Sunday, April 18, 2010


There were two groups on the Ulysses ride today.  The fast group which took in Martinborough, Water Towers and back road from the Riversdale road and the slower group which took the direct route.  I went with the fast group.  It was a very good ride, on a clear day of some 20C. A rider, who shall remain nameless, on an R1 did a few wheelies on the back road to Masterton and was told off when we stopped.  He may have been a little bored with the steady 110kms we were poodling along at.
The stop at Castlepoint was uneventful and after a pie I headed back with Barry.  It was a nice pace on the way home.

I took the GPS and camera and have the track recorded, some poor quality pics and video from the camera mounted on the bike.  I need a better camera system.

The round trip was 384kms. The bike has now covered 13200kms and the front tyre is nearing the wear markers. 

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Martinborough for coffee

Sunday just before midday and time to fit in a ride.  I headed off to meet Alan and then we both headed to Featherston. On the way stopped at the summit for a brief time, one other bike there, and then to Featherston for fuel.  Martinborough for a coffee and bite to eat then back home.  Nice day but with cooler air.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Makara Beach to Mt Vic

Easter Monday and back from a break at Ohakune.  Shopping done this morning and still some time for a ride.  Alan called and suggested Makara as a destination and roads without returning holiday traffic. 

We went to Makara via the Jville road and had a coffee.  The way home took in Karori, Aro and Mt Victoria.