Wednesday, October 31, 2007


This is the second TCWNR for me this season. It was an easy run up the hill and down to the Tin Hut although the wind was very strong on the hill.

There were some 20 who did the ride.

I filled the bike up on the way home and it had used 5.8L/100Kms. That is better than I was getting with the SV1000.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Seat is back

I was away last weekend and couldn't have ridden the bike anyway as it had no seat. The seat arrived back on Wednesday and the pack frame also arrived at Motorad.

The seat looks great with the Triumph logo embroidered into it and more importantly it is much more comfortable. Although I wasn't sure about the comfort until I rode it as the seat appeared hard, but once on the road the seat smoothed out all but the worst bumps.

I when for a short run on Thursday night and another one with Alan on Friday evening. We went to Titahi Bay and then to the Sandbar.

Saturday. I rewired the Radar Detector and Screamer into the RJ Pack. This means there is no installation on the bike other than a power feed with a socket out the rear of the seat. A test is required.

Sunday. Ulysses had a ride but other commitments meant I couldn't go. However, mid afternoon Alan and I went for a ride to the summit and back via the Harley Cafe for a coffee. No alerts from the radar detector so the test is not complete.

The bike has now traveled 1472Kms. It is running smoothly and the motor feels very responsive.

This bike rocks.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

WMC Sponsored Ride

I received an invite in the mail from Wellington Motorcycles for a ride and lunch to celebrate the start of the riding season.

The pictures tell the story; lots of bikes and 90% Harleys. (That is me below the Bandit sign)

We left WMC at 11.15 and headed for the Gladstone pub via Martinborough. A lot of bikes and we quickly became well spread out as a result of the numerous traffic lights in the city. The ride was at a leisurely pace and incident free until just the other side of the summit when a bike went down. I don't know what the cause was but there was a very strong wind and that may have upset what I think was a sporty with rider and pillion.

The group reassembled in Martinborough and then we headed off to Gladstone. Refreshments were provided. Alan and I headed back at 1.40pm and I got home at 3.00pm.

The Speed Triple is running very well.

At home I removed the seat and packaged it for the courier. The seat is going to be remodelled and I expect it will be week before I get it back.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Not a day to be on a motorcycle

The S3 was booked in today for its first service. And it was raining. I got the bike into Motorad and they loaned me a Triumph Scrambler to return on. When I got home the cordura was leaking everywhere. If I am to ride in the rain I need a proper rain suit.

By late afternoon the gear had almost dried out and I went out again to pick up the bike. Got very wet again.

The Scrambler is a very different bike to the S3. It is 850cc but feels a lot less and checking the specs it is only 53HP. Nice and easy to ride though and a much more comfortable seat than the S3 - I didn't notice any of the bumps that are a killer on the S3.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Havelock North for lunch

The wind was so strong I had to sit on the Harley and hold the Triumph to prevent them being pushed over

Yesterday the bike had 400Kms on the odometer. It needs to have 800 to 1200 before Wednesday when it goes in for its first service. So a ride somewhere was required and as the weather forecast is for rain on Sunday today was the day to crank up the kilometres.

The round trip Johnsonville to Havelock North is a bit over 600kms. Alan agreed to come with me for the ride; not a hard decision to make as riding a bike all day beats shopping, gardening, work and other chores. At 7.30am I arrived at Alan's place in the Belmont Hills and we headed off. First stop was a comfort stop in Featherston and the next was in Woodville for coffee and food.

We turned off SH2 onto SH50 and arrived in Havelock North at 11.50am. It was a hard ride with 120km/hour cross wind. The wind pushed both bikes around but Alan had more difficulty with the Harley than I had with the Triumph. The Triumph was pushed around but it seemed to be easier to counteract the wind gusts and stay on line whereas the Harley drifted across the road. It was exhausting riding in this wind.

We left to return at 2.00pm and headed back down SH2. The wind was still strong on the home trip. Coffee and petrol in Masterton and got home at 7.00pm.

All in all a good day.

Last night I attacked the seat on the bike with a hacksaw and carved out a better shape in the foam. The seat is far more comfortable than what is was and in a week I will have the seat remodeled.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

First TCWNR for this summer

About ten turned up at the start point. A few decided not to go on the ride so 7 of us headed over Heywards, around Greys Road and to the Sandbar. The Speed Triple feels like it has freed up a bit. The seat is horrid and has to be replaced.