Monday, June 06, 2016

Ulysses Rural Ride

This was a long weekend (Monday Queens BD) so a big turn out wasn't expected.  There were some 10 bikes.

The ride was from Bay View BP, planned from 10 - 12 with lunch in Bay View Pub.   I arrived an hour early and had quite a wait for others to arrive.   It was an excellent ride on some roads I was not away of.  
Route:  SH5 to Glengary Road to Puketitiri Road - Glengary twisty
Apley Road to Dartmoor Road to Vicarage Road to Swamp Road to  SH50
Short stop at Bridge Pa to Raukawa Road - great road
Onepu Road to SH2 and TeAute Trust Road to Middle Road and Havelock North BP.
It was just after noon so I went home.

177Kms - a great ride and road to do again.

Tuki Tuki Loop

Saturday 4 June.
A reverse ride involving a view of Clifton Park for planned camping next day.   My observation:  this road is very different this direction.