Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The ride tonight was to Featherston with an option of going around the lake.  I did the lake ride myself as I was a little late getting to the turnoff. 

194 Kms later got home at 9.00pm.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunday Wairarapa 260kms

The weather had been crap, however the mist, cloud and rain was clearing and forecast for over the hill was for clear skies and 24C.

I left home at 12.50pm and headed to pick up Alan for the ride.   The Harley was waiting and we had a slightly wet ride up the valley.  Once over the hill the sky cleared and we had a nice quiet ride around the lake and into Martinborough.   After the mandatory coffee we headed out the back of Martinborough and up to Gladstone.  The route home was via Carterton and SH2. 

I got home at 5.24pm having covered 260kms.   Another good outing on the bikes.

Friday, January 22, 2010


Rain was predicted in the afternoon and for the next few days.  This prompted a ride and up the coast seemed a good direction.  I took the route around Grays Road and over the Paikak hill.  While in Paraparumu I tried to find a road up to the statue but the wasn't one open.  On the way home I followed the beach road to Raumati and then stopped at Plimmerton for a coffee and break from the rain which had just started.

I left home at 9.47am and got back at Noon having covered 105kms.  The bike odo is now: 10216.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

12 Months on

Today the Hayabusa got a new WOF (due 26 Jan) from VTNZ.  I took it there instead of a bike shop as it is a lot quicker and I don't have to leave the bike for many hours or all day.

This evening was TCWNR.  Some 30 bikes went to the Tin Hutt.  I got home on 9.00pm.  The busa has now covered 10053kms.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lake Wairarapa

This was my first decent ride since prior to Christmas. The only other ride being to WMC to buy stuff. The weather was good and forecast not so good through to Monday. So I set out with no plan of where to go or for how lone.

As I got further up SH2 the idea of a ride around the lake started to form. My first ride event was when passing a couple of cars on the first passing lane at the start of the Rimutakas. As a accelerated in 2nd in the passing lane the revs shot up and then the bike did this wiggle thing. For some reason the rear wheel spun up - I wasn't on full throttle although being in 2nd the power was there. It could have been diesel or something else on the surface - a bit scary.

I stopped at the top and chatted with another rider who had just been around the lake and recommended the ride. So that is what I did. Photo taken on lake control bridge.

I left home at 2.21pm and got back at 5.11pm (thanks to GPS log) having travelled 194kms.