Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ulyssess HB Tuesday night ride

My first of this Tuesday night event.
Meet up with Ulysses last night, 6.30pm at Mitre10 Napier.  The group of 15 rode to Waipatiki Beach and then returned to the Bay View pub for a meal.  I missed the pub stop and came home.

The Hayabusa lay on its side in soft sand at the beach;  another zero speed crash.  Only damage was paint loss from the engine casing.

Trip log in MapSource.  Trip length 120km.

Waipatiki - pathway where the Hayabusa was dropped.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Wanganui Cemetary MC Races

Boxing Day Races
I left Havelock North  at 7.23am.  First stop was Woodville (8.48 - 8.57) and then non stop to Wanganui.  Arrived at the Ulysses parking area at 10.15 and was walking to the race area at 10.25. 
Distance of 231km and average speed of 80km/hr.

At the end of the day's racing arrived at the parking area at 6.20pm.  Dressed, packed on heading out of Wanganui at 6.35pm.  Arrived in Bulls at 7.04pm;  fueled up, coffee, changed visor, chatted and then on the road at 7.23pm.  Route via Fielding and Ashhurst and dinner stop at McD's Dannevirke, arriving at 8.23pm.  Left Dannevirke at 8.48pm and arrived home 9.59pm.   Average speed, 67km/hr.

Moving average for the return trip of 86km/hr.  Just shows how much time is lost in stops and that 86 is a realistic average for a trip that is more or less at the legal speed limits.  Trip log saved in Map Source.

Puketapu and Fryers Road

Before Xmas
A ride to find an address and pick up an item.

Monday, December 08, 2014

Summer Service

The Hayabusa was delivered to Bay Suzuki a week ago (Nov 29) and left there for the week for a basic service and WOF.

I collected the bike on Saturday.  The rear brake pads were replaced.  $350 fee for service and wof.

On Sunday morning an early morning ride around the Tuki Tuki loop.  All is good.   The next longer ride will be to Wanganui on Boxing day for the Cemetery Circuit races.