Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ulysses Ride

The Ulysses ride today was a good one. There was a good turnout of 20+ bikes and a few with pillion. The weather was excellent.

The ride was to Gladstone for lunch. The route as via: Martinborough, Martinborough to Masterton Road and the water towers loop. It was a brisk pace and most enjoyable. The S3 is running very well - it seems to have improved engine performance and sounds great. I am impressed with the acceleration kick at the higher revs.

I headed home at 1.30pm.

Photo is Barry arriving at Brown Owl - just in time.

Stats from MC computer: 277.4kms, 3.3hrs, 5.1L/100km, 77kph ave, xxxkph max.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Sunday Haywards Hill Loop

The weather had not been suitable for riding most of the week and it rained on Sunday morning. Mid afternoon I went for a ride to Alan's in Harbour View and then we headed over the Haywards Hill to Pauatahatanui where we stopped for a coffee. At 3.45pm we headed back to Johnsonville via SH1 where I went home and Alan carried on to his place.

So that was the week - one short ride.