Sunday, September 19, 2010

Haywards loop and GPS test

A nice Sunday afternoon in Wellington although weather around the country has been and still is rough.  That is one of the things about Wellington; it tends to miss really bad weather when the rest of the country is getting beaten up.  3.30pm and I went for a ride up SH2, over Haywards, up to Battle Farm and then back around the southern side of  the inlet and home on SH1.

On this ride I was checking what average speed I could maintain on what is mostly open road.  This is preparation  for the Capital 1000 Cruise and other rides coming up.   The total trip was 66.5kms, Average overall speed 54km/h, moving average 71.2 and stopped time 17mins.  The stopping was at traffic lights and when I readjusted the ear plugs.  Disturbing me is the difficulty to reach a respectable moving average.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Afternoon ride to Martinborough

Rain was predicted for Wellington and generally fine for the Wairarapa.  At 2.00pm I called Alan and we decided on a short ride over the hill to Martinborough.   I put on the wet weather gear but didn't need it.  There was no rain and a fine day in the Wairarapa.  I got home at 5.30pm.   Another satisfying ride.

Sunday, September 05, 2010


The day after the big one in Christchurch and father's day.  The forecast was for 140kph winds gusts during the day and rain from late afternoon, - just enough time for a small ride if I stay off the big hill.

I left home mid morning and got a call from Alan while riding around the inlet.  He was up for a ride so I headed to his place and the we went for a quiet ride up Whiteman's valley at back over Haywards to Pauatahanui for a coffee.  From there we road the inlet and SH1 home.

A 149km ride in strong wind.