Monday, December 27, 2010

Boxing Day Cemetery Circuit Racing

Yesterday was my first ride to the motorcycle racing in Wanganui. I had arranged with Dafe to ride with him up and back and posted an invite on KB for anyone else who wanted to join us. In the end it was Dafe and me. A Hayabusa and Dafe's 08 GSXR1000 left Mana BP at 7.48am.

The traffic was unexpectedly very light and we had an easy run to the first stop at Mobil in Bulls. We arrived at Bulls at 9.15am and were back on the road at 9.24 with a number of other motorcycles. We parked up the bikes at the secure lockup provided by Wanganui Ulysses at 10.57am.

It was an enjoyable day at the races and we walked all around the track. The racing ran over time due to a later than scheduled start and a number of accidents. It was scheduled to finish at 4.30pm but was just after 6.00pm when we headed back to collect the bikes.

We left Wanganui at 6.15pm, stopped at Mobil Bulls to fuel the Hayabusa at 6.46pm and the were back on the road at 6.52pm. I arrived home at 8.30pm.

Our average speed going up was 70kph and coming back 80kph. Distance covered 373kms. The Hayabusa odo reads 21,455kms.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bit of a shopping ride around the Hutt today. Finding a park at the shopping mall is easy with the bike - it was xmas shopping mayhem. Bike is now clean and ready for the ride to Wanganui on Boxing Day for the motorcycle racing.
Bike odo is now past 21,000kms.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

TCWNR 15 Dec 10

I decided to go on this ride. There were not as many as I expected; I guess to many at parties now it is the silly season.   As usual the group headed off over the hill.  I was near the back and going up the hill past the lakes I past a rider on a Fatboy.  Then I caught up to the tail of the group and lost them as they past buses etc over double yellows.  So I got the the top of the hill and waited to see who else turned up;  only the Fatboy and one other.  I guess those behind me decided to go home. 

The high speeds of the group on the highway to Upper Hutt would put off some from staying on the ride.   130+ to required to keep up.  I couldn't be bothered going on so turned back from the summit and got home at 7.30pm. 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Martinborough and around

Today would have been an excellent day for a drive in an open top car.  It was sunny and very warm; too warm to be wearing black leather.  However any day is a good day for a ride.   As the light level was high I set up the video camera on the stem with it just viewing above the top of the dash and on 5 minute loop.

I left home at 11.35am after calling Alan to meet up at his place.  Just as we were about to leave Alan's he dropped the Street Glide while man handling it onto the street.  It is a heavy beast and no visible damage was done.

The ride over the hill was slow as is the case most weekends.  We did a ride up a new road which finished at a Pa;  didn't know that was there.  Location is Pa Road:  S41 05.824 E175 29.203

After the excursion up a no exit road we went back to Martinborough for food and the headed up Hinakura Road until the gravel started. S41 17.457 E175 37.864   That was a nice bit of road and the video was running..

On the return we went to Gladstone, Carterton and headed home on SH2.  The ride up the hill was very slow with a large truck about 30 cars in front so we stopped at the summit and chatted with other motorcyclists until the worst of the traffic cleared.

I got home at 4.35pm having traveled 260kms.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Saturday and Sunday (Toyrun)

Saturday just gone and a short ride to WMC to purchase some oil for the Scottoiler, a very hot day to be out in the sun.
Sunday was the HOG or now BOOBS Toyrun from Mana to the city.  Once again a very good turnout of mainly cruiser (HD) bikes.  After the run into the city a coffee on the south coast and home.