Wednesday, March 26, 2008

TCWNR second to last

The days are now closing in and in 12 days daylight saving time will finish. That will also mean an end to the Wednesday night ride, or shortly afterwards. Today was fine, warm and no wind - a perfect day for a ride.

As is the norm we met at the Duckpond and shortly after 6.30pm the group of 13 riders headed off up the road with the Tin Hutt as the chosen destination. There were KB riders from the Wairarapa there and a few others also turned up from Wellington. In total 20 bikes.

I took a few photos and should have done this sooner as the light was low.

Got home at 9.00pm. Bike has done 6600kms and is running nicely.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I had this ride and a social night with the local RAT group. So decided to go to the Wednesday night ride and also the RAT meet at the Sandbar.

As luck would have it the group decided to go to the Paikakariki summit and then to the Sandbar. There were five Triumphs on the ride. When we got to the Sandbar there was only one RAT member (Mike). So that made a total of 4 RAT members with me, Sels1 an Gareth.

I headed home at 8.35pm. The run home from Mana to Jville is about 12 minutes so I was home before 9.00pm.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday early ride to Gladstone

I only had the morning free for riding on Sunday so was on the road at 7.30am. A Southerly was getting up and the sky was overcast. The run up the Hutt valley made me wish I have put the thermals in - it was cold.

My plan was to go to Gladstone and see what was happening at the hill climb. The route I took was to Martinborough and the Princess Road to Gladstone. I was too early for the hill climb and only stopped there for a few minutes to view what was happening with those who had camped the night - not much happening at all. I then headed to Martinborough via the back way and when I arrived the roads were being closed off for a running event. I needed a coffee so I headed to Featherston. Arrived at Featherston at 10.00am and while there Wayne turned up (SV1000S Wayne708), he was heading to Gladstone. At 10.30am I left Featherston for the summit.

A nice restored/modified Triumph at the summit and a few other bikes. It was cold up there so I didn't stay long. Got home 11.30am.

Stats from MC computer: 231kms, 3.05hrs, 4.6L/100km, 75kph ave, xxxkph max.

Photo Shoot - Saturday

Alan and I went for a ride to Plimmerton where my daughter took photos of the Fatboy and S3. Then it was to Paikakariki for a coffee and a run back over the hill home.

Post photos here:

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Eastbourne Sunday and TCWNR

Sunday was a pottle out to Petone jetty and then around to Easbourne with Alan for a coffee.

Tonight TCWNR was over Heywards and then twice around the inlet and a stop at the Sandbar. I went to the start via SH1 and Heywards, this is definitely a better ride than up SH2. It took close to 30 minutes to get to the starting point.

The bike has now done 6088kms. The rear tyre is getting down in the centre.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Another Wednesday night ride

Tonight I headed to the Duck Pond meeting place via the long way. That is to Paramata, around the inlet and over Haywards. This took 25 minutes and was a much more enjoyable ride than riding through stop start traffic on SH2.

We went to the top of the Paekakariki Hill and then to Raumati Beach. A good group. I got home at 9.00am and was cold, the days and night have been cooler of late.

I didn't post on my other rides since last report from TCWNR. On Friday I did a ride out to a cafe on the south coast with The Knights of St Pauls MTC for lunch. Only three of us turned up, still a good little short ride. Sunday I fitted in a ride around the suburb and out to Oharui Valley.