Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday around the Haywards block

Another weekend of marginal weather.  Sunday afternoon and a ride to Alan's and then up the Battle Hill and home via SH1.   First ride in the leathers this season;  and I was cold.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Capital 1000 Cruise C1KC 10 Nov 2012

The ride this year was an easier ride than others but still a long time in the saddle. The weather was great for a ride, clear skies, cool but not cold and little wind for most of the time. I left home at 0558; fuel tank of gas, GPS on board with the route installed.
  • 0621 Arrived Caltex Rimutaka
  • 0630 Left on ride - 5 left before me. I planned to take it easy over the hill as the tyres are new. 
  • 0732 Mauriceville and first photo 
  • 0810 Pahiatua for fuel. This stop will ensure enough fuel to get to Turangi 
  • 0825 Saddle Road and photo at wind farm 
  • 0908 Stanway Hall for a photo 
  • 1055 Fuel at Turangi and a photo 
  • 1146 to 1205 Taumaranui for a pie and coffee. At this point there were 3 in front - Newlands riders. The next turnoff was Ramaroa Road. I took this but miss took the turn to Aria so ended up in PioPio having added some 10kms to the trip. 
  • 1329 Awakino for a photo. 4 others left from there as I arrived, 1 CanAm 3 wheeler? 
  • 1423 New Plymouth for fuel.  The sky is now heavy cloud.
  • 1515 Pungarehu for a photo 
  • 1730 to 1740 Bulls and a stop for a coffee and snack bar - I needed this stop. 
  • 1835 Otaki for fuel 
  • 1933 Finish - arrived at Parrot and Jigger. Mr CanAm was there and the first 3 had checked in an hour ago? I last saw them in Taumaranui so they must have been flying to cut an hour off my time even allowing for the extra 10kms I did. 
  • I was home at 2000hrs. 
The Odo home to home was 1113kms. Moving average speed 91K/Hr, Overall average 78K/hr.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

New tyres

Today the Hayabusa had the 36,000km service, which is actually a 12km service in the second cycle. The tyres were replaced after just 5500kms. The new tyres are Dunlop Roadsmart2. Fitted and servicing at 35220Kms.