Monday, December 17, 2007

Sunday ride to Alfredton

The Ulysses Sunday ride was to Alfredton. It started at the usual time of 10.00am from the Brown Owl. I was the first to arrive at 10.40 and by 10.00am another seven had turned up.

I had expected a lot more as the weather was promising with a predicted 27 degrees in the Wairarapa. There was a track day at Manfield on Saturday and this may have been a reason for the low turnout.

We did the usual run over the hill and regrouped in Featherston. The route was via Martinborough and the back road (the flat) to Masterton. We turned right at Masterton and at that point had lost two riders. From the Masterton turn off to Alfredton it was a free ride so I took the opportunity of getting away first. It was a good run keeping below higher speeds and running the pace through the nice winding sections. There was loose stuff on some of the corners so a slow in approach was appropriate.

I arrived at Alfredton, got gear off in anticipation of having a break and waited for the rest of the group. Then I had to gear up again as we weren’t to stop there but go to Eketahuna for lunch. After fuelling up (189kms from home) and having a light lunch at a local cafĂ© I headed back along the main highway.

In Featherston Deano (KBs) tagged behind me on the Repsol Blade and to the top of the hill. I spent about 30 minutes there chatting and while there three of the Ulysses riders arrived.

It was 2.45pm when I got home, tired and not thrilled by the day out. Fuel use was a lot higher than for the coast to coast ride.

Stats from MC computer: 320kms, 4.17hrs, 6.2L/100km, 76kph ave, xxxkph max.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Knights of St Pauls MCTC

This group had organised a ride for lunch at Days Bay on Tuesday. I joined the 7 others and we had a quiet canter up SH2 for a regroup at the Petone roundabout and then on to Days Bay.

I nice lunch and chat about bikes etc and back to the office by 1.40pm.

In the evening I rode out to Petone for the Ulysses meeting. It was a good turn out - must be because the weather is improving.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Coast to Coast

Today I completed my first Coast to Coast ride.

I left from the Johnsonville Train Station with Koroj at 8.00am. The weather was okay but the forecast was for rain further up the island so I had a pair of waterproof overpants in the bag along with food and thermos etc.

Our first stop was Foxton for fuel where we met a few other KBs, put on the waterproof pants and then on to Himatangi Beach. We arrived at 9.50 and there were a lot of bikes there. I had thought we would be in an early group. The registration took longer than it should have but by 10.30 we were ready to go.

The ride was led by a cop and at a good brisk pace. Between Foxton and Shannon speeds were well over 130Kph. The route was via the Pahiatua Track and the back roads to Woodville. On this back road a group of riders moved through with some unwise passing maneuvers and then one of them came off at an intersection.

Lunch was had at Woodville in the town park and then we headed to Akitio. The rain set in and that made it a difficult ride with extra care needed and glasses fogging up. The group met up in the surf club rooms where refreshments were available and prizes were handed out. Koroj and I headed back together and went via Weber to Dannevirke. I needed to fuel up and get food. We came home via the gorge, Shannon and SH1. Koroj led as he is more experienced than me passing traffic and I wanted to learn his techniques. We diverted at Paikakariki and did a fast run over the hill. I got home just after 7.30pm.

The bike has now done 3500kms and needs a good clean. I didn't need the extra fuel shown in the photo.

Stats from MC computer: 583kms, 7.45hrs, 5.2L/100km, 75kph ave, xxxkph max.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

HOG Toy Run

This annual event started at Mana. It is the HOG supporting the Salvation Army and as well as the $10.00 fee you donate a toy for a christmas gift.

We left Mana at 11.00am, travel SH1 and SH2 to Petone, travelled up the main street and then headed to the Queens Centre on the waterfront. It is a bad ride and at best is an event or occasion to participate in. After a cold sausage and piece of bread Alan and I did the ciruit of the bays stopping for a coffee at the Bach on the beach.

I got home just after 2.00pm.