Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday ride and nail in tyre

I did a solo ride today. Home up to Mana, around Grays Road and up the to summit of the Rimutakas. I bit of time was spent up there chatting to other motorcyclists and then I headed home via Maymorn and Whitemans Valley.

At home I noticed a nail in the center of the rear tyre and the sound of escaping air. The tyre has been on for 8000kms so it will be a replacement rather than a fix.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekending Sunday 13th

Tuesday was a ride to the Ulysses meeting. Wednesday was TCWNR and on that ride I went to summit of Rimutaka hill road and took some pics and videos of the group ride.

Today was a Ulysses ride to watch the sunrise at Castlepoint. I left home at 4.26am for a departure from Brown Owl at 5.00am. We had a stop at Mobil in Masterton and arrived at the beach at 7.00am. Sunrise was at 7.15am and although there was some cloud the view of the rising sun was worth the ride. A BBQ was fired up and some sausages cooked up.

Most of the group stopped at the Wild Oaks Cafe for breakfast; I headed for home and stopped at the summit for a coffee. I got home at 10.45am.

The trip was 349kms and the motorcycle odo is now 23421kms.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

TCWNR 02/03/2011

Just another Wednesday night. Out there and back home via Paremata Road.