Monday, December 22, 2008

Evening ride

I had just one hour to spare. So 7.00pm on the S3 and up SH1 to Mana, around Grays Road, over Paekak hill and back home on SH1.

Nice weather, nice ride. There was little traffic on the road and only a few bikes.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Palmerston North and northern area ride

I had been on a ride in this area in the Capital 1000 Cruise. Today Alan needed to go to Palmerston North for an evening function so we combined a day ride with Alan staying on in Palmerston North and me returning to Wellington.

I left home at 8.10am and headed for Lower Hutt to meet Alan and a friend of his - Bernard. Bernard also rode a Speedtriple. We then went to the Wairarapa with a stop at Eketahuna where I added a thermal and changed my gloves to keep warm. From there we went via Mangamaire to a cafe in Gorge road just a few hundred metres from the Manuwatu gorge. After lunch Bernard left us and we headed to Ashhurst. After fuelling we headed up the Pohangina Valley East road to the top and then around to Apiti and on until we arrived at Rangiwhahia road and then to Ohingaiti (on SH1). We then went 10kms up the road to Mangaweka for lunch and back down SH1 to Vinegar Hill.

This was my first ride on the Vinegar Hill road to Feilding. A very nice section of road for bikes. From Feilding we went to Palmerston North for more fuel and to check out Alan's place and where he worked. At 4.30pm I left Massey and headed home, getting in just on 6.00pm.

Stats from MC computer: 536.2kms, 6.55hrs, 4.4L/100km, 77kph ave, xxxkph max. Odo 13690.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wednesday night ride

Arrived 6.15pm at the meet. About 30 bikes (didn't count). Flame was leading the fast group so I tucked in number 2 position. Guy lead the newbies.

I nice pace to the hill and then Flame was gone. Two other bikes past me - one on the left and we were at the summit. A bit of shit was talked and I readjusted my suspension - it was far too soft. Then down the hill to the pub in Featherston where most ordered food and then headed off for the 40 minute ride around the lake. I didn't need the lake ride so stayed at the pub. Steve turned up - he missed the ride and guessed where we were headed.

At 8.30pm the sun was going down so the sunnies were put away and Steve and I headed back. I led and we had a nice pacey run over the hill. Got home at 2112hrs with warm tyres.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

HOG Xmas Toy Run

Today was a big event for the year - if you are in the Wellington HOG. There was a big turnout and from that the day could be described as a success. For me it was a tiring unexciting ride and may be my last toy run - unless I buy a HD?

Yes HD riders do like parades. I am sure parades are the only time some of them get their bikes out. My day started with a coffee at the BED cafe with a 4 other Triumph riders and then to Mana for the start of the ride at 10.00am. I got home at 1.30pm overheated and needing a rest.

Yesterday was a good little ride with Alan. It was to his place then over Haywards, to Plimmerton for a coffee and the SH1 to Jville for me and Alan off to SH2 and home. This is a nice little round the block ride.

The best weekend weather for a long while and all we fitted in was a round the block ride and a toy run.