Sunday, May 27, 2007

Mt Bruce and great roads

Today was a ride with Ulyssess to Mt Bruce.

The ride left from Brown Owl with the first stop at Featherston.
Then to Martinborough, and along the Martinborough- Masterton road stopping at the Mobil station on the northern side of Masterton. A fuel up here for the SV. We then went up SH2 to Opaki where we turned off and headed for Mauriceville. At Mauriceville we turned onto South Road which was meant to take us to Mount Bruce but two shingle roads later we turned back. We emerged from the back roads onto SH2 at Kaiparoro and turned back to Mount Bruce. Only three of us arrived at Mt Bruce and some 30 minutes later another two arrived. One rider on a BMW tourer came off on loose shingle. He headed back to Wellington with another in support.

After lunch at Mt Bruce four of us headed back but first we went north to Eketahuna and took the road to Alfredton. From Alfreton we headed to Dreyers Rock and back to the Mobil station in Masterton for more fuel. After this stop we were down to three for the run back down to Martinborough. These are great roads and the three of us were cruising at a good pace. Bikes were; FJR1300K7 Barry, Honda 600? Paul and, me on the SV1000S. We stopped for a coffee in Martinborough and then a brief stop at the summit. There were no bikes at the summit - that is unusual and it was around 3.30pm.

On the river road section of the motorway Sels1 caught up to me; he was with the Triumph owners group.

I got home at 4.15pm - 399.1Kms round trip. The bike has now done 7700Ks and the rear tyre has only got a couple more days like this left in it.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Saturday afternoon ride to summit

Rain and strong wind is predicted for Sunday. Therefore today I ride and tomorrow I work.

It is a lovely winters day with clear blue sky and no wind. At 2.30pm or thereabouts I headed off to the summit. There was no need to stop anywhere on the way. Traffic was a bit heavy up state highway 2 until Upper Hutt and once on the open road it thinned out.

I didn't stay long at the summit. There were about 15 bikes there and some very nice machines. A matching pair of red Ducati 1098s arrived from the East so had a good look at them.

On the way home I deviated up Whitemans Valley road. I won' t do that again; it isn't a nice road as too narrow on many corners and bumpy. I got home just after 5.10pm having ridden 135kms. The bike now has done 7338kms.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Foxton Beach ride with Ulysses

Today is Mother's Day. I thought I would mention that.

We met at the Plimmerton Weigh Station at 10.00am and were heading to Foxton at 10.15am. The traffic was medium, steady and close to the speed limit so we stayed in formation all the way to our first stop in Shannon. Shannon is a deviation from the direct route up the state highway. Remembering that it is the journey that is important not the destination. From Shannon we headed straight to Foxton along a road with no traffic; this was a nice brisk ride.

Lunch was at a cafe in Foxton Beach. A fast meal and plenty of good chat about events like the Southern Cross Rally which was held last month.

After lunch the group split with some heading back to Wellington down the main highway and I went with the long way home group. We headed back to Shannon and turned left for the Paihiatua Track. There was some slow traffic, including trucks, that made the trip to the Pahiautua Track slow. However, once on the track we had a good run, turning off before Pahiatua and going the back roads to Mangamaire, where we joined the state highway.

A fuel stop at Eketahuna and the group split again. I needed to get home by 3.30pm so with two others headed back down the state highway. The others went the back roads, which are real motorcycle roads.

Got home at 4.10pm having travelled 384kms.