Friday, May 07, 2010

Friday ride to Tui HQ

Yes it was a nice Autumn day.  My day started with a ride into the city and then late morning out to catch up with Alan and decide where we should go on the bikes.  The problem with living in Wellington ( actually there are more than a few problems) is there are only two roads and a long way to get anywhere. 

We decided to go to Mangatainoka or there about.  It was the stop at Eketahuna when we decided to have a late lunch at Tui HQ and then call in to see Sam at Celtic now that he is a celebrity with a featured article in this month's Kiwi Rider magazine.  The ride and lunch went well at Tui HQ and we met two Ulysses bikers from Auckland on their way to the Cold Duck rally in Waipawa.   They looked keen and had outdoor sleeping gear on the bikes.     

After lunch we dropped by at Sam's who was away for the weekend.  From there we backtracked to Paihiatua and went over the track and home via Shannon and then SH1.   I left home at 10.30am and got back just on 6.00pm.  A nice 344km ride.

Sunday, May 02, 2010


It was two weeks ago since a ride anywhere.  Today after lunch Alan and I headed to Carterton, had a coffee and headed home.  Winter is getting nearer and the air temperature is just 14C.  Soon I will be back wearing cordura instead of leather.

As usual practice I took the GPS to log the trip.  That means this blog/log of the trip is short as infinite detail of the track followed is saved as a GPS log file.  Left home at 1.23,  arrived for coffee at 2.48, left to come home at 3.53 and arrived home at 5.08pm.