the bike for a short run in the evening.  There is more sound and it is a good sound, but not that noticeable when riding.  The main benefit is the weight reduction - those Hayabusa pipes weigh in around 7kg each with the new ones about 2.5kg.

On Wednesday morning I did  run over to the Napier coast and back home via Hastings.