Saturday, May 09, 2015

Ulysses HB Easter Ride

A short Sunday ride.  We gathered at BP Stortford Lodge and left for the ride at 1040am.    The ride included SH50, Fernhill and the back road to Bayview.  At stop at Bayview to collect the stragglers and then to Deanos cafe in Taradale via Church Road.   I had a glass of coke and then headed home via Meeanee and Napier.

Total ride of a little over 100km.

Tuki loop - sigh

Another shortish ride and the best parts of the ride had been recently resealed.   Very poorly resealed - may I add - and fine loose metal all over the place.  So that was a slow ride but with added wheel spin on limited acceleration to add to the event.   However it was  a nice day, with a typical Hawkes Bay day of warm temps and not a cloud in the sky.

Ride stats:  44Km,  47mins, Ave 55km/hr