Monday, October 24, 2016

Tuki Tuki Loop

Filled in an hour with a clockwise run over the circuit.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Ulysses Lunch Ride

This was to be a short cruise to lunch.   244 Km later and I am home.

Left home at 9.20am and headed to the start point BP Bayview with a tyre pressure check at Clive. There were about 20 bikes and we left Bayview at 10.10. The route was up the Taupo Road and turn into Glengarry Road.  A few kms up the road a bike went off the road and the ride stopped for close to 30 minutes.  On the way to the lunch stop we took in a loop up Taihape Road and the Ohiti Road loop.  Arrived at The Chook and Filly on SH50 at 12.01.  A steak sandwich was good and with renewed energy I headed home the long way;  Tikokino, Waipawa, Middle Road.   Got home at 2.16pm having traveled 244kms on some really good roads.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Napier and Puketapu 30 July

The roads out back of Taradale can be confusing.  Did the loop past Puketapu twice and didn't work out what happened until I reviewed google maps.

The gps tracker is very useful in review.

Out 1600 and In at 1615,  80kms

Shopping 23 July

I seldom take the motorcycle on shopping trips but did today.  A short run into Hastings and return via Longlands.

Tuki Loop 21 July

While just another short ride of 46kms on this ride I gave a bit more throttle and let the revs rise.  It is an impressive bike.   Ride from 1326 to 1423hrs.

Monday, June 06, 2016

Ulysses Rural Ride

This was a long weekend (Monday Queens BD) so a big turn out wasn't expected.  There were some 10 bikes.

The ride was from Bay View BP, planned from 10 - 12 with lunch in Bay View Pub.   I arrived an hour early and had quite a wait for others to arrive.   It was an excellent ride on some roads I was not away of.  
Route:  SH5 to Glengary Road to Puketitiri Road - Glengary twisty
Apley Road to Dartmoor Road to Vicarage Road to Swamp Road to  SH50
Short stop at Bridge Pa to Raukawa Road - great road
Onepu Road to SH2 and TeAute Trust Road to Middle Road and Havelock North BP.
It was just after noon so I went home.

177Kms - a great ride and road to do again.

Tuki Tuki Loop

Saturday 4 June.
A reverse ride involving a view of Clifton Park for planned camping next day.   My observation:  this road is very different this direction.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

TukiTuki loop

After the loop and diversion to Hamoana freedom camp on the beach the mc has traveled 573km.

Today I finished the installation of  a relay for accessories; including heated grips and heated vest.  The GPS tracker is direct wired.