Sunday, July 08, 2012

Not much riding

Today Sunday a ride of 65kms through to Ngaio Gorge and then around the loop.   Yesterday a ride into WMC.  It is cold and about to start raining.

The odo is just on 33600kms.  Next service at 36000kms.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Ulysses Sunday Ride

It has been  a long time since my last ride with Ulysses.   Today's ride was to be Martinborough, Water towers and then lunch at Wild Oaks in Carterton.   It didn't turn out this way.

It was a very cold 4C start.  I was well dressed with full thermals and heated vest.   I fitted the video camera to the bike in preparation for the water towers road.   I also fitted the GPS to record the track.   The GPS record was:  0909 left  home, 0937 arrived Brown Owl, 1008 left Brown Owl, 1046 Martinborough, 1105 Wild Oaks.   So our ride was along Ponatahi Road and into Carterton, without doing the Water Towers.   Riders all parked up and I decided to do the Water Towers loop to earn the coffee and food the others decided to stop for. 

At 1114 I left Wild Oaks and headed to Gladstone then the Westmere Road loop back via Masterton and SH2 to Wild Oaks.  This was a 70.9km excursion with an average speed of 87km/hr and getting me back to Wild Oaks at noon.   Coffee and scone was taken as the other riders were leaving to go home and shortly after noon the gravel road group turned up.

At 1245 I headed home and arrived at 1357hrs.   A total trip of 265km.

Now I have a lot of video to review and decide what to upload to Youtube.