Sunday, April 20, 2008

From FB to S3

This week I turned 60 and looked back to my first motorcycle. From 17 years to 60 years, a span of 43 years and from a Francis Barnett 200 to a Triumph Speed Triple 1050.

The photos say it all and the licence cost 5 shillings. To get the licence I rode the bike up the street and back with the officer watching and I got the bit of paper.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ashurst via Saddle Road

A beautiful autumn day, clear skies, cool in the morning and then warmed up nicely in the sun. I had scheduled an 8.30am start from Rimutex with Barry on Saturday and at 8.00am I was on the road. The first stop was at BP to pump up the tyres - they lose a bit of pressure each week and need a top up and as they wear the loss is greater.

Got to the Caltex station a bit before 8.30am and Barry was already there. Two other e-riders arrived so we headed off for breakfast in Carterton. It was a great morning and we all had a cooked breakfast outside in the cafe's garden seating area.

From there Barry and I headed to Woodville, a stop for a couple of minutes there and then over the Saddle Road. The first corner on the hill and hit gravel left over from a reseal - that was a bit tricky and we had to take is very easy for a few kilometers. The other side of the hill was a good surface and we took in spectacular view of the windmills. The plan was to stop in Ashurst for a coffee and there was a place open. It took ages to get our coffees - could have been halfway home, but a nice relaxing break.

The way home was via the bridge to the gorge and then over the Pahiatua Track and Mangamaire Road to SH2. Comfort stop in Featherston and then to the top of the hill where there were many bikes. We stopped for a while, chatted and watched the action on the road before heading home.

It was a good half day out and a decent distance. The Saddle Road, Pahiatua Track and Mangamarie Road were the best part of the ride. There was too much traffic on the Rimutakas to enjoy that bit on the way home.

Stats from MC computer: 385kms, 4.2L/100km, 76kph ave, xxxkph max. Total 7182Km

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The last TCWNR

The thermals went in the gear for this ride. It is now autumn and cooler.

For the final ride for the season there were 25 bikes and we went for a ride over Haywards and around the inlet - Grays road, Mana, inlet and over Haywards. From there we went for a BBQ in Taita. Got home at 9.00pm.

The bike is new - had 40kms on the clock.