Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lunch at Pongaroa

The Ulysses long ride this month was to Pongaroa. I left home at 8.45 to arrive at Brown Owl for a 9.30am departure.

Only 11 bikes turned up for the ride - I expected more as the weather was good after a few weeks of bad stuff. The ride to Featherston was as usual a free ride and I used this to carefully scrub the new rear in. It was a bit slippery on some corners.

The route to Pongaroa was: SH2 to Masterton with a refuel at Mobil, Te Ore Ore Bideford road to Alfredton. Regroup at Alfredton and then 50kms to Pongaroa. The roads were wet and there were areas of loose chip. This kept the speed down and especially on corners. Lunch was taken at the Pongaroa cafe. The cafe can be seen in the photo.

One rider and his pillion headed further up the road and onto Havelock North for a day or so. The rest (7) headed back on the Pahiatua Road (50kms) and then down to Eketahuna. I followed Steve (Busa) most of the way although a pesky Honda infiltrated for a while then it past Steve before giving up and stopping for a while (may have had a fright). Just past Eketahuna we turned onto the Mangaoranga Road to Mauriceville and then to Masterton via the Paierua Road This is a nice section of road, fast and interesting.

After Masterton we diverted to Gladstone so Steve could drop a parcel off at the pub. Then it was off to Martinborough via Ponatahi Road (middle road). This was a fast section of the trip and riding a naked bike meant I slipped to the back of the pack of five a couple of times. Too much wind at those speeds! Only sports bikes need to apply to ride with this group. A refuel was required in Martinborough and it was straight home.

Another great day on the Speed Triple and good company of experienced riders.

Stats from MC computer: 407.7kms, 6.4L/100km, 77kph ave, 1xxkph max. Odo 8655.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Almost a month since the last decent ride

The next long Ulysses ride is this Sunday, and where have I been on the bike? Last weekend a short ride out the the Hutt and today to the Red Baron (TSS) for a new rear tyre. That's it - I blame the weather.

The Speedtriple has just over 8200kms since returning from TSS. It will be interesting to see if this tyre retains its profile as it wears and if I get more kms out of it than the Pilot Power.