Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ready for 1000kms service

Today's ride was to add some 200 kilometers to the distance the bike has travelled so it is ready for the first service on Tuesday.

The temperatures were predicted to be 26 in Wellington and 32 in the Wairarapa so I knew it would be a hot ride. I left home at midday and headed to Alan's. We went to Masterton via Martinborough and the around the water towers route back to Martinborough. The photo shows a rest spot at the top of the ride in the only shade available. Refreshments were taken at Martinborough, it was very hot and a lot of heat comes off the bike around the legs and seat area so much water was drunk. We stopped at the summit and I got home at 5.30pm.

The bike odo is now reading 993kms. A fuel up before and after the trip showed 4.91kms/litre consumption. That is better than I thought I would get from the bike. Alan's harley recorded the same fuel use.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Evening run

Took the bird for a run over Paikak and back. It is surprisingly nimble and so predictable in corners. This was a slow ride through the corners and on the straights. The ride was almost legal except for some slight movement of the wrist on a few little straights. This bird moves so quickly - it is surprising how quickly speed builds up.

First impressions:
  • Very smooth power
  • Handling excellent and smooths out bumps - so comfortable
  • Only need gears 1 - 3 but will pull 6th at any speed.
  • Wind protection is exceptional - the wind on body doesn't increase noticeably with increased speed
  • Brakes don't bite quickly and gives impression brakes are not that good - wrong impression
  • Steering is great - on my first ride I thought it was heavy, now I have adjusted.
  • Nice view from pilot seat
  • Smooth gear box, clutch great - don't need it
  • Slipper clutch system works well supporting smooth downshifts.
  • Exhausts get very hot and there is a lot of them
  • Very pleased with purchase.

Hayabusa is mine

This afternoon I took delivery of the new bike. It is nice and looks good in the garage.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hayabusa at the end of the week

Wednesday night I went on the KB ride. It was a ride of around 40 bikes many who I hadn't seen before. We stopped at the Royal Hotel in Featherston. It was a late ride home, getting in around 9.30pm.

Friday late morning I took the Speedtriple into Motorad for a firm price on it as a trade on a 2009 Sprint ST. The price was okay and a Sprint in Gray with ABS was available. However, I was also considering a Hayabusa and had a test ride arranged at Wellington Motorcycles. I had previously ridden an 06 Sprint so was familiar with what it had to offer.

The Hayabusa is an imposing beast and I was concerned that its power would be difficult to manage. The bike was easy to ride with smooth power delivery from take off up to town and then motorway speeds. In almost any gear it was smooth and pulled smoothly - I didn't push it past 4000rpm though. The ride was to Tawa and back, just the 30 minutes allowed. I left the bike there and got call later from Hamish about the tradein price. At that point I decided the best bike and best financial decision was to go with the Busa.

Saturday and back to Wellington Motorcycles for another (longer) test ride. This ride was up SH2, over Haywards, around Grays Road and return and the inlet to SH1 and home. At home a couple of pictures were taken and then it was back to the shop.

Next week the Speedtriple has to go in for WMC to check it out and if that is okay the deal will be confirmed.

My initial thoughts on the Hayabusa:
  • Smooth flow of power regardless of gear or revs
  • Smooth over rough areas of road - I found myself lifting off the seat in preparation for the jar when crossing railway lines and road repairs when there was no need.
  • Wind protection is good - no buffeting on the helmet but some wind pressure
  • Great instrument panel and good to look at.
  • Very different riding position - bit of weight on the hands and tension in lower back.
  • It quickly increases in speed but is also easy to ride slowly.
  • Slower to turn than the S3 - is actually heavy to steer and needs firm input to the bar.
  • Acceleration in 2nd from 40kph is amazing and that is without trying - this bike has serious power ready to be tapped.
  • Heat on the legs that is irritating - it was a hot day and some slow riding.
  • I like the power map selection and found the lowest power setting "C" made for a relaxing ride in slow traffic.

At first I was a bit concerned about the riding position, steering and power, - by the end of the ride those concerns had lessened.

Next week I could have this bike.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Monday and around the block

Another ride was required to slowly wind down from the weekend ride and emotionally prepare for work on Tuesday.

Left around 4.00pm and returned at 5.00pm. The loop involved a return run on Grays Road with time to watch those participating on water sports and back to SH1 via the southern side of the inlet. NB: I can't see the point in riding through Mana.

Today I made inquiries about a Triumph Sprint.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Taupo with a Street Glide

Alan had a ride to Taupo and about planned for the weekend with some friends. The weather forecast included some rain and the others pulled out of the ride. We decided the forecast was okay for Saturday and we should do a ride anyway. This would be the first long ride for the newly acquired HD Street Glide.

I left home at 8.30am on Saturday and just after 9.00am we left from Alan's. The two of use headed to Taupo via the Wairarapa, SH50 and the Napier Taupo road. We arrived in Taupo at 4.00pm, booked into a Motel and without unpacking headed for a ride around the Lake. This ride was to Mangakino and then to Turangi via SH32 and SH41. From Turangi we went up SH1 to Taupo, arriving there at 8.30pm. The weather was fine and too hot to be sitting still in leathers, but okay when moving.

Sunday there was steady rain. The wet weather gear was put on and we were hot. However once riding it was cool enough until Turangi when the temperature dropped. From Turangi we took the National Park road SH47. Over this section of road there was steady rain and nearing National Park we were in cloud with limited visibility. From National Park we went to Ohakune - a place Alan had not been to nor me for many years. After a short rest we headed to Wanganui via SH4 and the rain eased as we neared the half way point. Our next stop was at Bulls for food and fuel. I took off the wet gear - that was a minor mistake.

Our ride home was SH1 (in some showers) and I got home at 4.00pm. It was a great ride over some excellent MC roads.

The trip was 1104 kms long. Trip computer shows 4.8l/100kms and an average speed of 78kms/hr. The bike has now done 14982kms.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

First Ride for 2009

I got back from a holiday on Tuesday which involved touring the upper North Island and the East Coast. We covered 3900kms in the car over some fantastic motorcycle roads. Sometime I will do a rerun on two wheels.

This afternoon I took the S3 for a run up to the summit and stopped at the Duckpond to meet the Thursday night riders on the way home. It was a nice ride.