Wednesday, February 27, 2008


A warm clear day. 19 riders took part in the ride across to the Tin Hut.

I left early to get some photos of bikes on one of the corners near the summit. There was a problem though as photos of the bikes front on had the sun directly into the camera. So I took a few rear facing photos and they were not very good. It was great hearing the bikes come up the hill and see them enter the corner.

I got home just on 9.00pm. There were lots of bugs and the helmet and bike need a clean.

Stats from MC computer: 133kms, 1.58hrs, 5.6L/100km, 67kph ave, xxxkph max.

Monday, February 25, 2008

e-riders and breakfast

This was an organised e-rider ride. It started from Rimutex at 8.30am and some were planning to carry on to Manfield for the Superbike competition.

I texted Alan and he called me when I was in Petone. We meet on SH2 and headed up to Rimutex arriving at 8.20am. I found out that e-riders don't arrive on time and it was nearer 9.00am before we headed up the hill.

We regrouped in Featherston and then headed to Carterton for breakfast at the Wild Oaks. A big feed and hard caffeine hits for most and then each headed their own way. Alan and I went to check out the hill climb circuit at Gladstone and then headed the back way to Martinborough. We didn't stop and went straight though with a planned stop at the summit.

When we neared the top of the hill the traffic had stopped due to an accident. The accident was a motorcyclist who had come off a few corners from the top and hit a car. The police and fire services where on the scene and when we got to the summit learnt it was a KB rider, Skelstar. Today (Monday) some details were posted on the KB site, he was badly injured.

I got home at 1.00pm. The bike has now been 5589kms.

Stats from MC computer: 226kms, 3.4hrs, 4.2L/100km, 69kph ave, xxxkph max.

Saturday joy ride

After doing my chores on Saturday I decided to do a short ride. It had been a very warm day and at 5.00pm when I left it was still hot. The liner wasn't required in the jacket.

From home I headed to the Western hills going up Mangaraki and back to SH2 at Kelson. From there over Haywards, around Grays Road to the suburbs where I did a u turn. Back around the inlet to SH1 and home. The trip took just over an hour.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


It has been a warm day and I was considering removing the liner from my jacket but left it in. I arrived at the Duck Pond just after 6.00pm and there were already a good number of riders there. At 6.35pm we headed off to the summit. The pace was a bit too fast and I was last to arrive.

From the summit we went to the Victoria hotel in Featherston.

On the way home a 4WD was on fire on the side of the road. Nothing could be done and I past a fire engine on the way into the Hutt.

Stats from MC computer: 122.7kms, 1.54hrs, 5.4L/100km, 64kph ave, xxxkph max.

RAT Social Night

Wednesday night was a Triumph owners social function at the Sandbar in Mana. I did the trip around the inlet on the way there. Nice ride and good group. The next ride is the first Sunday in March so I will see if I can make the ride.

Attending the RAT function meant I missed TCWNR. However, I planned to go on the Thursday night ride.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Too many choices of ride today

The weather was due to come right today so I got up a bit earlier than usual to fit a ride in and still have enough day left to do the chores.

From the bedroom window I spied the cruise liner Queen Victoria come into the harbour so my first ride was along the motorway to get some photos. It looked great coming into the harbour in the mist with just a little light rain. Enough moisture to moderate the amount of throttle when moving off from photo shot spots - still enough throttle though to remind me why I like riding the bike.

I then headed to rimutex to meet the e-Rider group at 8.30am. They didn't get out of bed though as at 8.30am I was still there and no one had turned up. BuckbuckNo1 had stopped 10 minutes earlier and was on his way to the summit. 8.30am and I was off to catch BB1. Not much happening at the summit so we went to Martinborough for a coffee.

Martinborough was still waking up and the favourite place hadn't opened. Back to the first place on the left and I met a colleague having breakfast with his wife. That is what can happen when you live in a small place like Wellington. After the refreshments we headed back to the summit via the Greytown road.

While at the summit the Ulysses group road past. They left from Brown Owl at 10.00am, which was too late for me today.

There was plenty of choice for rides out of Wellington today:
  • My own ride - when I wake up
  • Koroj's ride 7.00 to Napier and return
  • Ulysses 10.00 to somewhere
  • e-Riders 8.30 which didn't happen
  • KB Sunday ride - is that still on?

A good ride with BuckBuckNo1 and heaps of bikes on the road.

Stats from MC computer: 177.4kms, 2.33hrs, 5.0L/100km, 69kph ave, xxxkph max.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Tonight with a small group I rode over Haywards, around the inlet (nice 360 through Mana) and up to the lookout on the Paikak hill. From there we headed to Raumati Beach for food and drink. I left with three others and headed home via SH1. Got home at 9.15pm. The bike has travelled 4915kms since new.

I filled the bike on the way out with 8.51L after 150kms. 5.67L/100kms. The computer shows 4.6L/100kms - it is a bit optimistic? The true fuel useage gives me a range of 300kms.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Waitangi Day short ride

Some of us have things to do on a holiday and no time to get out on the bike. At 4.30pm I got a text from Alan re a ride somewhere.

We decided a short ride over to Makara Beach would be a fine way to finish the day. So that is what we did, and it was enjoyable.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

A trailer

Today Alan and I did a short ride up the coast to Paraparaumu to view a trailer build to transport motorcycles. Alan swung by my home at 11.00am and we rode directly to Paraparaumu.

I had made contact with the owner of the trailer via the Kiwibiker site after posting a query about trailer design. He sent me some photos and this trip was to have a closer look at it.

We arrived around 11.45am. It is a very well built and designed trailer for transporting race bikes and would do what I want.

After the visit we headed back to Johnsonville with a diversion around Valley Road, over the Paikakariki Hill Road and a stop for coffee and food at Pauahatanui.

Stats from MC computer: 95.4kms, 1.3hrs, 4.2L/100km, 63kph ave, xxxkph max.